Principles for unity of different political systems against the collective West

Principles for unity of different political systems against the collective West

On 5 April 2024, in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation, a round table was held in connection with the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Immanuel Kant. Its title: “On the importance of the principles of peaceful coexistence of states with different political systems to ensure genuine peace and sustainable security in the 21st century. Immanuel Kant’s legacy”. The conference was held at the Baltic Federal University as part of the expansion and intensification of the work of the “Friends of Russia Club” with the support of the United Russia Party (Russia). Politicians and public figures from Azerbaijan, Cambodia, India, Latvia, Lebanon, Moldova, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Türkiye and the USA took part in the event in person and online.

As United World International, we share some of the speeches made at this event with our readers. The third speech we are presenting is by the Representative of the Vatan Party (Turkey) in Russia and author of United World International Mehmet Perinçek.

We are here today to talk about ensuring genuine peace and lasting security. Peace and security can be achieved only by neutralizing or eliminating the elements that destroy them. It is therefore necessary to prevent the aggression of the collective West and Israeli aggression as part of it. In other words, in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to make the US strategy unrealizable.

What is the US strategy? The US wants to control Central Asia’s energy resources and energy routes. The main obstacles in Washington’s way are countries such as China, Russia, Türkiye and Iran, which have deep state traditions, powerful armies and large economies. Therefore, the US needs to encircle, strangle and deprive these countries of statehood.

The aggression of the US and the collective West derives from this strategy.

Any sovereign state that stands in the way of their plans must be destroyed. Of course, there are different systems, different cultures, different traditions that underpin the sovereignty of these states. Biden’s strategy is hostile to all of these.

In this case, the fate of different political systems becomes common in the face of the US threat. Different systems do not divide these countries, which make up almost the majority of the world. American strategy unites these countries belonging to different political systems.

Today, the ideological confrontation created by the Cold War is no longer valid. Neither at the national nor at the international level. The main confrontation in the world and within countries is between those who defend national sovereignty and those who want to eliminate it.

There is no longer a polarization between left and right. In Europe, a so-called left-wing government can support militarization in the most brutal way and pursue the most aggressive policies. In one country, a conservative government can serve US aggression, while in another, a different one can defend its own sovereignty and thus the sovereignty of all countries.

Regardless of ideology, those who defend national sovereignty have gathered in one camp and those who want to destroy it are in the opposite camp.

So how can those who defend national sovereignty ensure true peace and lasting security?

Through the creation of a force that counterbalances the aggressive force. That is the first thing. But the most important thing is to act on the basis of a common strategy.

What is a common strategy? A common strategy is joint resistance to the attacks of the collective West on all fronts. Therefore, the Cyprus issue, the Syrian issue, the Ukrainian issue, the Taiwan issue, the Palestinian issue – this is the concern not only of one country, but of all of us.

For example, when Türkiye opposes Washington’s project of a so-called great Kurdistan, it is not only defending its own interests. Therefore, the Turkish army’s fight against the US-backed PKK terrorism is not only a matter for the Turkish people. Türkiye’s disruption of the West’s plans will strengthen the position of Eurasian countries on other fronts.

The Russian army in the Special Military Operation is not only fighting for its own people. If Russia wins, Türkiye wins, China wins, Palestine wins. True peace will prevail.

Likewise, the Palestinian people should not stand alone in the face of Israeli aggression. A victory for Palestine is a victory for Türkiye, Russia, India and Pakistan…

In the Taiwan issue, China is also fighting on the front line of humanity for all of us.

We cannot remain indifferent to the problems of other countries. If Türkiye supports Russia on the Ukrainian front, it does not mean that it will do Russia a favor, but to protect its own interests. Russia will not do Türkiye a favor if it cleans Syria of PKK together with the Turkish army, and it will be in favor of Russia’s security interests.

This is the key concept of genuine peace and lasting security in the 21st century.

We must act with a common strategy to defeat the Atlantic’s agenda on all fronts. This is the strategy of communists in China, Turkish and Russian patriots and Shiites in Iran and Sunnis in Palestine, etc.

It is not the difference of political systems, but the commonality of destinies, that plays the decisive role here.

The forum organized by the United Russia party in Moscow in February this year is an important example of this.

It brought together political parties with different ideological orientations against neocolonialism. There were communist or nationalist parties, Islamist parties, more liberal elements, etc. This line should be continued, and the different political forces should be united.

Of course, this common strategy can only be realized on the basis of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and equal relations. And the following basic principles will make this strategy more solid:

One: Unification of all national forces against imperialism and its accomplices.

Two: Unification of the countries of the region to oppose interference in the affairs of the region and its development.

Three: Uniting the countries of Eurasia against those who want to divide the world.

Four: Strike a major blow against the aggression of Biden and his accomplices.

Five: Full use of the positions of political forces in the US and Europe that are not happy about warmongering.

Six: Solving problems between the countries and peoples of Eurasia by peaceful means.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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