Russia’s evaluation of Greece as “unfriendly country” and Türkiye’s stance

Russia’s evaluation of Greece as “unfriendly country” and Türkiye’s stance

Russia included Greece in the list of unfriendly countries on 23 July. Russian Ambassador to Greece, Andrei Maslov said: “The entire rich body of bilateral relations accumulated over decades has been nullified in a matter of days.”

Historian and political scientist Mehmet Perinçek made evaluations on the issue for United World International. Perinçek expressed his opinion about the attitude Türkiye should take after Russia’s decision on Greece.

Perinçek stated the following:

The fact that Greece is filled with NATO and US bases caused serious unease in Moscow. Türkiye needs to assess this very well. Russia’s actions against Greece provide an opportunity for Türkiye to change the balance in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean. Türkiye needs to address these problems on the basis of its own interests. Türkiye is currently facing great powers at the Eastern Mediterranean front (the US, France, Greece and Southern Cyprus). These countries have made significant build-ups in the region. Türkiye, on the other hand, appears to be alone. However, on the opposite side, Türkiye has great potential for alliances.

Serious disputes have emerged between Russia and Greece over both the Cyprus issue and the Aegean. If Türkiye brings its Mediterranean and Black Sea policies in line with each other, the US plans on all fronts will be disrupted. If Türkiye stands against US plans not only in the Eastern Mediterranean and Syria, but also in the Black Sea and Ukraine, then Türkiye will gain Russia’s support in the Eastern Mediterranean. Furthermore, the dissolution of the relationship between Russia and Greece also opens a new door for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to be recognised.

In addition to political and military opportunities, there are also economic ones. Russia is under severe sanctions by Western countries. In these circumstances, Türkiye can develop a multi-faceted economic cooperation with Russia.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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