Two wars caused by the same ideology

Two wars caused by the same ideology

By the editorial board of Pia Global

Fascism and supremacism necessarily produce wars. They are wars of genocidal actions, of contempt and denial of the other and of expansionism. They are foght against by wars of subsistence of the peoples before the advance of annihilation actions.

A war is occurring on Ukrainian territory where a puppet government of Anglo-American Atlanticism offers to provoke Russia on behalf of NATO, and undertakes an extermination of his own Russophile population.

It is what we call “proxy war” or “bypass war” which is when two entities fight a war through third parties. In this case, NATO and the United States are waging a provocative war against Russia through Ukraine to thwart the project of multipolarity and Eurasianism.

In this war, the media present the aggressor as the victim and the defense actions of the victimized as provocative actions. Crimes are concealed and the destruction of infrastructure that harms both. Immorality reigns supreme, celebrating a mournful dance that only announces hunger, debt and sorrows for all of Europe.

The other war, silent, denied in the media chronicles, is a permanent and growing war that the different governments of the State of Israel have launched against the Palestinian population.

When the media cannot hide the atrocities as in Jenin, it presents the actions of the aggressor’s actions as defense, and the reactions of those attacked as provocations.

In Palestine there is a super-equipped army against a defenseless people.

In the Ukraine it is an army super-armed by NATO against its Russophile population and also against the Russian army that came to assist the attacked people.

Saying ‘No’ to War is saying ‘No’ to the advance of fascism and supremacism.

We do not ask those attacked not to defend themselves. It would be a naive equalization of responsibilities, That is why it is ‘No’ to the war and ‘Yes’ to the defense of Palestine and the Dombass.

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