US-UK dispute in Ukraine?

US-UK dispute in Ukraine?

David Arakhamia, head of the parliamentary faction of the Servant of the People party in Ukraine, in an interview he gave a few days ago, actually blamed President Zelensky and former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for Kyiv’s refusal to resolve the conflict diplomatically.

The Ukrainian politician said that Britain was interfering in the peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Arakhamia claimed that it was Boris Johnson who instructed the Zelensky government not to sign any peace agreement with Russia.

UWI author Mehmet Perinçek commented on the Ukrainian official’s words for United World International:

“The CIA hit MI-6 hard! Washington wants to blame London for Ukraine’s defeat and get away with the burden. Some pawns may soon be sacrificed. Tough times await Zelensky. London may be unable to save him either.

Having failed in Ukraine, the US will want to take its revenge in the Eastern Mediterranean. This time, the US will test the resistance of Eurasia through Cyprus. Greece is being armed full throttle. If Türkiye continues to look to the US for help in the economy, it will seem to the US to be an easy prey. Erdoğan’s government has already been written off. Efforts to curry favor are futile, weaken Türkiye even further.

Our attention should be on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Now comes the Cyprus issue. If the government does not create an alternative on the Eurasian front, it may fall into the traps of the UK by being lured of their proposals in the midst of the US threats in the Eastern Mediterranean. Türkiye can be safe only if it takes its place in Eurasia.”

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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