Three years ago, Turkey nearly went over the edge

Three years ago, Turkey nearly went over the edge

The events of that ill-fated night will live in the memory of the Turkish citizens who survived them. In reviewing the July 15 attempted coup three years later, it is important to stay away from taking sides and to move towards impartial evaluation.

It is clear that what happened would be practically impossible without the collusion of world elites and their associates in Turkey… yet, even today it is difficult to say who was the mastermind of the bloody performance.

The events of July 15 have nothing to do with the Turkish armed forces. This fact is apparent to everyone who understands the Turkish military mentality or is familiar with the history of real military coups, which ended successfully because they had the support of the whole army, and not just a few units making up less than 1% of army personnel.

It is also clear that a conspiracy would be technically impossible, at least without the participation of individual representatives of the cabinet, the general staff and the security services. It is obvious that in order to avoid further escalation of popular indignation, the main information remains classified.

Turkey is undergoing a transformation from a pro-Western state to a nationally-oriented one. Ankara is going back to the basics, but this path is thorny, and fraught with many dangers. Turkish society, which is able to distinguish truth from falsehood, is growing wiser and more self-conscious.

We have no doubt that it will display the highest wisdom, self-possession and patience in the search for truth, the true greatness of the Republic of Turkey, which helps the suffering people and destitute throughout the world to the best of its ability.

We bow our heads and pray for all the dead and the innocent victims of this fateful night. We pray we never have to experience anything like it again.

Take care of each other.

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