World War III and Europe

World War III and Europe

On the 26th and 27th of February, the Russian Federation hosted over 500 participants from more than 130 countries in Moscow to challenge Western hegemony in the Second Congress of the International Russophile Movement (MIR).

UWI documents in the following days some speeches delivered in the congress. Today we publish the speech of Bobana Andjelkovic, independent researcher from Serbia.

Good day, good evening, friends. I will continue in English. I would say several things about the state of Paris in our Europe. Paul mentioned German philosopher, Oskar Spengler, who wrote a book more than 100 years ago. The title of the book is The Decline of the West. And that book precisely described or analyzed how European culture will become civilization, and then it will fall apart. And I think that this is now. European civilization is now falling apart as a declining state of affairs in Europe.

The second part, second point, more precisely, is connected to World War III, which you’ve mentioned many times. I think that World War III started with the destruction and demolition of the Berlin Wall, but it didn’t start with weapons.

It started with urban warfare, and it continued with small wars, local wars of various kinds, including non-armed aggressions, which are called colonial revolutions or alleged descriptions. So comparing to the First and the Second World War, Third World War is much longer, or First and Second World War might look like special operations.

In the third point, we connected to UK and USA as the main colonizers or neo-colonizers of the last phases of destruction of European civilization started by synchronizing Brexit and the election, or better said, the election, of Donald Trump as President. A lot of people see him as less evil than others in the United States establishment, but in reality, but he’s just another wing of the classical military industrial complex.

And Biden, or maybe better say Obama, who is now on the third stir, is from the high-grade complex, which can be called military-informational-pharmaceutical-media-security force. The killing of General Soleimani and not withdrawing troops from Syria made Donald Trump no better than others in the United States.

The fourth point which I will make is connected to language. Regarding the multipolar world, it should get rid of foreign office terms for the world. For example, the term Middle East is a very wrong name for Western Asia. It was invented before an office in 1896, and since then it has been used to describe Western Asia.

And the fifth and last point is connected to the end of the World War III and the revival of Europe over the other parts of the world which are oppressed. It will not be finished until Ukraine is denazified, Kosovo is returned to Serbia and Serbs in the Republika Srpska are not being oppressed by a colonial government from the European Union, which is just a political game of names.

Thank you.

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