2022: The year of destiny

2022: The year of destiny

United World International is starting a new article series, where international experts evaluate the year 2021 and present their predictions and expectations for the year 2022.

Today we present the views of Dr. Doğu Perinçek, Chairman of the Vatan Party (Turkey).

If you were the one to name the title, you would also hesitate, thinking if you should name it “the critical year”.

The Turkish word for critical, “kritik” would not be appreciated very much by the people who care about Turkish. The concept of destiny, on the other hand, brings the passiveness of the human being to mind. But there are certain processes that are indeed decisive. Depressing, painful processes… For example, we are facing dangers in a stormy sea. Our destiny is at stake and we are the ones struggling with the waves. So what we will become is in our hands. We are on the verge of such a process.

The year of destiny not only for Turkey but also for the world

The year 2022 is a year of destiny not only for Turkey but also for the world. After all, everything that is significant for Turkey is also significant for the world. We live in such a historical process.

The raging waves of storm are coming from beyond the Atlantic Ocean. The year 2022 is a particularly troublesome year for the USA. The master of the Atlantic system is losing its mastery. The reign of the dollar is being buried in history. We have seen those serving the USA in Afghanistan are falling under the wheels of planes. However, the real trouble is within the USA. The collapse of the global tribute system intensifies internal conflicts of the US. Solutions with weapons are current at the present situation. The USA is at the crossroads.

Which path will the imperialist capital of the USA take? Will they accept the collapse of the tribute system and turn inside, or will they head towards adventures across the world? This is the question also for the world, not only for the USA. One side of the monster with a single tooth looks towards Asia over the Pacific, and the other side looks towards Turkey and Russia over the Atlantic. It can also be stated in that way: Turkey, Russia and China are at the forefront of humanity today. The waves of the storm in the oceans hit the Asian shores of the Pacific on the one hand and the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea coasts on the other.

Military build-up of the U.S. in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

Dark clouds cover the fronts of Turkey and Russia. The USA is in dangerous ventures in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Putin’s Russia is not that of Gorbachev’s and Yeltsin’s. Turkey’s breaking off the chains of the Atlantic, and it is changing the comparative powers of the opposite fronts and balance of the world. Turkey and Russia created a model by foiling the US’ and Israel’s so-called “Kurdistan” attempt and cooperating in the liberation of Karabakh. Saying that the joint force of Turkey and Russia has spoiled the US plan would be very accurate.

The process continues. If the US imperialism gives in to this process then everything should be fine, otherwise the destruction and solutions that the storm will bring will determine the near future of humanity. Currently, US imperialism is staging a military build-up at the gates of Turkey and Russia.

Current threats to Turkey

Those who cannot see should continue to bury their heads in the sand, but the truth is clear: the USA is at the offense against Turkey.

Firstly, there are plots against the Turkish economy. The U.S. is trying to increase public discontent in order to overthrow Tayyip Erdogan’s administration.

Secondly, the USA’s insistence on early elections in Turkey constitutes the political pillar of the offensive plan. “Biden crew” consisting of CHP executives, Meral Akşener’s Gladio team, FETÖ, HDP/PKK, Saadet Party, Abdullah Gül, Ahmet Davutoğlu and Babacan, is working as pawns of this political plan against Turkey.

Thirdly, the U.S. itself provokes Greece to increase its territorial waters to 12 Mile in the Aegean Sea.

Fourthly, the attempt to employ ten thousand workers living in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus is a new development in the attempt to encircle Turkey from the Eastern Mediterranean. The election will take place in Northern Cyprus at the end of January. The U.S. takes a dangerous step towards conquering Northern Cyprus.

Fifthly, bells of war are ringing on the Ukraine-Russia border. Everyone should take Putin’s speeches seriously. I witnessed the same determination at the visit of Russian Ambassador Aleksei Yerhov to the Headquarters of the Vatan Party on 23 December 2021. Russia is determined to prevent the US attempt to expand NATO to the East with weapons if necessary. We can say that it is no joke. If the US makes wrong decisions in January and provokes Ukraine, the tension in the Black Sea will increase. Thereby, Turkey is also faced with the threats directed by the USA from the Black Sea.

One bows to fate or seals it

Our future is in our hands.

For Turkey, the period of keeping up appearances by inconsistent actions is over. How can it be rational to flirt with the USA and Ukraine in the Black Sea while fighting against the USA-backed terrorist organizations PKK and FETÖ? While the barrels of the USA and Israel are quartered against us in the Mediterranean, the hesitations that do not decide what to do in Syria can no longer continue. Barrels are directed to our homeland from the US bases in Alexandroupoli, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Filipovic, North of Crete, south of Cyprus and north of Syria and Iraq. The artillery of the US-Israeli and Greek navies in the Eastern Mediterranean are also against Turkey. In that situation, Turkey has only one option. In such historical situations, one bows to fate or seal the fate. While there are opportunities to make the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus recognized by Asian countries (Abkhazia, Russia, Kashmir, Pakistan), the process we live in does not forgive such hesitations. Untrustworthy attitudes that do not build a front, that do not give confidence to friends do not suit the legacy of Alparslan, nor the legacy of Fatih, most importantly, nor the road map of Atatürk.

The year for realism in politics, determination and courage in action

The responses to the threats and possible attempts of the USA against Turkey and Russia through the economy, early elections, Aegean, Cyprus and Ukraine are obvious. The Turkish government has to leave its hesitations aside and strengthen its positions on the Asian front. Hesitations are costly.

It is time for realism in politics, determination and courage in action.

The fronts are clear. The threat to Turkey arises from the axis of the USA and Israel on all fronts. At the current situation, flirting with the enemy and surrendering to NATO brings destruction. That destruction does not only overthrow Tayyip Erdogan from power but also means chaos for Turkey in the medium term.

Accurate politics for security aims to form the balance of forces that will deter the USA. In this process, our indispensable friends and neighbors are Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the great powers of Asia, China, Russia and the Turkic States. Turkey will respond to the threat of military build-up of the USA with its own power, but it is imperative to add the power of the region and Asia to the own side of Turkey. The balance of forces demands that.

The accurate policy in the economy is the Production Revolution Program – without wasting any time, immediately and with determination. Cooperation with China is an important opportunity in turning Turkey into an investment base. At the visit of the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Liu Shaobin to the Vatan Party Headquarters on December 24, 2021, we talked about what we would do together to overcome the difficulties and determined a solid route.

In action, we will be determined and courageous. Determination and courage will have a multiplier effect on our given power reserve.

Our destiny is in our hands in 2022

Taking all these into account, the formula, program and line of action of government for the year 2022 are clear.

Turkey will complete this process by forming National Government of the Producers, by deciding security policies that will neutralize the US-Israeli-oriented threats and by making the producer leading force.

In 2022, we take our destiny into our hands and send our enemies into their dark destinies.

The Turkish nation, mobilized by the State of the Republic of Turkey, is our invincible source of power to meet the difficulties.

The Vatan Party charts our course in the storms with the leading intelligence, the staff line, the sources of courage and the cadre who has passed through seven fires.

May our path be filled with light!

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