Declaration of the national state: “Let’s Unite for the Strong State and the Producing Nation”

Declaration of the national state: “Let’s Unite for the Strong State and the Producing Nation”

The Central Committee of the Vatan (Patriotic) Party convened in April 2024 under the chairmanship of Chairman Dr. Doğu Perinçek and decided on the “Declaration of the National State” and “We are the Pioneer of the National State”.

UWI documents below the Vatan Party’s analysis of the current national and regional situation and its strategic positioning.

  1. Situation: State Weakness and Destructive Opposition Economic and Political Depression
  2. Crucial Task: Strong State, Strong Army, Organized People
  3. Priority Target: National Government of Producers
  4. Strategic Target: Production Revolution
  5. Main Force: Fireproof Turkish Nation
  6. Pioneer: Tested Vatan (Patriotic) Party
  7. Urgent Program
  8. Call to Our Nation and Pioneers

1. Situation: State Weakness and destructive opposition, economic and political depression

In the last local elections, due to the weakness of our state, the PKK was pulled out of the ditches and placed in local power positions in our Southeastern region. Thus, the ground was created for the “autonomy for Kurdistan” plans of the USA and Israel. Emboldened by the results of the local elections, the PKK has attempted to burn and destroy in our Southeastern provinces and is calling for an uprising. The Turkish Armed Forces, which are on a mission to eliminate terrorism on our southern borders, are facing threats of being besieged from within as well as being besieged from outside. The power of the US in the Turkish Army and Police has been purged in the process following the 15-16 July 2016 coup d’état. NATO generals are currently imprisoned in Turkish prisons. However, the US bases on the Aegean coast of Greece and the US and Israeli navies in the Eastern Mediterranean are emerging as external threats that can be combined with internal threats at any time.

The US and Israeli laid ground for the project of a Second Israel labelled ‘Kurdistan’. Turkish provinces whose local government was left over to the PKK’s legally registered political party

The state is in weakness. The majorities of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Electoral Council are under the control of the USA. Party of the PKK is not being shut down and moreover, it is being fed with over 1 billion liras of treasury aid. The indecisiveness of the state in terminating the PKK is also causing the voters in the Southeast to be indecisive.

US military bases surrounding Türkiye

The AK Party government has lost its authority because they have adopted a compatible line with the US, and they lack the ability to mobilize the majority of the nation to solve problems ahead.

The US-led opposition, at the center of which is the CHP leadership, in alliance with the PKK and FETO, has destructive intentions that could lead to orange uprisings.

The “Program of Integration with the World Economy”, implemented since 1980 has dealt a heavy blow to the productive capacity of the Turkish economy. The state and the private sector have sunk into a debt of 500 billion dollars.

After the local elections, a political crisis has been added to the economic crisis. The crisis is the crisis of the system and there is no solution within the system. The 64 clause non-Turkish constitutional agreement brought to the agenda by the Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly is a US imposition and reflects the deadlock of the system.

Under these conditions, the possibility of the spreading of wars in the north and south of our country aggravates the threat we face. The military bases established by the US off the coast of Greece are targeting Türkiye. The US, Israeli and Greek navies are performing military maneuvers in the Eastern Mediterranean against our country.

2. Crucial task: Strong State, strong army, organized people

The essence of the Atlantic System imposed by the USA is to liquidate our National State.

Today, the struggle is at the National State front.

We are determined: We will save our National State from weaknesses.

We will rebuild the fundamental institutions of the State on the values of our War of Independence!

We will establish a Strong State and a Strong Government!

We will strengthen the Turkish Army to the extent that it will defeat the “challenges of the millennium”!

We will strengthen the ties between the National State and the National Army with the people.

We will organize the people. The task of leading popular movements that strengthen the National State and defend the economy and freedoms of the laboring people and the whole nation is before us.

We trust in our nation and the forces of our National State!

The deed of the Turkish nation’s state heritage is thousands of years old.

