Peru’s Castillo from prison: “I have not and will not resign”

Peru’s Castillo from prison: “I have not and will not resign”

The struggle for government in Peru is continuing. After the impeachment of President Pedro Castillo by the country’s Congress, Castillo’s supporters took to the streets. Protests erupted in different cities of the country.

Protesters occupied Andahuaylas airport in the south of the country. Mine workers have been marching from southern parts of the country towards the capital Lima, where protesters had already occupied streets and squares. At least 6 people are reported to have died.

Incumbent President Dina Boluarte meanwhile announced to present a proposal to the Congress, which would organize elections earlier than scheduled. Boluarte’s proposal is to held these in April 2024.

But in a letter from his detention, Pedro Castillo rejected the proposal and called Boluarte “an usurper”. Castillo demanded his immediate release and the establishment of a constitutional assembly.

His letter, whose authenticity was confirmed by his lawyers, read as follows:

Great and patient, beloved Peruvian people,

I am Pedro Castillo, the same that all of you elected 16 months ago to exercise the constitutional presidency of the Republic.

I am speaking to you in the most difficult period of my government – humiliated, cut of from communication, badly treated and kidnapped, but even in these circumstances, still clothed of your trust confidence and struggle, and moreover, stimulated by the glorious spirit of our ancestors.

I am speaking to you in order to reiterate that I am without reserve loyal to the popular and constitutional mandate that I represent as the President.

I will not resign from nor abandon my high and sacred duties.

What was said recently by A USURPER is nothing more than the same snot and drool of the coupist right.

Therefore, the people should not fall for their dirty game of new elections.

Enough of abuse!

Constituent Assembly now!

Immediate freedom!

International dimension

Meanwhile, the governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico issued a joint statement. The four governments expressed “their worries on the removal and detention” of Pedro Castillo.

Claiming that “since the day of his election, Castillo was victim of anti-democratic hostilities”, the four governments called on “all actors to prioritize the will of the people as expressed in the elections (…) and refrain from reversing the popular will”.

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