Yellow vest protests, Brexit, Chabahar – weekly outcomes

Yellow vest protests, Brexit, Chabahar – weekly outcomes

The Yellow vest revolution

In the new wave of Yellow Vest protests in France at least 30 have been injured, including 3 police officers. The numbers of victims are growing, but French President Emmanuel Macron continues to refuse to listen to the citizens’ demands.

Hundreds of people were arrested, and destabilization continues. Police in Paris fired tear gas on protesters, as the government continues to push their reject unpopular liberal reforms

Brexit process

British Prime Minister Theresa May continues to protect her plan to save close ties with the EU after the Brexit process. This week, she declared that if parliament does not approve her plan, it will determine the future of the entire government.

If the UK follows May’s plan, Britain will leave the EU on March 29 under terms negotiated with Brussels. But the internal contradictions and discussions are already mounting to challenge May`s governance.

Chabahar tragedy investigation

This week investigations continued regarding the recent terrorist attack in Iran. On the morning of December 6, a pickup truck rigged with explosives and driven by a suicide bomber moved toward a police headquarters in Chabahar. At least 7 people are dead with many locals injured and hospitalized in the attack.

Fortunately, Iranian police stopped the truck before it reached its target, which would have resulted in many more casualties.

The attacks on Iranian cities and villages are becoming more regular as the globalists push destabilization in the country both economically and militarily.

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