Azerbaijani media echoes widely UWI’s Press Meeting with President Tatar

    Azerbaijani media echoes widely UWI’s Press Meeting with President Tatar

    United World International has organized a press meeting with Ersin Tatar, President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

    The online press conference of the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Mr. Ersin Tatar was also widely covered in the Azerbaijani media.

    Different news agencies such as Azerbaijan Favorite News, Hokmaz, Azerforum and Editor.az have reported on UWI’s press meeting with President Ersin Tatar.

    The Azerbaijani media naturally focused on the relations between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Azerbaijan and the establishment of diplomatic relations between them in the future.

    Azerbaijan has not yet recognized the TRNC as a state, but it is very close to do so. The peoples of the two countries have very close relations and a representative office of Northern Cyprus operates in Baku.

    One of the highlights of the press conference held by President Ersin Tatar before the Geneva meeting was the continuation of the TRNC as an independent state and the establishment of relations with foreign countries, especially Azerbaijan.

    Leading Azerbaijani news agencies and newspapers covered Ersin Tatar’s views, focusing on relations between the two countries.

    The Azerbaijani press mainly focused on the following areas in Ersin Tatar’s opinion:

    1) What steps will be taken to make the Republic of Northern Cyprus an independent country?

    2) What other steps need to be taken to advance Northern Cyprus-Azerbaijan relations?

    3) What contribution can Northern Cyprus make to the unity of the Turkish world?

    The local press, which informs the Azerbaijani public about these views, pays constant attention to Ersin Tatar’s meetings in Geneva and the subsequent processes.

    All Azerbaijani news organs have emphasized Tatar’s determined stance on the TRNC’s independence, and his insistence on a two-state-solution.

    The Azerbaijani news organs reporting are presented below:





    Ahmad Shahidov

    Head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights

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