The US heading to elections 5: The Fake Left is a single nation

The US heading to elections 5: The Fake Left is a single nation

By Doğu Perinçek *

Recently I was talking to my dear friend Rafet Ballı. He quoted a saying about all kinds of polytheists since the 7th century in Islamic history: “The blasphemy is a single nation.”

Look at the US or Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Australia: the Fake Left is international, in other words, it is a single nation.

Neocons’ special platoon

The Fake Left in the US is the special platoon of the Neocons. The Fake Left is the jewel in the crown for the ringleaders of the US Deep State, from the Gladio queen Hillary Clinton and Biden. They unconditionally support the attacks of US imperialism on the Developing and Oppressed World. Moreover, they produce the most ambitious theories legitimizing imperialist aggression. Their intellectual capacity is more than incompetence. They have made servitude their profession.

US fake leftists are supporters of the PKK. The likes of Noam Chomsky award PKK with the medal of pioneering national liberation. They also tag after the US imperialists in every attempt to split and weaken the nation states.

The Fake Left has close relations with Fethullah Gülen Terror Organisation (FETÖ) on a global scale. The most belligerent protectors of CIA-led sects like FETÖ are the Fake Leftists, not only in Türkiye but also in the US.

The Fake Left’s hostility to the Kemalist Revolution is also an international one. According to them, the English, American, French, Turkish, Soviet and Chinese revolutions are against human rights because they are “top-down”. Cromwell, George Washington, Robespierre, Lenin, Atatürk, Mao, Lumumba, Fidel Castro, Chavez are representatives of the history that the False Left curses.

Freedom for congregations and sects, ethnic groups, sects and LGBT is their list of human rights. They are tasked with providing theoretical guise for the US attempts to eliminate national states through ethnic, religious and sectarian conflicts. In short, they are Civil Societists.

Regarding their foreign policy, China, Russia, Türkiye, Hungary, Hungary, Venezuela, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are “rogue states” and archenemies. For them, “dictators” like Xi Jinping, Putin, Erdogan, Urban, Maduro and Kim Jong-un rule these countries.

Fake Leftist Biden crew 

These findings, which reflect the theory and practice of the Fake Left, also serve as an answer to the question of “Who is Biden’s striking force”. In the US, the Fake Leftists are Biden’s errand boys and they are fueled by Soros. Their name is “Open Society”, but their real essence is “Dark Society”. They are used as alert force when marauding and plotting is necessary. They are the best in incitements and provocations. When a hitman is needed, one is chosen from among them.

In the class struggles that will determine the fate of the US, and in the conflict between the so-called “Patriots” and the Globalists, the Fake Left has the most fixed position. Because they are both ideologically and organizationally captive to the system.

The class and global identity of the Fake Left

Lenin had determined the class identity of the Fake Left a century ago by saying “Revisionism means the bourgeoisie”. On the international level, they have always been under the guidance and control of imperialism. The 2nd International, which they led, supported the imperialist states in the First World War. It was them who restored capitalism in the Soviet Union. They took part in the counterrevolutionary front in all the revolutions.

The Fake Left in the US looks familiar to you, doesn’t it?

Right now they are serving as the Biden Crew all over the world.

The Biden Crew is a single nation.

Just as blasphemy is one nation, so is the False Left.

States that stand up for independence, nations that seek liberation, peoples that make revolution against imperialism: They are one front, a single nation, too!

* Chairman of Vatan Party (Türkiye)

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