“If the provocations from the West continue, soon there will be no country called Ukraine anymore”

“If the provocations from the West continue, soon there will be no country called Ukraine anymore”

Yuri Podolyaka, one of Russia’s leading military experts, answered questions from the United World International, on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and general geopolitical questions from around the world.

Podolyaka stated that it is difficult for a state called Ukraine to exist in the upcoming period due to constant provocations from the West, and that Ukraine poses a threat to Russia in the same way as the US-backed Kurdistan poses a threat to Türkiye.

Referring to the cooperation between Türkiye, Russia and Iran, Podolyaka stated that the US and the UK were removed from the West Asia region, thanks to this cooperation.

“The course of these military operations will be much clearer at the end of this year”

Podolyaka made the following statements about the military operation carried out by the Russian army in Ukraine:

“How the operation will continue actually depends on the West. There is no reason to halt the military operation for the time being. Things are getting much worse in the West right now. The true course of these operations will become much clearer towards the end of this year. The main purpose of the Russian army is to keep Russia safe. And as a result, the Ukraine as we know today, will not survive.”

The Russian expert made the following statements about the future of Ukrainian President Zelensky: “Zelensky government will maintain for some more time. Russia has no plans to enter Kiev until the end of this year.”

“Erdogan and Putin can reach an agreement on Syria”

Stating that the main goal of the West is to bring Russia to its knees in political, military and economic terms, Podolyaka stated that the cooperation between Türkiye, Russia and Iran about Syria is important for Eurasia. Podolyaka continued as follows:

“Russian-Turkish relations are very important. The agreements previously made between Türkiye, Russia and Iran have changed the balance of powers in the region.  With these new balances, the United States and the United Kingdom were removed from the region. Erdogan will run for the elections next year. And the economic situation in Türkiye is gradually deteriorating. He must be successful in the operation in Northern Syria, for that reason. Russia does not look favourably on Turkish military operation, but still attaches a great importance to the common grounds of a cooperation with Türkiye. Again, Erdogan and Putin can reach an agreement on Syria. The cooperation between Türkiye, Russia and Iran forms a bloc in the Middle East and Central Asia against the US-UK axis. This relationship is pragmatic for now, however it can turn into and long-term and a strategic alliance. In fact, Türkiye and Russia are already conducting a strategic cooperation without any written agreements.”

“We live in a multipolar world”

Pointing out that the world has changed, Russian analyst Podolyaka stated that the world has switched over to a multipolar order and made the following evaluations;

“Together we are witnessing that the world is changing, and has now become multipolar. I think that if the peoples of Türkiye and Russia join together, our region and the whole world would stop being divided anymore. There are now two sides of the world. There are producer countries, and then the countries that exploit the producers. But we are on the same side. We are all seeing the countries that are imposing sanctions against Russia.”

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