The National State has an owner like the Turkish Nation.

The National State has an armed force like the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish Police.

The vanguard of the National State is Vatan (Patriotic) Party.

3. Priority target: National Government of the producers

In order to overcome the challenges ahead of us and to establish a Producing Türkiye, the primary goal is the National Government of Producers.

We will bring together all national classes from our working class, farmers, artisans and tradesmen to national industrialists and merchants with the goal of coming to power.

We have a historical culture of brotherhood that unites our nation!

We are the Turks. We are also Kurdish. We are also Sunni. We are also Alevi. We are all Turkish Nation.

We are equal and brothers!

4. Strategic target: Production Revolution

For the Production Revolution, we are uniting in the Plan, Savings, Investment, Employment, Production and Fair Distribution programme.

The producer is a jewel in the crown!

We will succeed the Production Revolution!

We will take our place in the leading position of the rising Asian Civilisation!

All the pioneers of our nation, all our producers, all our nation

We call on you to unite for the Production Revolution at the National State position.

Let the doors open, we are going to the Production Revolution, to independence, freedom and fraternity.

5. Main Force: Fireproof Turkish Nation

The upcoming process is challenging.

However, we have a nation capable of withstanding fire in this difficult process.

We challenge the Atlantic powers!

They share the cowardice of the USA and Israel and will share their defeat.

Thousands of years of Turkish state accumulation is against them!

Against them, there is the accumulation of civilization and humanity of Western Asia.

We have our neighbors and Asian friends!

Our strength comes from history and is great!

Open the doors, we are going to the Production Revolution, independence, freedom and fraternity.

6. Pioneer: The already tested Vatan (Patriotic) Party

Türkiye has heroic and self-sacrificing pioneers!

There is Turkish Revolutionism, which has passed through difficult tests and achieved revolutions in the war against imperialism for two centuries. There is Turkish Nationalism. And there is the accumulation of Pioneer Parties coming from the Young Ottomans, the Union and Progress Party, Atatürk and the Labor parties. Vatan Party was founded on the basis of this historical heritage and is struggling!

Vatan (Patriotic) Party has passed through seven fires and is ready to pass through 77 fires.

We call on the pioneers of Türkiye, who today are in various parties, to organise in the Vatan (Patriotic) Party and to accomplish the historical tasks all together.

7. Urgent program

We present the program, for the approval of our nation, which must be implemented urgently:

