What is behind Bin Salman’s alleged assassination?

What is behind Bin Salman’s alleged assassination?

News circulating on social media says that an assassination attempt targeted Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As proof, media presents a video of burning cars on the streets of Riyadh. Others investigated that these images are footage of a car accident from 16 March this year.

“The US really wants bin Salman gone”

United World International asked Abbas Djuma, a Moscow-based Syrian journalist who closely follows the region, about the issue:

“I couldn’t find anything clear. The reasons for this could be different – from the desire to hide the reality to a banal fake.

However, even if it’s fake news, I would not rule out that somewhere in the US someone really wants bin Salman gone. He is very annoying with his reduction of oil production quotas, his unwillingness to oppose Russia, and the return of Syria to the Arab League.

The Biden administration really needs to lower the oil price tag. The same scheme was attempted by the United States against the USSR.

‘My father convinced the Saudis to take and flood the market with cheap oil. This has led to the devaluation of the ruble, driving the USSR literally into bankruptcy,’ US President Ronald Reagan’s son Michael once said.

Therefore, why reinvent the wheel. But what if it fails to convince bin Salman?”

“The fake assassination attempt is related to the Israeli attack on Rafah”

The Russian TV channel Tsargrad linked the removal of these reports to the Israeli attack on Rafah, which began today:

“Perhaps, this throw-in is the work of pro-Israel bloggers on Social Network X. Recently, Riyadh threatened Netanyahu with cancellation of the agreement on normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia in case of any attack on Rafah. Consequently, the fake assassination attempt on the Crown Prince is somehow related to the Israeli army’s initial invasion of Rafah.”

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