Behind the murder of former Prime Minister Abe

Behind the murder of former Prime Minister Abe

By Sakai Tanaka *

The main point of the case of the murder of Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister, on July 8 was that Abe was the mastermind and fixer who controls the Liberal Democrat Party LDP. Abe retired from the position of Prime Minister two years ago, Yoshihide Suga succeeded him and then Fumio Kishida, who is now the prime minister. At that time, he created a system in which Abe’s intentions have a great influence. Abe has continued to be subordinate to the United States since he was Prime Minister, while maintaining closeness with China and changing Japan in accordance to a “US-China” conflict. While Abe takes on hostile measures such as the US “Indo-Pacific” policy, he strives to cooperate without hostility to China in bilateral relations between Tokio and Beijing. This occurs while the world hegemony structure will change from the conventional US independent system to a multipolar order in the future. Even if it is converted to the polar type, Japan has been able to do it. Abe’s Japan did not follow the US view of China and was neutralized .

Abe also maintained relations with Russia and Putin, and after the start of the war in Ukraine, the Russian government imposed sanctions on Prime Minister Kishida and Foreign Minister Hayashi. But though Abe was behind Kishida and had the biggest power in Japan, he was not subject to sanctions. The intensification of the conflict between the US side and the non-US side created by the Ukrainian War will be dominated by the non-US side such as Russia, which holds resources in the long term. And the US side including its member Japan will be economically procured through resources. I’m stuck. The Kishida administration has been hostile to Russia and at the mercy of the United States so far, but in the future there will be an increasing tendency for non-US sides such as Russia to stop oil and gas delivery. Then, it will be necessary to reconcile with Russia in order to obtain resources. At that time, Abe was able to use his relationship with Putin to visit Russia and proceed with reconciliation with Moscow, which was expected to save Japan from the crisis of resource depletion. It is probable that the Russian government did not put Abe under the immigration ban for that reason.

Left-wing liberals and others have been hostile to Abe, but Abe was a necessary authority for Japan in the future. However, he was killed at the very moment when Russia and others began to intensify retaliation measures to stop the export of resources to Japan and while his turn was approaching. Even if Japan runs out of resources and is in need, there is no longer Abe who may have been able to save Japan from its predicament. Abe’s murder on July 8 is too exquisite for a coincidence. It is unlikely that it was due to the criminal’s personal grudge, as is being reported. A big and shocking political event like this one is not a product of coincidence or chance. It is highly probable that Abe’s murder was carried out in order to force Japan to continue to be hostile to China and Russia, because now, it could not improve its relations with China and Russia even if necessary. Now we live in a world where neutrality is no longer allowed.

With Abe’s death, the power in Japan moved to Kishida. Until now, Kishida was Abe’s puppet, but since Abe died, Kishida became able to do whatever he wanted. The possibility that Kishida will continue the US-China route that Abe created is not zero. However, the forces behind Abe’s murderer did not kill Abe in order to let Kishida repeat the former Primer Minister’s path. The forces that killed Abe will probably have killed Kishida’s status as Abe’s puppet, crushing Abe’s continued policy of both the US and China genus. They will turn the puppetized Kishida violently hostile to China and Russia.

Paralells between Abe’s and Kennedy’s assassinations

In 1964, the U.S. intelligence community (the military-industrial complex) killed President Kennedy, who had slammed them. That same community had promoted Kennedy from vice president to become the next president. And it made possible to take the plunge of what Kennedy tried to prevent, such as the rekindling of the Cold War and the intensification of the Vietnam War. That was the purpose of Kennedy’s murder (although the Vietnam War then became bogged down and entered the tide of hidden multipolarism that destructed US hegemony).

The killing of Abe at this time is similar to the killing of Kennedy. It is highly likely that the US intelligence community (military-industrial, neoconservative) was behind the murderer of Abe. They do not kill Abe in order to crush Japan’s U.S.-China affiliation line laid by Abe, and at the same time make Kishida puppet. Instead, they let Kishida take the opposite of Abe’s path to strengthen the new-China hostility.

From around the G7 summit at the end of June, about 10 days before Abe was killed, the Kishida administration received a request and pressure from the United States (the neo-con powers that dominate the Biden Administration). Following the request, Japan raised the upper limit on the price of oil exported by Russia. Now, Kishida has taken the lead in hostility against Russia, on the side of the United States, such as actively promoting the G7 sanctions against Moscow. If the export price of oil is restrained from the G7 as done by Japan, Russia should just sell the oil to China and India instead of the G7 countries and it will not be in trouble at all. It is the G7 and Japan, that will not be able to import oil and gas from Russia, facing a need that leads to self-destruction if not satisfied.

Hostility against Russia is a self-defeating measure for Japan

The Kishida administration’s strengthening of hostility against Russia is a self-defeating measure that invites retaliation from Moscow and puts the lives of the Japanese people and Kishida himself in poverty. Kishida is taking measures to induce Japan to self-destruct at the mercy of the US neoconservatives. The US neo-conservatives have forced Germany to look at themselves as an enemy, and they have done the same to Japan. Abe was on the sidelines until Japan’s self-destruction became apparent, and when this self-destruction became apparent, Abe was thinking of conserving Japan’s energy imports by engaging with Russia in the name of Kishida, bringing Japan and Russia into reconciliation. Isn’t it so? But that was made impossible by Abe’s murder.

Abe’s murder favored the Liberal Democratic Party, which received a sympathy vote in the upper house election on July 10, two days later. The Kishida administration wins the upper house election and strengthens its power, which is used to destroy the line of reconciliation between the United States and China and Russia, which Abe had laid down. With Abe’s death, the Liberal Democratic Party becomes dominant in the direction of moving away from Abe’s path. Not only did Abe lose his life, but his path and policy was destroyed. It’s a terrible story. The US intelligence world is cruel and cunning.

Kishida abandoned the path of Abe and strengthened the hostility toward Russia and China while being guided by the United States. But that only meant that Japan would be economically retaliated from Russia and fall in poverty. The neo-conservatives that dominate the U.S. intelligence and the Biden administration are actually hidden multipolarists.

Abe tried to preserve the national power by relating Japan both to the United States and China. Abe was killed by the neoconservatives this time and Kishida seized the power of Japan instead, became a puppet of the neoconservatives and rapidly will lead Japan to self-destruction.

The murderer stayed on the scene – what that fact tells us

The fact that the murderer who killed Abe remained at the scene without escaping also reminds us that there is a huge force behind him. This again shows that we are not wittnessin a single crime by a grudge. If you are a single offender by a grudge, it is natural to try to escape after the crime. The criminal was arrested without escaping, and the motive for the crime was stated to the police, which led to the touted story that Abe’s murder was caused by anger at the Unification Church. The story of the Unification Church may be true as the perpetrator’s feelings, but it deviates from the essence of the whole case. The US intelligence behind him may have led the perpetrators to stay on the scene and be arrested after the crime. Abe is dead. Kishida’s views of the dew with China will eventually collapse. After that, Japan will be weakenedn and it will not be able to continue economically hostility against Russia and China. The United States is also weakened due to financial collapse and domestic turmoil, so eventually, Japan will seek a way to engage both the US and China again. It is not yet clear who will lead this engagement. Kishida himself may realize that strengthening the perception of Russia as the enemy is a self-defeating measure and try to change direction. There is almost no possibility that opposition parties such as left-wing liberals and the media will notice the essence of the situation, so there is no change from that. Since the media authority remains unconventional, the situation changes, while the Japanese are kept uninformed.

* Japanese journalist

This article first appeared on Sakai Tanaka’s website on Japanese. Subtitles were set by UWI.

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