Iran should be included into the Organization of Turkic States

Iran should be included into the Organization of Turkic States

We are determined to make the process of participation to the Organization of Turkish States of the Islamic Republic of Iran successful.

Vatan Party Chairman Doğu Perinçek held a press conference at the Vatan Party Headquarters in Ankara on April 19, 2023 at 13.00 and announced the Decision of the Vatan Party Presidential Board regarding the process of participation of the Iranian State to the Turkish States Organization.

Decision of Vatan Party Presidential Board

1. The historical breakthrough changing the world balances

As the Presidential Board of the Vatan Party, we have good news of a very important breakthrough to humanity. The process of participation to the Organization of Turkic States of the Islamic Republic of Iran has begun.

Vatan Party Presidential Board convened in Ankara on April 19, 2023 and unanimously decided to carry out work on the level of the Republic of Türkiye and other Turkish States for the invitation of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Organization of Turkish States. For this purpose, our party matures its initiatives on the part of all parties and carries it to a fruitful stage. Our Presidential Board announces its determination to make these works successful to the public of Türkiye, Iran, Turkish States and the World.

Vatan Party, in its sincere and constructive meetings with the representatives of the Iranian State, determined that the invitation of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Organization of Turkish States would contribute significantly to the rise of Asian Civilization, the economic development of the region and world peace.

Vatan Party has the opinion that there are wide opportunities for solidarity with our neighbours Russia and Iran on Türkiye’s energy security, the threats we face in the Eastern Mediterranean, Russia’s war against US imperialism on the Ukrainian front, prevention of NATO’s expansion to the East, eradicating terrorism, developing historical and cultural relations and on joint contributions to rising Asian Civilization.

2. Historical Turan-Iranian relations

Iran has been the neighbour and brother of the Turkish States and their people for thousands of years. There is a dense Turkish population among the Iranian people who make up the Iranian nation. Azeri Turks, Turkmens and other peoples of Turkish origin in Iran, besides being a solid guarantee of the unity of Iran, also constitute the mortar of the brotherhood and solidarity between the Iranian State and the Turkish states.

Turkish and Persian peoples have mixed and fused throughout history. Turkish and Iranian cultures have enriched each other in thousands of years of intense relations. As stated in the Divan-ı Lugat-it Turk of Kashgarlı Mahmut, “Head without scarf and Persian without Turk cannot be.” Turkish and Persian fed each other as sister languages. In this context, Iran is intertwined with the Turkish World with its imperial accumulation, political traditions and culture.

Today, in addition to this strong historical association between the Turkish States and Iran, there are common development opportunities in every field from security and economy to culture. 

3. Horizons to be opened with the participation of Iran

The participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Organization of Turkic States will open new horizons for Turkish and Iranian states and peoples. Thus:

  • 3.1. The strategic partnership between Türkiye and other Turkish States and Iran will be organized and institutionalized.
  • 3.2. Türkiye’s energy security will be strengthened, the Turkish producer will have fuel, natural gas and gasoline, the trade volume between our countries will increase, and the imperialist sanctions against Iran will be rendered ineffective.
  • 3.3. The attempts of the US imperialism and Israel to establish a second state of Israel under the name of “Kurdistan” and their plans to create a Sunni-Shiite polarization will be defeated tomorrow again as it was yesterday.
  • 3.4. From the Eastern Mediterranean to the Arabian Sea, the security of our countries and the region will be strengthened.
  • 3.5. Customs barriers between Türkiye and Iran will be lifted and the way to establish a Common Market in Western Asia will be opened.
  • 3.6. Iran and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will meet in the same Organization and thus a very strong step will be taken towards the recognition of the TRNC.
  • 3.7. Türkiye’s ties with the Turkish States and Asian States in Asia will be established and developed over the Iranian geography, as it has throughout history.
  • 3.8. The problems between Iran and Azerbaijan will be resolved permanently. Armenia will be embraced in the Caucasus Peace created by Türkiye, Russia and Iran, and the possibilities of the US intervention in the region through Armenia will be eliminated.
  • 3.9. The struggle of the Islamic World against Imperialism and Zionism will progress on the path of success with the development of the Turkish and Persian Union as well as the Arab League, which is strengthened by the attitude of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Emirates, Yemen and the whole Arab World against the US imperialism.
  • 3.10 An important step will be taken to reach the goal of an independent and united Palestinian State whose capital is East Jerusalem.
  • 3.11. The Astana Process created by Iran-Russia-Türkiye will be strengthened and the efforts to ensure the territorial integrity of Syria will accelerate.
  • 3.12. The Belt and Road Initiative of the People’s Republic of China will achieve fruitful results thanks to the Organization of Turkish States, in which Iran also participates.
  • 3.13. Organizations that serve humanity and world peace, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS, will develop and become stronger. Solidarity between Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, India and between Turkish States and Iran will gain strength.
  • 3.14. An important acceleration will be realized in the rise of Asian Civilization.
Vatan Party delegation headed by Chairman Doğu Perinçek visiting the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ankara on April, 18, 2023.

4. Initial steps in the process taken

Vatan Party had very positive, constructive and productive talks with the Iranian State for Iran to join the Organization of Turkish States, and this process continues successfully.

Our party has planned to work with the governments of the Republic of Türkiye and other member states of the Organization of Turkish States and will make the necessary initiatives.

For the progress of the process, the Vatan Party will meet with the Presidency of the Aksakallar (Elders) Council of the Organization of Turkic States and propose joint work.

We will also improve our exchange of views and cooperation on this issue with our strategic friends such as Russia and the People’s Republic of China.

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