The Syria policy of the ‘Table of Six’ is following the US plan

The Syria policy of the ‘Table of Six’ is following the US plan

According to the statements of its leaders, the oppositional alliance, the ‘Table of Six’, proposes the following policy regarding Syria:

  • The Turkish Army will withdraw from Syrian territory.
  • Türkiye will reach an agreement with the Syrian government.
  • Syrians in Türkiye will be sent back to Syria.
  • Ambassadors will be appointed reciprocally.

It is innocence at the first sight. But there is hidden aim within this policy.

2011: The CIA kicks off

In 2011 the US began to take concrete steps in its Syria plan aiming at overthrowing Bashar el Assad an bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to the power, thus splitting Syria apart and establishing a PKK/PYD statelet in the east of Fırat.

At this time Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) was a part of the government, not officially but unofficially. FETÖ was holding the protagonist position in every important development.

FETÖ and Davutoğlu

Ahmet Davutoğlu, the foreign minister of the time, was the head of Türkiye’s policy on Syria. Davutoğlu and FETÖ were in full accordance with the US.

Recall the much-discussed visit of Davutoğlu in Damascus. The inner circles of President Assad informed me about the topics that Davutoğlu brought to the table in the talks and tried to impose on his Syrian counterparts. Surely, one day the details of that will be revealed and become widely known.

The CIA kicked off in 2011 after Syria rejected the US’s demands. Terrorist from all corner of the world were injected into Syria, including the ones of the ISIS used by the US. These terrorists killed hundred thousands of people, raped thousands of women. Even moved forward to the neighborhoods of Damascus.

The involvement of Russia

Then Russia and Iran appeared. Supporting the government of President Assad they succeeded to change the balance of power in favor of Syria. In response, the US sought to open a corridor reaching out to the Mediterranean all through the Türkiye-Syria border.

Response to the US’s response: Türkiye, Russia, Iran and Syria reached an agreements which paved the way for Turkish Armed Forces’ Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch and Peace Spring operations. Thus, the Turkish Army broke through the corridor.

After that, the US has set its course east of the Euphrates. Established many small military bases and providing thousands of trucks of weapons, attempted to create a PKK/PYD statelet. The president of the US called PKK/PYD “our ground force”.

The Tehran Summit: unacceptable for the US

At the Tehran Summit, where Erdoğan, Putin and Reisi met as part of the Astana Process, a call was made to the US: “Get out of Syrian territory.” Then came the decision of the three countries to fight against terrorism jointly. First, officials from Türkiye, Russia and Syria met in Moscow. Then Iran got included.

The US found this move “unacceptable”. Referring to the elections to be held in Türkiye on 14 May, they threatened: “It will have consequences on our attitude in the elections”. In this process, the US conducted joint military drills with the PKK/PYD, continued arms deliveries and the US Chief of Staff visited the region.

The USs demands

The US does not want the Turkish armed forces to launch an operation in the east of the Euphrates and demands its withdrawal back to the Turkish border. The PKK/HDP’s demand is the same.

The PKK/HDP did not field a presidential candidate and decided on “inaction”. PKK executive Sabri Ok spoke openly and said that the decision “was taken at the request of international powers”. The meaning of these words is very clear: Support for Kılıçdaroğlu to overthrow Erdoğan.

The security issue for Türkiye

The key point in the Table of Six’ Syria policy is: “The Turkish army will withdraw from the Syrian territory.” This is the most sensitive point for the US and this is also the demand of the PKK. This was also the condition for the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) not to field candidates.

Besides, Kılıçdaroğlu stated that they would repatriate Syrian refugees with European Union funds. He said: “In our government, this process will be completed in 2 years. We will meet the requirements of that process with EU funding and under our guarantorship.”

What happens if the Turkish army withdraws? It is not the PKK/PYD, but the US army who has the word on the opposite front. Syria cannot win this fight alone. However, if Türkiye, Russia, Iran and Syria act together, the US will face the same fate as in Afghanistan.

The main goal of the Table of Six’ Syria policy is to withdraw the Turkish armed forces from Syrian territory and thus reassure the US. The articles in the Alliance’s policy, such as the appointment of ambassadors and normalization with Syria, simply disguise to support the US plan.

This means that the Syria policy of the Table of Six poses a security issue for Türkiye.

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