Negotiations with tribes in Syria: The CIA’s plan to carry PKK terrorists to Ukraine

Negotiations with tribes in Syria: The CIA’s plan to carry PKK terrorists to Ukraine

By Özgür Altınbaş

To stop the defeat in Ukraine, the US is trying to carry PKK/PYD terrorists from Syria to Ukraine to fight against Russia, Ria Novosti reported.

A military-diplomatic source in Damascus stated to RIA Novosti that the US administration had engaged in talks with leaders of tribes affiliated with the YPG (PKK/PYD) in Syria to make them join the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Reportedly, the tribes were offered a $2,000 monthly salary per person.

PKK terrorists fighting in Ukraine

There are terrorists currently fighting in Ukraine who were in the ranks of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces / PKK/PYD) terrorist organization in Syria. One of them is a British citizen named Macer Gifford, who had previously joined the PYD/YPG terrorist organization in Syria and then voluntarily went to Ukraine. Gifford says: “They [Ukrainians] remind me of the spirits of thousands of young men and women who joined the PKK/PYD.”

Another example is Aiden Aslin, a British citizen who first joined the PKK in Syria between 2015 and 2017 and later the Ukrainian army in 2018. He was captured by the Russian military during the clashes in the city of Mariupol and sentenced to death. Later, he was released in a prisoner exchange.

Ryan O’Leary, a member of the Iowa National Guard who participated in the activities of the PKK/PYD in Iraq for four years, also highlights the similarities in mentality between the PKK/PYD and Ukrainians. In an interview with Middle East Eye, O’Leary states “They are really similar to each other. Both the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the PKK/PYD share the same mentality.”

Terrorists trained at the US base

The source speaking to RIA Novosti recalled that at the end of May, news agencies, citing the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, had reported that the US was using the El-Tanf base in Syria to train militants who would carry out terrorist attacks in Russia. The source stated, “We will develop and complete this information further.” The source also revealed “the CIA is having talks with representatives of Kurdish self-defense units and some Arab tribal leaders in Syria for this purpose.”

The fate of the Kyiv regime and the PKK/PYD is interlinked

United World International author Dr. Mehmet Perinçek commented on the issue Mehmet Perinçek stated that there are two primary forces in the region whose fate is directly linked to US plans: The Kyiv regime and the PKK/PYD.

Perinçek said the following: “If the US plans fail, it means the end for both the Kyiv regime and the PKK/PYD. Moreover, the fate of these two forces is also interlinked. What do we mean by this? The success of the Kyiv regime would pave the way for the success of the PKK/PYD’s dreams of a state of Kurdistan. Likewise, the success of the PKK/PYD’s ‘Kurdistan plan’ would mean the survival of the Kyiv regime. Therefore, these two forces will act together at every point. Therefore, the CIA’s desire to bring PKK/PYD forces to Ukraine is not a coincidence. Recall that American mercenaries have previously fought in the ranks of the PKK/PYD in Syria and then fought against Russia in Ukraine on behalf of the Kyiv regime. This has been reported in the media many times. This development is worth reflecting on for both the Turkish and Russian governments.”

Perinçek continued: “Russia should see the PKK/PYD forces as a threat just like the Ukrainian regime. And just as Türkiye sees the PKK/PYD terrorist organization as a threat, it should understand that the Ukrainian regime is also part of the US plans and not separated from the encirclement of Türkiye.”

Russia and Türkiye should see the Ukrainian regime and PKK/PYD as parts of the same threat

Perinçek also highlighted Türkiye’s arms sales to Ukraine: “In this context, Türkiye should understand that providing arms aid to the Ukrainian regime, such as Bayraktar drones, is no different from sending them to the PKK/PYD. Similarly, Moscow must understand that any development in favor of the PKK/PYD means strengthening the Kyiv regime.”

Perinçek emphasized the recent news demonstrated the coherence between the US plans in Syria and Ukraine.

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