UWI webinar: Regional cooperation to stop Israeli aggression

UWI webinar: Regional cooperation to stop Israeli aggression

The Palestinian people is under intensive attack of Israel since the beginning of October. With this offensive, Israeli not only targets Palestine but also the entire Eurasian geography that is suffering under the plans of the Atlantic. Palestine is not only resisting on its own behalf; it is also fighting in the name of the entire Eurasian world.

Therefore, with its victory Palestine will deal a blow to all plans of the Atlantic reaching from the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, over Ukraine and South Caucasus until Far East Asia. At the same time, the entire Western block led-by the United States is siding with all its might with Israel. Hence, the victory of Palestine is only possible if a matching counter-power is created. Angry speeches from podiums, profound and decided condemnations or the sending of only humanitarian to the Palestine people does not count in this measuring of forces.

The only option to stop Israel’s aggression is the Eurasian countries’ unification behind a joint strategy and the determination of a road map, so that the region’s countries determine the region’s fate.

As United World International, we are bringing together representatives and experts from the leading countries of the region to discuss the according strategies and tactics.

Date: December 25, 2023. 12:30 PM (Turkish time, GMT+3)


Palestine: Dr. Basem Naim, Chairman of international Bureau of Hamas

Lebanon: Dr. Ahmad Malli, Member of the Politburo of Hezbollah

Syria: Prof. Bessam Abu Abdullah, Political Scientist

Türkiye: Ismail Hakkı Pekin, ret. Lieutenant-General, former Head of Intelligence of the Turkish Armed Forces’ General Staff

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Işıksal, Academic

Russia: Vyacheslav Matuzov, former Soviet and Russian Diplomat

The webinar language is English. Press members can join via prior registration through WhatsApp contact to +90 537 364 94 77 or editor@uwidata.com

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