Jeffrey Epstein & Ruling Class Co-Conspirators: Crimes That Go Unpunished

Jeffrey Epstein & Ruling Class Co-Conspirators: Crimes That Go Unpunished

From Conspiracy Theory To Reality

It’s almost as if one of Alex Jones’ rants about satanic child molesting cults within ruling class social circles has become our reality.

Shock was the first emotion for many after hearing the news that finance capitalist Jeffrey Epstein’s covert child sex trafficking operation, although having evaded detection from the authorities for so many years, had been thrust into the spotlight of public scrutiny. Considering how much ground Epstein’s five estates covered in New York, New Mexico, Palm Beach, Paris, and, of course, on his private not-so-Virgin Island, it would be foolish to think he didn’t have conspirators in the government, the police, and capitalist socialite circles.

Widespread suspicion that Epstein had collaborators in high places was only worsened by inconsistencies and eye-brow-raising coincidences throughout the official narrative of his death. The New York City Medical Examiner judged it as suicide by hanging and has since reaffirmed her confidence in that assessment.

Wikimedia Commons/Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department

But Celebrity Forensic Pathologist Dr. Michael Baden issued a second opinion. He stands firm by his own conclusion after seeing the autopsy – that the bone fractures in Epstein’s neck suggest “homicidal strangulation” rather than suicide.

Perhaps Baden’s assessment could’ve been simply dismissed as a difference of professional opinion if it didn’t exist alongside so many other coincidences – one of which would’ve been unlikely enough to raise suspicion.

For one, the two guards who were instructed to check up on Epstein every 30 minutes both failed to do so. They had apparently fallen asleep on the job at the same time, which Baden called “extremely unlikely” and something he’d “never seen…in [his] 50 years of investigating all deaths that occur in prisons in New York State.”

As the guards were “sleeping,” the security cameras monitoring the area outside Epstein’s cell happened to malfunction, the footage from which the FBI has labeled “unusable.”

            To make the situation more suspect, Epstein wasn’t even on suicide watch at the time of his death. His lawyers claim he was in good spirits and awaiting a decision on the possibility for release on bail.

If the abundance of irregularities surrounding Epstein’s death seem to suggest homicide rather than suicide, the next question must be: who might have the incentive, determination, and resources to assassinate such an notorious man confined within a U.S. federal prison?


Frenemies In High Places

Some believe it could’ve been an inmate who killed the infamous sex offender, acting on his own motives for recognition or to administer extrajudicial punishment. However, there are very few connections to be made that could make that theory probable.

The more mainstream assessment suggests Epstein was killed on the orders of some very influential former friends, to assure he didn’t expose them to the authorities. Considering the fact that “the day before his [Epstein’s] death, thousands of documents…potentially linking co-conspirators…were revealed” according to the Huffington Post, premeditated homicide seems  more likely. Especially because it’s no secret Epstein enjoyed the company of some veryimportant people.

One of which was Bill Clinton, who denies any serious connection to Epstein and whose office acknowledged only one instance of being onboard the private jet now nicknamed “Lolita Express.” But the flight logbooks published by Gawker in 2015 show over a dozen such flights, some with a porn actress listed under “massages” and others with individuals known to have helped Epstein pimp out young girls. Given the fact that Clinton has already proven he has no problem telling straight faced lies to the public if he thinks nobody will catch him, this revelation is especially noteworthy.

Another of Epstein’s rich and powerful friends was Prince Andrew of the British royal family. He outright denies being close with Epstein and claims, “there was no indication to me or anybody else that that’s what he was doing,” in reference to sex trafficking. And yet, in a recent interview with the BBC he admitted to taking rides on the “Lolita Express,” visiting Epstein at his home in Palm Beach, and showing up to rendezvous in London.

Prince Andrew also visited Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion after the sex offender’s release from prison in 2010. His intent was apparently to tell Epstein that he no longer wished to associate with him – a decision the prince now looks back on as a mistake and the consequence of his “tendency to be too honorable.” Although, it’s difficult to imagine how Andrew needed an extended weekend that coincided with CCTV footage of young women going in and out of the mansion to make his point.

He’s already facing accusations of sexual misconduct from a number of women, the most vocal of which is Virginia Roberts. She claims Prince Andrew raped her at a London nightclub in 2001; the ordeal was apparently “disgusting…it didn’t last very long” and the prince was full of sweat.

Andrew’s alibi? He suffered an adrenaline overdose in Falklands War that prevents him from sweating, which, if true, would mean Roberts had not been with the prince. However, dermatologists interviewed by The National Postexplained that such a condition is extremely rare and would only result from serious damage to the central nervous system. Not to mention he had no explanation for the leaked photo of him with his arm around Roberts.

It’s far more likely what Roberts’ attorneys was true: “You could not spend time around Epstein and not know what was going on.”

No Justice For Plebeians

Between the glaring inconsistencies surrounding the official narrative of Epstein’s death, Prince Andrew’s sloppy excuses, and Bill Clinton’s history of lying, it’s almost as if the ruling class knows it doesn’t need to put in much effort to cover up its misdeeds.

The FBI investigation has thus far been seemingly unproductive and secretive, as it has yet to reach out to Baden on his autopsy findings or release the results from DNA tests concerning Epstein’s apparent suicide.

            None of this should come as any surprise though – the capitalist system concentrates wealth in the hands of a few powerful people to such a degree, that its beneficiaries often become de factomore powerful than the government that enforces the laws.

We may never know the details surrounding Epstein’s death, but one aspect of Epstein’s sex trafficking operation and the circumstances surrounding his death remains clear: If a group of people have enough money and power to evade consequences for the most heinous of crimes, they will most likely try their best to do so.

Donald Courter
Journalist, Political Reporter, Expert in Foreign Relations (USA)

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