“The rising new civilization and its political program”

“The rising new civilization and its political program”

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has invited to a “World Symposium for Marxist Political Parties” on May 27th, 2021. 58 different political parties from 48 countries, ranging from Chile to Egypt, Turkey to Nepal participated in the symposium, attended by 70 representatives.

The closing speech of the Symposium was held by Dr. Doğu Perinçek, Chairman of the Turkish Vatan Party. Perinçek draw a balance of global politics, highlighting the end of US imperialism, the rise of the new Asian civilization and the current process of national democratic revolutions and opening to socialism, where Scientific Socialism plays the key role.

United World International documents below the full text of the speech. Subheadlines were set by UWI.

Speech for the closing session of the World Symposium of Marxist Political Parties

Dear comrades,

I salute the World Symposium for Marxist Political Parties.

Our world is on the edge of great revolutionary leaps.

In the past 2 centuries, all main revolutionary actions of humanity have occurred under the banner of Scientific Socialism. Life has demonstrated that the theory of the Great Founders is not a mountain of dogmas inherited from the 19th century. The only revolutionary stance today is to advance further Scientific Socialism as a theory of the 21st Century within the practice of the 21st Century.

Marx and Engels were representatives of the “initial era of Marxism”, in times of Imperialism, Scientific Socialism moved to the Opressed World

When we take a look back, we clearly see that Marx and Engels were important founders, important pioneers, but they are at the same time representatives of the initial phase of Marxism. During their time, the epicenter of world revolution was in Europe and North America.  Scientific Socialism has embraced the whole humanity, in other words, became earthly in the 20th Century. In the Era of Imperialism, Scientific Socialism has moved to the Oppressed World. Great revolutionary leaders of the oppressed nations such as Lenin, Atatürk and Mao Zedung have led National Democratic Revolutions and advanced towards attempts of establishing socialism. Their practice and experience has determined our contemporary era.

Scientific Socialism has proven with the practice of revolutions that it’s the summit of science. By using the expression ‘summit of science’, we emphasize the connection between Marxism and humanity’s general scientific heritage and experience. Due to that connection, Marx and Engels had called their revolutionary theory ‘Scientific Socialism’. Thanks to this denomination, Marxism is not limited to a certain stage in its history, it embraces Lenin’s and Mao’s contributions, it opens up to future progresses in theory and practice and becomes a theoretical guide enlightening the practice ahead.

Dear Comrades,

We are now in the year of 2021, and we have a proven theory at disposal. But it is upon us, whether and how Scientific Socialism will guide in the revolutionary practices lying ahead. In other words, we cannot expect from Marx, Engels, Lenin or Mao to develop their theory further. It is up to us to advance the theory of Scientific Socialism in our contemporary revolutionary practices.

“Coronavirus has demonsrated how capitalism kills humanism”

The Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated how Capitalism kills Humanism. The system of private property and individual profit leads to heavier exploitation and oppression, destroys nature, eliminates humanity in mankind. In short, it is incapable to solve any of humanity’s problems. Today, the mankind faces problems it can only solve by collective property, love to society and great global projects. The banner of Humanism will rise again, but this time, those vanguard parties that follow Scientific Socialism will carry it.

The US hegemony was established at the end of World War II, and today, it has reached its end. The US’ Dollar Empire is crushing down, and Washington’s armed forces are not strong enough to sustain its claims of global hegemony. Great world powers have emerged that balance the US. The world economy’s locomotive is now Asia. The imperialist-capitalist Atlantic System is crushing down.

Those who were poor and oppressed 70 years ago today constitute the Advancing World and lead the road to fulfill humanity’s desires.

The era of National Democratic Revolutions and opening to Socialism with the Chinese example

Our era is the era of National Democratic Revolutions and Opening to Socialism with the Chinese example. The Asian continent has once again taken the humanity’s leadership in this era. Africa and Latin America are Asia’s wings.

The rising Asian civilization is and will be constructed by the governance of the people.

The rising new civilization is popular, is state-led, focuses on the humans, is humanist, is sharing, and values private initiative just in so far as it serves the society’s interest.

The rising new civilisation and its political program

The rising new civilization enacts a political program. It is the program to abolish hegemony, to eliminate global inequality, to establish development by sharing and construct a multipolar world. This program opens the path to a world where all kind of classes, oppression and alienation is eliminated. Humanity’s great desire!

In this process, those states that fight against hegemony are the most important forces of that push world history forward. This struggle is led by arms, political instruments and on the economic level. Working people’s struggle against exploitation is a secondary factory.

Scientific Socialism is, today as it was yesterday, the guide against oppression and exploitation. The key element in this struggle is, that the vanguard parties achieve power by mobilizing their own nations and working classes, thus getting in a position to determine the future.

We, as Vatan Party, state that Turkey, which is on the forefront of the fight against US imperialism, has entered the phase of a historic opportunity. And we promise to you all, dear comrades: In the coming years, we will contribute to humanity’s great cause as governing party from Turkey.

Turkey will pursue its historic duties as a vanguard among the countries of Rising Asian Civilization more effectively, more efficiently and with a more revolutionary practice in the coming years, when the National Government of the Producing Classes with participation of the Vatan Party is established.

Scientific Socialism is the banner of the nations’ struggle against imperialism and for independence, and it is the banner of the struggle of working classes against exploitation and for a human life.

Scientific Socialism is humanity’s only hope in the struggle against the ideologies of private profit and individualism and for the culture and values of sharing. 

I salute you all in respect and with deep feelings of solidarity.

United World International

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