Europe’s new strategy of Globalization

Europe’s new strategy of Globalization

Globalization – a natural process?

There are few words in the current European political discours which are seen as nonpolitical as the term globalization. Open borders, freedom of movement, the possibility to consume products from the other side of the globe – all these „advantages“ of globalization are considered „natural“ today.

But as every coin has it’s backside, also the process of globalization has another aspect. From the perspective of Karl Marx’s “Ideologiekritik” (critique of ideology), “official” globalization exists only to mask it’s true intentions and prevent the birth of a fully fledged critique. Mass migration, global corporations de facto dictating laws inside the EU and Western pop-culture replacing European heritage are it’s true face.

This is also part of the “new world order”. But these events are not happening like a natural disaster. They’re actually part of a big plan – the globalists plan to abolish not only the nation state, but everything which constitutes a people in the meaning of German Volk. The final aim is a globalized “one world” without borders and the “homo oeconomicus”, stripped of all collective identities, as Liberalism’s new man.

The true face of globalization

Globalization is in fact nothing else than the global spreading of Liberalism and Capitalism, which only became possibly after the defeat of Communism as the last offer of an alternative modernity. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Pax Sovietica, Liberalism became the only postmodern political practice. In it’s striving for spreading Western democracy and capitalism around the globe, it began to eliminate distances in space and time.

The first consequence of this process are mass tourism and mass migration. Modern communication technologies create social networks which enable people all over the world to work together and join forces. In this network of global liberal practice, ideas of global citizenship and the idea of the world as a global village are born. And besides the United States, Europe is the main laboratory of this school of thought.

The European Republic of Ulrike Guerot – a testphase for the world state?

From it’s very beginning the European Union was a project of transatlantism. The EU was created in order to preserve the US global empire in Europe and occupy the Eurasian landmass during the Cold War. Nowadays we can witness a serious conflict between the US overlord and the European Union. Whereas Donald Trump strives for a return of the nation state’s “sacro egoismo” and wants to abandon global power protection in Europe, since the US vital interests are situated in the Pacific space, the globalists in Brussels stay loyal to the pledge of Globalist Liberalism. Since in their eyes the nation state has fulfilled it’s historical role to enlighten it’s citizens and create the basics necessary for a global civil society, the European Commission tries now to create a single super state out of it’s 27 member states.

One of their main ideologues is Ulrike Guerot, professor for political, dreams of an European Republic, where all citizens enjoy equal rights. Reacting to the crisis of the European Union caused by the emergence of populist movements, Guerot tries to make synthesis and proposes an European Republic, which is more close to the individual citizen, than the current state of the Union. Whereas she argues for a fiscal union and an economic equality to abolish chauvinism, the real reason for the rise populism in her eyes, she’s also a Jacobinist Liberalist in other regards. Guerot calls not only for an abolition of the nation states but also for a fight against the demon of rooted European identity. In order to fulfill the vision of the global village and let the streams of mass migration flow without resistance, she’s embracing a totalitarian vision of Liberalism with an human face. Therefore she also speaks of an European civil war going on between the globalist elite’s vision of an “Open Europe” (in the spirit of Karl Popper’s Open Society) and the demon of populism. Therefore this project isn’t a new European empire created to resist globalism and protect European civilization, but a test-phase for the world state.

Fake-populism – the populist mask of globalism

To finish the project of Open Europe, every resistance has to be eliminated according to the plans of the Globalists. Globalist lobbies use the idea of Gender Mainstreaming in order to destroy the classic family and a  concept of “civic religion” (Jaques Attali) so that globalist lobbies can destroy the last remnants of the traditional people which the nation state wasn’t able to destroy yet. This strange kind of fake-populism or globalist-populism is in Europe already at work. Emmanuel Marcon’s “La Rėpublique En marche!” in France and Sebastian Kurz’s “Neue Volkspartei”  can be interpreted as the possible examples of how the European elites manage to combine globalism and populism in order to preserve thepower and prevent fundamental changes in the name of the people.

Therefore an answer to this new form of globalism can only be a true populism, a populism which is not about the interests of the globalist elite, but about an empowerment of the people. This also includes the creation of an independent European civilization as a part of a multipolar world order to end globalism, unlike the EU which perpetuates it.

Alexander Markovics
Historian, expert in international politics and geopolitics (Austria)


July 2020
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