The Zionist hybrid war against Brazil

The Zionist hybrid war against Brazil

By Raphael Machado

Without mincing words: the world is experiencing the Third World War, with hot phases in Ukraine and Palestine; but the rest of the world is also immersed in this war, whether they know it or not, whether they want it or not. Because wars today have informational, cultural, cybernetic and psychological dimensions, not as subsidiary elements of “boots on the ground”, but as co-essential elements of war as “politics by other means.”

Brazil believed in the “strategy” (which is not such a thing) of hiding its head in a hole, asking for “peace” in the abstract, staying on the fence and waiting for results on other continents to position itself. Our ruling elite believed that it could stay out of everything that was happening in the world, without getting involved in those conflicts.

However, times of chaos and war do not forgive the timid. By hesitating to take sides (which we could have done through diplomatic, trade, cyber and other mechanisms), we ceded the initiative to other nations. Other nations began to decide on our commitments.

And instead of being an actor, Brazil became a “terrain”, a mere “space” in which the real actors deploy their actions.

Sniffing out our weakness, our fear disguised as “strategic brilliance”, the CIA and Mossad decided to start a massive campaign of disinformation, propaganda and psychological warfare, in association with the Brazilian media (which has always, always acted in conjunction with the American embassy) to begin to strain our relations with the counterhegemonic powers, creating a ” critical mass” among the people and the political class to push us once and for all into the field inevitably doomed to lose: that of Anglo-Zionist globalism.

After all, we have no defense. We have not prepared ourselves for what is happening.

In our country we have been opening the door more and more to the United States. Several of our ministers are “very well liked” in the US State Department. Numerous agreements and conventions in the cultural and information spheres reinforce the agendas and guidelines of the unipolar hegemon. Several Brazilian NGOs, linked to personalities in our own government, collaborate with the US embassy.

The Mossad, for its part, has infiltrated countless public and private institutions through its sayanim. Brazil is full of open and secret collaborators of the Zionist State.

This sets the context for today’s (and the past few days’) events.

The US is carrying out a campaign of disinformation, cancellation and reputation assassination against Brazilians who have channels of dialogue with counter-hegemonic powers.

They are upset about losing the monopoly on the construction of discourses. After all, if our influencers (like me), instead of believing everything the US says, are asking for the opinions and perspectives of spokespeople for other nations, there is a problem for the US hegemony project on the American continent.

There is nothing more than that. The Americas are the “geopolitical reserve” of the United States. So, they can no longer tolerate any degree of autonomy in Iberian America, especially in the cultural and information spheres. That is why we have gone from a context in which the “truth” is defined by judges to another in which the “truth” is defined by the American Deep State (and soon our judges will sentence according to their reports and guidelines).

The US State Department’s report on the New Resistance (a political association of which I am a member) falls into this context. We are accused of “neo-fascism”, “disinformation”, “recruiting paramilitaries to fight for Russia in Ukraine” and a lot of other crazy things without any evidence to back them up.

And this week, the State Department prepared another report denouncing the alleged recruitment of journalists by agencies linked to Russia, whose purpose would be to reproduce the Russian perspective on international events.

What seems to be at stake here is a discourse of “Russian infiltration in Brazil”, through which the US State Department urges Atlanticist journalists to pressure the government against rapprochement with Russia. And if it is possible to silence the supposed ” Russian agents ” (like me), so much the better.

But the most pathetic thing is this narrative about a “Hezbollah terrorist attack in Brazil.” Before long, we can say that the narrative has already melted.

What the media initially reported was that the Federal Police, in collaboration with international organizations, had made two arrests and executed 11 search and seizure warrants against a group of people linked to Hezbollah, accused of recruiting people to carry out attacks. terrorists against Jewish targets in Brazil.

It was noted, however, that Hezbollah was not mentioned in the official note issued by the Federal Police. However, within hours, Israeli authorities (including Benjamin Netanyahu, in the midst of conflict!) and Israeli newspapers publicly announced that the Mossad had prevented a “Hezbollah terrorist attack” in Brazil, and that they had taken charge of carrying out the matter to the Brazilian Federal Police, together with the CIA.

Apparently, the entire operation was constructed by Mossad and the CIA. They were the “sources of information” and directed the PF. This is what is deduced from the official statements of the Israeli government.

The PF acted as a “junior partner” in national territory, carrying out the designs of foreign intelligence agencies. The information disclosed in the media, furthermore, that it was Hezbollah was not transmitted by the PF, but by Israel, as Globo News journalists themselves commented.

If our officials had a minimum of political, historical and religious culture, they would know that the narrative spread by the Mossad was unsustainable: Hezbollah, engaged in a battle that will define the future of Palestine, the Middle East and Hezbollah itself, would dedicate itself to attacking synagogues… in Brazil?

What would be the benefit? What would be the objective? How would Hezbollah benefit from this? To make matters worse: the modus operandi does not match that of Hezbollah. The accusations leveled against Hezbollah in Argentina, for example, have never been materially proven and remain under the cloak of doubt.

However, what sealed the agreement was the insistence of Israel and some media outlets in highlighting Iran’s role in the alleged financing of Hezbollah and, therefore, in the “attack” that was “averted” at the last moment, as if we were in Minority Report (thanks, Mossad!).

Reverberating the anti-BRICS campaign of a few months ago, part of the media and virtual influencers immediately raised their voices against Brazil’s presence in the BRICS and against Brazil’s rapprochement with Iran and Russia (because, in the end, “behind” Hezbollah is Iran, and “behind” Iran is Russia! It’s all Putin’s fault again!).

The trick is obvious to all

Israel, a country infamous for the false flag of the USS Liberty, for a still unclear role in 9/11 and for the story of the 40 beheaded babies, is trying to compensate for its international defeat in the diplomatic and information spheres with a campaign concentrated that includes showing videos of alleged atrocities to journalists and politicians and now, false flags of terrorist attacks.

Meanwhile, Brazil is stunned by the lack of a clear position to defend itself from these hybrid campaigns of disinformation and manipulation by the Atlantic powers against our country.

The Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, came out today to try to “explain” himself, saying that Brazil acted sovereignly by detaining these Brazilian citizens; but it seemed like a weak attempt to justify itself before the Brazilian anti-imperialist camp, which has harshly criticized the government for this subordinate action.

Simultaneously with these events, the Israeli ambassador in Brazil showed videos with complaints of alleged atrocities by Hamas to Brazilian congressmen and former president Jair Bolsonaro (currently without official position), which again constitutes a red line crossed by Israel, to the extent that which demonstrates a willingness to interfere in the internal affairs of Brazil.

These campaigns threaten our future by endangering our role in building multipolarity. The United States and Israel extend their tentacles toward Brazil as it sinks.

And we all know how risky it is to let yourself be hugged by someone who is drowning at sea.

Previously published on PiaGlobal here. Translation from by Spanish by UWI.

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