Which plans of Washington did Baku foil?

Which plans of Washington did Baku foil?

By Fadil Pashayev

“The US tries to achieve its goals by putting pressure on the country it wants by means of financial-economic, political, ideological, informational-psychological, diplomatic and other means. Objective analyses show that the West has been interfering in the internal affairs of other countries for decades in order to change the foreign and domestic policies of independent states and ultimately maximize their subjugation.”

These theses are taken from the summarized report of the special services of different states (Russia, Türkiye, Venezuela, Cuba, Lebanon, Syria, Hungary, Central Asian countries).

For example, in their annual instructions, Turkish foreign intelligence agencies and embassies in different countries emphasize specifically that the United States and its allies create alliances in different parts of the world, form artificial opposition institutions using huge amounts of money, and selecting individuals for their aggressive attitude to sensitive issues, who are individually trained for provocations. Washington and its allies do all that to achieve their goals.

It is in this way that the US wants to reformat the system of relations between states in order to strengthen its control in all parts of the world.

Its plans for Azerbaijan serve the same purpose. To control the South Caucasus from the other side of the ocean, the US uses various coercion methods to subjugate Azerbaijan. That is, the same coordinate, the same line!

Thus, our country is facing unprecedented pressure and obvious blackmail and threats. Unable to create a colored revolution in Azerbaijan, Washington has become very aggressive. After the second Karabakh war, their plan to neutralize President Ilham Aliyev and his team, whose influence is increasing among the people, and to bring a puppet, “democratic” leader to power has failed. Now, new forms of struggle are being sought. Theses, which most of the countries of the world already know by heart, are now being applied against Azerbaijan.

In order to carry out a coup d’état, it is planned to spread gross disinformation through social networks.

The most dangerous thing is that the USA wants to convert the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, resolved after 30 years, into a new format. With its internal tools (Abzas Media, Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, foreign-controlled bloggers, and last but not least, vindictive ex-officials neutralized in time), it wants to “fish in murky water” by creating a small crisis and dragging the country into chaos.

A plan of the United States did not materialize. Washington wanted a large-scale war in the region, but this did not occur. The United States had hoped that, when Azerbaijan started the just war, other countries would join the conflict, and the South Caucasus would wear “Syrian clothes”.

Efforts for that are still ongoing. The point is that the United States is so aggressive not only against Azerbaijan, but against any country that wants to preserve its independence. For example, Biana Leyva Regueira, who worked as the representative of the UN in Cuba, expressed her protest against the foreign policy of the United States as follows:

“Today we are painfully watching the catastrophic events happening in the world. The USA, which has made the world senseless and absurd, and which follows wild capitalist values, is trying to spread its system all over the world. As a result of the efforts of America and the collective West with its henchmen, an unjust world order has been formed for decades. Also, people’s right to development is sacrificed against the backdrop of harsh, unrestricted inequality. By isolating many countries with its unique policy of imperialism, the US actually destroys the fate of millions of people and treats these nations as garbage. During the COVID-19 pandemic, all the peoples of the world witnessed this. The devastating effects of the thoughtlessly spread disease were deadly. The number of deaths among the most vulnerable sections of the population of poor countries has reached a high level.”

Apparently, war was being waged against the nations of the world. However, Azerbaijan won a complete victory both against the Armenian invaders and the pandemic. Despite the difficulties, we came out of this heavy war with little loss, even though there were restrictions as a result of continuous economic measures. Thanks to the will of the head of state and the courageous steps taken by the people, we were able to get rid of the deadly blockade of the great powers.

However, the desire of the United States, which behaves as the legal heir of the Western Roman Empire, to divide other states is burning even more. In this sense, Washington’s aggressiveness has reached a qualitatively new level:

  • gross misinformation,
  • use of artificial intelligence,
  • publication of serial lies by reputable publications,
  • compilation of illegal lists,
  • unreasonable assessments.

Recent history shows that the United States is faithful to its traditions, but in parallel with this, new methods are introduced. The main essence of this state’s bilateral foreign policy consensus is to keep the states that do not obey in fear under the name of NATO. It should exert complex and very aggressive geopolitical pressure against countries that implement an independent policy like Azerbaijan. Let’s admit that Washington can take advantage of these opportunities as a geopolitical superpower. The homeland of the “green dollar” is conducting a different policy on Berlin, New Delhi, Beijing, challenging Russia with its boundless ambition to take complete control of Central Asia and the South Caucasus.

Back in January 1994, NATO decided to extend the bloc’s military infrastructure to Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. Thus, since then, there have been three waves of NATO expansion in these regions – 1999, 2004 and 2008.

The current stage is therefore a threat to the territorial integrity of the South Caucasus countries.

Because, as we said, the problem of the United States is not only Azerbaijan. It is the ideological theses of a brutal economic system. According to these theses, the military industry should work non-stop. For this, hotspots must increase in the world.

But it can be said with absolute certainty that all the efforts of the USA regarding Azerbaijan will be in vain, and its insidious plans regarding our independent state will not be realized.

This article was first published on Konkret.az in here, in Azerbaijani Turkish. Translation to English by UWI.

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