While the Palestinians struggle, “Türkiye should be where it should have been already”

While the Palestinians struggle, “Türkiye should be where it should have been already”

Syrian State President Bashar al-Assad’s close associate, former Advisor to Syrian Ministry of Information Prof. Dr. Bessam Abu Abdullah, was the guest on Ulusal Channel from Türkiye. We present some key points from Abu Abdullah, where he evaluated Israel’s attacks on Palestine and latest developments in Western Asia.

Translated from Turkish into English by Uwidata.

Greater Middle East Project

Prof. Dr. Bessam Abu Abdullah firstly emphasizes that what is happening in Palestine cannot be separated from what has been going on in Syria for the last 13 years, as both is revolving around the US’s “Greater Middle East Project”:

“We cannot view all these developments independently of the US’ Greater Middle East Project. What we are experiencing today is already present in this project. The goal of the project was and is to fragment the borders of the 24 countries on the basis of sects, ethnicity, and religion and render Israel the most powerful state in our region while the others deal with crises and wars. It started with Iraq and continued with Syria However as they couldn’t succeed in Syria, they had put the project on hold. The main target of the Greater Middle East Project are Syria and Türkiye. It is being implemented once again today.”

Netanyahu’s “map without Palestine”

Bessam Abu Abdullah reminds of that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented “map without Palestine” at the United Nations General Assembly and reveales the background of the attack on Gaza:

“As the proverb says, Israel was planning to have Hamas for dinner, but Hamas had Israel for lunch. Netanyahu had a very significant military project in mind, aimed at completely eradicating Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, and integrating these lands into Israel. He planned to kill Palestinians or deport them to Jordan and Egypt. When the resistance forces learned of this, they initiated a mass intifada. Netanyahu’s anger stems from that he couldn’t implement this plan. His plan was thwarted by the Palestinian resistance.”

Prof. Dr. Abdullah states that the plans of the US and Israel can only be defeated through the unity of regional countries, especially Türkiye and Syria:

“Türkiye and Syria need to stand together as one united front against the US’ ruthless project. Türkiye should be where it should have been already without any more delays. Along with states in the region and with the support of rising powers like Russia and China, Ankara should combat the threats posed by the US’s Greater Middle East Project.”

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