  1. The DEM Party must be closed immediately. The parties to be established in its place must also be closed immediately. Legal opportunities cannot be given to the PKK terrorist organization. The 1 billion 140 million TL given to the PKK Party from the Treasury in the last two years must be taken back because it was used for criminal purposes.
  2. A special mobilization must be carried out among our Kurdish people for the unity, integrity and brotherhood of Türkiye, and the Ranger Organization must be strengthened.
  3. A determined struggle must be waged for the unity of the peoples of the region and the unity of the Turkish nation against the plans of US imperialism and Israeli Zionism for Sunni-Shiite polarization in our region and Sunni-Alevi polarization at home.
  4. A decisive policy of solidarity with the states and peoples fighting against US imperialism and Israeli Zionism, especially Syria, Russia, Iran, Palestine and Yemen, must be implemented. Türkiye should immediately start the necessary initiatives for military cooperation with its neighbors Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia in order to eliminate the PKK Terrorist Organization, which is under the guidance of the USA and Israel, and pseudo-Islamist terrorist organizations, such as DAESH from the north of Syria and Iraq.
  5. Cooperation should be established with Syria in all fields, including the military field, and conditions should be created for the safe return of Syrian guests to their countries.
  6. A development plan should be prepared and implemented to increase the savings rate from 30 percent to 40 percent with the Plan, Savings, Investment, Production, Employment and Fair Distribution program for the Production Revolution. State resources should be allocated to public investment and private investment should be encouraged.
  7. The 500 billion dollars belonging to Turkish citizens deposited in foreign banks must be brought to Türkiye and converted into investment capital as soon as possible, without giving an opportunity to the sanctions of the Western imperialists. Thus, jobs and decent living conditions must be provided for millions of our people.
  8. Additional resources should be created for public investments by levying effective corporate tax on the extraordinary interest income and profits of banks, especially foreign banks.
  9. For the same purpose, 4670 tons of gold with a value of 300 Billion Dollars kept in bank vaults should be converted into investment capital by their owners. Gold kept by citizens as savings or ornaments will be excluded from these measures.
  10. Necessary incentives should be given to Turkish workers and businessmen to convert their savings of 300 billion Euros in Europe and America into investments in Türkiye.
  11. Decisive austerity measures should be implemented in the state organs with measures to be taken for current expenditures. State administrators and high-level officials should live simply and work with a culture of public service.
  12. The bank debts of our farmers, tradesmen and industrialists should be reviewed and restructured if necessary, and our producers should be encouraged to invest.
  13. By implementing an import substitution program, support should be given to the production of product groups that are produced and can be produced in Türkiye.
  14. The tax system should be reorganized and direct taxes should be emphasized. Thus, both income distribution should be regulated and resources should be created for production.
  15. Central Bank interest rates should be lowered to support industry, agriculture and trade. Necessary measures should be taken to utilize bank credits for production purposes.
  16. The Treasury should use its advance account with the Central Bank to make its expenditures without being burdened with interest.
  17. Eximbank and public bank credits should be regulated and especially low-interest credits should be utilized for production purposes.
  18. Investments in monopoly sectors such as energy and telecommunications should be nationalized and price, consumption and supply mechanisms that fuel inflation should be brought under control. Energy production, transmission and distribution should be nationalized and cheap energy should be provided to producers.
  19. Our relations with Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Algeria, which constitute Türkiye’s energy security, should be developed on the basis of mutual trust.
  20. Measures should be developed to control “vendor inflation” which exacerbates inflation today. Public companies should be created to regulate supply, demand and prices.
  21. “The Turkish Lira in Türkiye” policy should be implemented immediately and the reign of the dollar, which destabilizes the markets, should be put an end to. Trade opportunities with national currencies should be utilized in international trade.
  22. Türkiye should withdraw from NATO. The Turkish Armed Forces should take the US bases at Incirlik and Kürecik under control. US personnel should be sent home as soon as possible.
  23. Decisive policies should be implemented for the harmonious development of the Turkish states with all Asian countries in the unification of Asia and in the historical civilizational breakthrough. Türkiye should fulfil the necessary conditions to become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS.
  24. Starting from the recognition of the TRNC and Abkhazia by each other, a mobilization should be started for the recognition of the TRNC by friendly Asian countries and the security of Türkiye and the TRNC in the Eastern Mediterranean should be ensured.
  25. Türkiye should be turned into a production base through economic and security co-operation with the People’s Republic of China.
  26. A national revolutionary cultural mobilization must be initiated to raise patriotism, self-devotion, communitarianism, hard work, solidarity and sacrifice against the imperialist culture that imposes self-interest, selfishness and individualism on our society and drags our people to degeneration, drugs, violence, loneliness, predation, unhappiness and suicide.
  27. A cultural and economic climate that will put an end to all forms of oppression and violence against women must be created. Decisive practices must be adopted for the equality of women and men. LGBT propaganda and organization, which alienate women and men from their own sex, make children vulnerable to abuse, detach young people from our national values and break up the family, must be banned. The family must be protected.

8. Call to our Nation and the pioneers

We, who have signed below, are the National Revolutionary and Labor Pioneers of Türkiye,

Calling on the Turkish nation to unite with the goal of a strong state and a producing nation.

Calling on the pioneers of Türkiye from various political backgrounds to organize themselves in the Vatan (Patriotic) Party.

Together we will achieve the task of the National Government of the Producers.

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