About Us

United World International is an independent analytical center, where political scientists and experts in international relations from different countries will exchange opinions and their views of outstanding political situations.

What is special about UW is its openness and independence of all ideological stereotypes and state propaganda. The UW brings together experts from all over the world to study political processes on international arena and problems at the basis of systems and seek methods to cope with crises.

Most international organizations designed to defend the interest of nations and individuals have not been coping with their problems for a long time. The activities of G7, EU, The World Bank, The WTO, The Federal Reserve System, IMF and other systems of global management have long been causing doubts. Who runs them? Why do the elites of different countries move away from their nations to an extent where they stop representing them? How can all this be remedied? Our experts seek answers to all those questions.

Such acute problems as the shortage of resources, genocides, violation of human rights in certain districts are simply ignored by such structures as the UN. When the rights of many nations are infringed upon because their problems are not treated as priorities by the UN it is especially important to set up an organization which would discuss such phenomena.

Our goal

The main aim of the UW is to organize a dialogue between nations, continents, and civilizations. At present globalization which is demolishing diversity between cultures and nations is depriving whole civilizations of its rights. We are out to provide a chance for all nations to a say so that world problems would be decided on a mutual basis.

Our team

The UW experts do not share Francis Fukuyama’s opinion that ‘history has come to an end’ (due to the victory of liberalism and establishment of a united globalist world). Our experts are for a diversified world (United in diversity) in which there will be a place for different cultures, nations and civilizations. Those who expose Samuel Huntington’s ‘The Clash of civilizations’ will hardly feel comfortable at this stage. UW favors the right of nations against all forms of discrimination which hide the world from view.

Paraphrasing president Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address we are in favor of a world of the people, by the people, for the people.

The United World Int sets itself the task of throwing light on all cases of violation and discrimination of the rights of nations.

The Chief Analyst of United World Int is Koray Gürbüz, the turkish expert in Foreign Relations, security specialist, writer (author of Şehit Mektupları (2003),  Vatan Toprağına Can Ekenler (2017), Unut Mayin (2017)).

Our work

An important feature of our materials and forecasts is that we provide an analysis of the history and development of problems and political processes in their full complexity. The aim is to speak of the objective and realistic problems of humanity to analyze their sources and to seek for methods of coping with them in the process of a dialogue among experts of different countries.

The special investigations and the expert articles of the United World International were quoted by the influent media of the Middle East ( Al ArabiyaAl Yaum, AnadoluDemirören News AgencyTasnim News Agency,  Mehr News AgencyGazete Duvarساسة بوستصحيفة اليوم , عاج,   ).