Why is the West Supporting Terrorists in Syria?

Why is the West Supporting Terrorists in Syria?

The escalation in the Syrian Idlib province has reached a stage where western countries are now threatening the Syrian government and its allies with a large scale attack if the Syrian army attempts to liberate the province from terrorist control.

Throughout the seven year long war, it has been clear that the Syrian government and their allies have planned to corral the various terrorist groups into one place and then engage them in a final battle, rather than fighting them separately, destroying Syria’s cities and resulting in massive casualties.

The Americans and their allies have tried their best to stop this from happening, but have so far been unsuccessful. The Syrian Army and its allies have more or less successfully contained a large portion of the terrorist groups in Idlib.

Everyone knows that the battle for Idlib could be the final battle in Syria, and would likely result in the end of the war in Syria altogether.

The Syrian Government has divided the fighters in the Idlib province between those considered to be “Syrian Rebels” and those considered to be terrorist groups according to UN classifications. They have given the rebels a chance to surrender, offering them general amnesty and participation in political talks, while those considered to be terrorist groups have been instructed to leave Syria or face their fate on the battlefield.

Considering that, according to UN statistics, the majority of those considered “terrorist groups” are foreign fighters from around 85 different countries, it is meaningless for the Syrian government, or any other government in the world, to accept even one of them.

US economic attacks against Turkey have created a real chance for Turkey, Russia and Iran to join their efforts and solve the Syrian crises. The expected meeting between the leaders of these countries scheduled to take place in Iran will revolve around the topic of the battle for Idlib, and ending the Syrian war.

Considering the fact that Iran, Turkey and Russia are the main powers concerned with the Syrian crises and have to capability of enforcing any agreement they make on the ground, western countries are naturally getting upset, fearing they will lose their massive investment in crafting the war in Syria.

According to some statistics, the US and its allies have spent more than 137 billion dollars on the war. They were expecting to bring down the Syrian government within a couple of months, but things didn’t go according to plan.

Now all the money spent by US and allies could be lost, and they will gain nothing in return, as president Trump has suggested. After the Idlib battle, the only province left out of control of the Syrian government would be the small province in Deir Ez-zur and Ar-Raqqah, and according to international law, the Americans would have to leave this area at the demand of the Syrian Government or they could be considered unlawful invaders.

Moreover, most of the Kurdish fighters in the region are not ready to make a stand against Syrian government, especially as most don’t even consider it to be their real enemy.

The only way for Americans to stay in control of these provinces, which notably contain the only oil reserves in Syria, is to support these terrorist organizations while claiming that they are in the country in order to fight terrorists, and thus refuse to leave until they are “sure that there are no more terrorists in Syria”.

To fulfill this task, they may even ask their allies to use chemical weapons against the civilians to create chaos and provide an excuse for the American Army and allies to interfere, in order to back up the terrorist groups in the province.

After all, let’s not forget that Al-Qaeda and ISIS are both products of US training and funding, and most of the terrorist groups now surrounded in Idlib Belong to Jebhat al Nosrah, which is a branch of Al-Qaeda.

In the past couple of weeks, US allies, especially Europeans, have been trying their best to convince Iranians not to participate in the battle of Idlib because they know that Iran could play an important role in defeating terrorist militias on the ground… but the response from Iran has been negative.

They are also pressuring Russia and Turkey not to help the Syrian government.

The evidence shows that Russia and Iran have made their decision, and are preparing to support the Syrian army in the critical battle. Russia has warned the Americans against interfering in the issue.

The rumors concerning the move of Iranian Ballistic missiles to Iraq are likely propaganda from the west to create a reason for Israeli participation in attacks against Iranian allies– especially against the experienced Iraqi fighters who could provide crucial assistance to the Syrian army.

Right now, the only country which has the weapons and defense capabilities to stand up against American threats in Syria is Russia, and, naturally, everyone is concerned about what Russian forces are willing to do to end the war.

If the Americans and their allies are sure Russian forces will fight against their plot, they will think twice before taking any steps forward. However, as history have proven, this would not be the United State’s last attempt at dominating the region. They have surely already developed alternative plans for achieving their political and economic goals.


Emad Abshenass
Journalist, writer and Political Science professor (Iran)

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