What should be done against the USA’s imposition of a unipolar World Order after 1990?

What should be done against the USA’s imposition of a unipolar World Order after 1990?

On the 26th and 27th of February, the Russian Federation hosted over 500 participants from more than 130 countries in Moscow to challenge Western hegemony in the Second Congress of the International Russophile Movement (MIR).

UWI documents in the following days some speeches delivered in the congress. Today we publish the presentation of Ihsan Sefa. Sefa is a retired colonel of the Turkish Armed Forces and a member of the Central Committee of the Vatan Party (Türkiye).

What should be done against the USA’s imposition of a unipolar World Order after 1990?

By Ihsan Sefa, retired colonel, Member of Central Committee of Vatan Party (Türkiye)

As it is known, the purpose of establishing NATO was to create a common defense pact against the Soviet Union, which European countries viewed as an aggressor after World War II. The 1949-1990 period, called the Cold War period, prevented major wars from breaking out in the world with the mutual balance of power between the two major blocs.

By 1990, the Soviet Bloc and the Berlin Wall had collapsed. Naturally, NATO, which was established against the Soviet bloc, should have ceased to function. But it didn’t happen that way. The United States has assigned a new mission to NATO for it to survive. In short, this was the task of combating international disputes and terrorism. This mission was apparently quite innocent and humane. However, for the unipolar world order, the United States needed to keep NATO alive and even expand it.

In 1994, with the concept of going out of the area, strategies were developed within NATO for cooperation with non-NATO countries under the name of Partnerships for Peace. However, all of these were preliminary studies to make the relevant countries NATO members. In this context, the former Soviet Union member countries were helped and most of them became members of NATO.

In May 1990, United States President Bush, German Chancellor Kohl, British Prime Minister Thatcher, and French President Mitterrand promised Gorbachev that NATO would not expand further eastward than its current borders. 4 years later, with the concept of going out of this forgotten area, NATO started to expand towards the East and gained 16 new members, reaching 32 members today.

After the Cold War, all NATO concepts were determined in the United States National Security Council and accepted by NATO.

The United States manages NATO for its own interests. It not only governs, but also makes member states arms markets.

Having no strong military alliance left after the Cold War, the United States has established a unipolar world order through NATO and is trying to maintain this.

There are two great powers against the United States. These are Russia as a military power and China as an economic power. The United States, which cannot fight both powers directly, is trying to wear down the Russian Federation, which is a military power, with proxy wars over Ukraine. It is obvious that he was not successful in this. On the other hand, it aimed to corner the Russian Federation in the Baltic region by making Finland and Sweden members of NATO. In order to have free passage from the Turkish Straits to the Black Sea, it may attempt to change Montreux by using the signatory states. In summary, it will try every way to eliminate the Russian Federation, the largest military power against the United States.

Even though Türkiye is a member of NATO, it is the target of American imperialism with its military and geopolitical power. The United States, which wants to control the Middle East oil and energy corridors through Türkiye:

It is trying to divide Türkiye by providing great support to the separatist terrorist organization PKK. They are dreaming of the Treaty of Sevres, which Mustafa Kemal and his friends tore up and threw away in 1920, with the support of our friend Soviet Russia. It is also trying to create a second Israel in northern Syria.

The United States overthrew the governments that it could not control in Türkiye through military coups. The last example of this was tried on July 15, 2016.

A secret organization serving the interests of the United States has been established within NATO member countries. This organization, which we define as Gladio, intervened in its domestic politics by illegal methods and directed its foreign policy in line with the interests of the United States. He massacred scientists and journalists who opposed this.

It targets Türkiye and Russia with the weapons it has placed in Greece, which ignores Türkiye’s rights and interests in the Aegean islands, Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean. Today, it is known that they are using Ukraine against Russia in the Black Sea and Greece against Türkiye in the Aegean Sea.

The United States of America and NATO under its control have tried to prevent Türkiye-Russia rapprochement and friendship at every opportunity. I cannot help but give these two examples on this subject. In 2015, when the Russian MIG 24 aircraft, operating on the Syrian border in the south of Türkiye, violated the Turkish border several times for 8–10 seconds due to map incompatibility, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg provoked it by saying “Türkiye’s border is a NATO border and cannot be violated” and unfortunately, that tragic incident took place. It is also known that the assassination of Ambassador Karlov in Ankara was carried out by a CIA-linked terrorist organization in Türkiye. In these events, Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin saw behind the scenes, acted calmly, and ensured the continuation of relations between the two countries.

Likewise, the Islamic Republic of Iran is also the target of American imperialism. In particular, it is trying every way to control the Strait of Hormuz, where 60% of China’s oil needs are met.

The world domination that the United States wants to maintain by using NATO can be countered with a strong military alliance like NATO. It is imperative for world peace that Russia, Türkiye and Iran, which have the potential to form this alliance, take action as soon as possible. Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq and Syria should be included in this alliance and then expanded towards the East.

Now, the following question can rightly be asked. Can Türkiye take part in such an alliance while being a member of NATO? According to public opinion polls, more than 80% of the Turkish composition is in favor of Türkiye leaving NATO. Under the leadership of Dr. Doğu Perinçek, the Vatan Party has been advocating leaving NATO for years. It seems to our people that neither the United States nor NATO is friendly to Türkiye. Turkish people are ready for the alliance to be formed in Asia.

As a result, Russia-Türkiye and Iran should not waste time to further develop the Astana process and create a strong military alliance in West Asia and then expand to the East.

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