Spanish economy is failing due to lack of sovereignty

Spanish economy is failing due to lack of sovereignty

The global capitalist economy seems in disarray. From increasing inflation to vulnerable supply chains, from endangered food production to energy transition and crisis – complaints and warning calls rise at nearly every chapter and branch of the world economy.

United World International thus has started a new series of articles and interviews that will shed light on the situation of the global economy from the perspective of different national economies.

Above all stands the question, whether the world is heading towards a new global great depression, as witnessed in 1929.

Today, we have interviewed Enrique Refoyo, political scientist from Spain.

How do you evaluate your country’s economy currently?

Our economy is falling apart, because we have a useless government that is breaking all economic ties with near regional powers as Algeria. And the Spanish government is blaming Russia for the same government mistakes!

Now the political debate takes place around the issue of limitation in money you can take out per day in banks. There are also more political debates about the increasing of taxes. So, people are becoming more and more angry with the government, especially when it cannot cope with crisis but continues talking about useless issues as the gender agenda or feminist policies. This is meaningless in two ways: the government is reclaiming more and more state funding, and it is legislating about things that already exist. So, people are more and more feeling that government is a union of stupid people and professional thieves.

Even worse it becomes, when the government seeks the support of separatists parties that supported terrorism. See that they want to pass the law about “democratic memory”, which includes no criticism about the people who were attacked and killed by separatist terrorism in northern Spain, because these forces are now partners of the national government. Thus, we have a terrible combination in politics.

Current government has no future

Do you observe signs of an economic crisis in your country? If so, based on which indicators?

Rise of prices in electricity, gas and oil since past 2021 are the main indicators. After that, prices in food products also became higher, so, welcome inflation. Or even worse, we are heading to stagflation, because it is assumed that we will be during long time in a constant inflation and in government nobody knows how to deal with it. They are only blaming Putin for everything, but the people are not completely stupid, as government believes. So there is a feeling that they will fall after next elections to be held in 2023.

For example, elections in the region of Andalusia during June, an awesome result was given: the Right liberal party, PP won with absolute majority in a region historically in the hands of PSOE (“socialist”) and the party of current Spanish government. Thus, this was seen as a reliable sense of social opinion with regards to national government: They are out.

“If there is no energy sovereignty, there is no sovereignty at all”

Regarding the causes of the economic crisis: Which are the domestic and which are international factors that you consider are important? How do you see the relation between these?

Our allegedly socialist-communist government wants to destroy the economy and country purposely, intentionally. This is crazy when you see that the government allowed the demolition of 4 power plants in this 2022, and they are promoting the closing of all mines and not to use other natural resources that we have, because of this terrible fashion of “ecological transition” very familiar to this western leftists parties.

This means the failure of our economy because if there is no sovereignty in energy – there is no sovereignty at all. And after the NATO summit of Madrid in June, we clearly saw that government is totally surrendered and they are happy because the USA announced and increasing of its military presence in Spain.

So, nothing about increasing Spanish military capacities, only handing over our resources to Ukraine while relying on an occupation force as the USA.

How do you see the future of the global economy?

Global economy, no problem. Western economy, many problems. Nobody can be so stupid to announce sanctions against a country (Russia), yelling and crying out loud that: “We won’t buy energy anymore, but since December 2022″…

Of course, we face a lot of inflation due to rising of energy prices. Especially this case is pure madness. Each day we witness more and more crazy situations. Imagine that in EU, they are talking about a cartel of purchasers with regards to Russian oil.

This means that EU countries will fix a price for buying Russian oil, and it is believed that Russia would accept that? After attacks, injuries, and humiliation? And because of sanctions, the EU is proposing the lifting of them and putting a taxes for importation of Russian oil as a continuous punishment to Russia for the invasion of Ukraine (as it is considered in EU). Absolutely madness, we are led by the most stupid politicians in the whole history.

“Solution is overthrowing all US elements in our countries – it is them that are sinking us down”

What is your solution for the above-mentioned crisis?

The solution is the overthrowing of all US elements from our countries. They are the anchors that sink down our ships. The US is not the ally of Europe, but the occupant who wants a submissive and weak Europe.

Europe has to look after its own interests, having good relations with Russia, China and seeking its own place in the forthcoming Multipolar world. This needs a collapse in Europe in order to breaking up the reality through propaganda.

In the EU, people are usually very idealistic, living in an unreal world of wishful thinking, but we have to be realistic. We are not a pole, nor a main world actor. Europe is a minority, a region that is more and more in a corner of present events. Liberal politicians in Europe keep saying that we are the light, the Enlightment of the world but no; this is the highest wishful thinking. Meanwhile other countries as Russia and China are making a win-win commerce with many counties in the world, providing all that Europe doesn’t provide: Security, development and no manipulation in mindset of people. Europe provides insecurity, uncertainty, poverty and continuous massive social interference.

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