The New Year, 2023: Time of monsters

The New Year, 2023: Time of monsters

“The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters…”

These words written by Antoino Gramsci almost a century ago, are still valid.

The signs of the death of the old world have never been so strong and the birth labor of the new world is putting humanity into a controversial mood of uncertainty, fear but also a mood of curiosity and hope.

The Ukraine War has amplified the grumblings that come under the ground.

People running around like a headless chicken, and the strengthening sense of indifference, looks like the sensation that animals get a few seconds before an earthquake.

Every single person feels that a storm is coming but some find it difficult to express it as an instinct, and some who are totally aware of what they feel fear to confess.

The world is changing.

And the icons of the old, are broken one by one.

The awakening humanity

The Atlantic fails to bring Russia to its knees in Ukraine, where they push with all their strength. Moscow keeps on its struggle despite all the sanctions, embargoes and all the massive arms buildup in Ukraine.

On the other hand, the will for a solution is getting stronger on the way to the Turkey-Syria conflict, which is stuck in the middle of the Middle East like an American wedge.

The Foreign Ministers are now expected to meet after Defense Ministers and Intelligence Directors meet first.

And the response from the United States was to activate all ethnic and fundamentalist groups which they have been backing in the region.

The attacks of these groups have been intensifying in both Turkiye and Syria lately. Examples are the recent bomb attack in Taksim, the heart of Istanbul, and the attacks on the Syrian Army…

It is still quite possible to for some US-centered provocations to take place, in parallel with the normalization process between Syria and Turkiye, especially over the Syrian refugees in Turkiye.

The tides are also turning in the other side of the south, down in the Gulf.

The Gulf countries, which the US had been using as its “cash cows”, are now trying to wake up, first of which being Saudi Arabia.

The statements from the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman saying “the Middle East will be the new Europe”, his highlights on Arab nationalism, and also his intentions to get more alternatives for his country such as BRICS, is worth noting.

While in the west side of the Global South, in the Latin America, the people stand up against the US-backed coup in Peru, the coup attempt of Trump’s “favorite fascist” Bolsonaro in the locomotive force of the continent Brasil, against Lula who have risen from being a worker’s unionist to become the President of the country, has now fallen into pieces.

And the French and other Western influences over Africa are broken, first in Mali and now in Burkina Faso.

The French troops stationed in Mali as a part of Operation Barkhane, had to withdraw from the country.

And the government in Burkina Faso, is about to declare the French ambassador who had been influencing the internal politics of the country, a “persona non grata”…

The new Middle Age in the West

The signs of a new Middle Age in the West, which has begun to become isolated, are showin more up more than ever.

The Western countries, which have been applying sanctions and embargoes on China, Turkiye and Iran in a number of ways, have now applied a very tough sanctions regime against Russia after the Ukraine War.

And as the time goes by, the bigoted Western actions are now directed towards the Russian art and artists.

The images of people that burn Russian books and destroy statues of anything that has a connection to Russia, are being shown on television screens.

And the righteous Western journalists who try to spread the truth, are now under the threat of losing their jobs.

But of course, cheap propaganda does not bring food on the table.

A severe energy crisis due to the embargoes on Russia, is now taking place all around Europe and mostly in France.

The symbol of once Great Europe, the Eiffel Tower, now stays in dark.

Prime Ministers cannot stay in office, in once the Empire on which the sun never sets, the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and now the leadership of Rishi Sunak is being questioned.

In the once unshaken Germany of coal and steel, many government officials are prosecuted couple months ago under the reason of “plotting a coup”.

While the crisis is deepening every single day, the popular movements such as the Yellow Vests keep shaking the government all over European cities.

And in the United States, the finance corporations such as Ned Davis Research are making warnings for a crisis similar to the Great Depression, while Biden keeps waving hands to ghosts.

Limits of the monsters

We are now experiencing days, which the Financial Times is calling out on the US government to act with the truth that we are in a multipolar world, and which Der Spiegel published the front cover “Was Marx right after all?”.

However, the monsters that Gramsci mentioned keep wandering around.

The United States does not refrain to sacrifice its own men to cover up its biological weapons facilities in Ukraine, while keeping the nuclear threat alive in region.

And the Germans keep sending arms to Ukraine to further deepen the war.

Europe is trying to spark another war in another point where Europe meets Asia, while trying to push Greece against Turkiye as a whole.

Russian thinker Alexander Dugin is summarizing the process we have been through; “Humanity is balancing on the verge. The story may be over about to come to it.”

The Age of Monsters will surely end, the question is how destructive will this end be.

Onur Sinan Güzaltan
Onur Sinan Güzaltan was born in Istanbul in 1985. He had his Bachelors's degree in Law, from the Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne Universty /Paris XII and a Master's degree in International and European Law. He got his certificate of diploma equivalence at Galatasaray University. Later, he got a Master's degree in International Trade Law, at the Institut de Droit des Affaires Internationales, founded jointly by the Sorbonne Universty and the Cairo Universty. In this process, he had served as the Cairo representative for the Aydinlik Newspaper. He has several articles and television streams within the international press, in such as People's Daily, Al Yaum, Al Ahram, Russia Today FranceAl Youm Al Sabea. In addition to being the author of the Tanrı Bizi İster Mi?, a work that studies the 2011-2013 political period in Egypt, he had also contributed to the multi-author study titled Ortadoğu Çıkmazında Türkiye, with an article that focused on the Turkish-Egyptian relations. While currently working as a lawyer, he also writes a weekly column for Aydinlik Newspaper on the subject of international politics and geopolitics.

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