Will Russia press the button for nuclear weapons?

Will Russia press the button for nuclear weapons?

United World International author Mehmet Perinçek gave an interview to the Azerbaijani press about danger of nuclear war. We present the interview, published in Azerbaijani Turkish, to our readers translated into English.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is ready to use nuclear weapons to protect the country’s territory. The statement caused serious concern in the world about the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, as it was after Russia’s official annexation of the territories it occupied. The question arises whether Russia would use nuclear weapons and in what situation?

Mehmet Perinçek, a Turkish historian, political scientist, told KONKRET.az that Russia’s use of nuclear weapons does not seem realistic:

“According to Russia’s military doctrine, the use of nuclear weapons is possible only in the event of a nuclear attack against itself or its allies, or if Russia’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty are threatened. However, this issue is not currently on the agenda. As long as the United States does not use nuclear weapons against Russia, it cannot be expected that Russia will use nuclear weapons. Also, it is impossible for Russia to use nuclear weapons in a war with Ukraine unless its national security and sovereignty are threatened. That is, Russia’s use of nuclear weapons can only happen in response to an attack by NATO countries.”

“The reason is that according to Russia’s military doctrine, a war with Ukraine does not require the use of nuclear weapons. However, I do not think it is realistic that a nuclear war will start in the world. Because the country using nuclear weapons knows that it will also be the targeted by these, which can cause serious destruction,” said the political scientist.

Perinçek noted that after America used nuclear weapons in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the USSR and others began to produce these too. This created a balance:

“As a result of this balance, mutual use of these weapons was prevented. Because if these weapons were only in the USA, the US could use them in many places. However, due to the fact that the powers they are facing also have nuclear weapons, they themselves can become a target. Therefore, the countries that already have nuclear weapons are wary of pressing the first button. Thus, these weapons serve only for self-defence or threat element. From this point of view, there is no reason to use these weapons at the moment.”

“For example, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Zaporizhia Nuclear Station. Similar other attacks have also been reported. If, as a result of these attacks, various nuclear leaks or nuclear accidents occur, this will, of course, create serious dangers for the region. However, despite that, it is not expected that Russia will resort to nuclear weapons in response. Because Russia’s military doctrine does not justify taking such a step in the war with Ukraine,” the analyst concluded.

Mehmet Perinçek
Historian and political scientist (Turkey)

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