Sudan agreement, Hong Kong Protests, Venezuela and Trade War

Sudan agreement, Hong Kong Protests, Venezuela and Trade War

Sudan Agreement

The first agreements between military and civilians have been reached in Sudan following months of turmoil. According to the newly signed constitutional declaration, a sovereign council will become the highest authority in Sudan during the transition period pending upcoming elections. The console will include five representatives of the military and five civilian figures, and one figure elected by general vote. For 21 months, the console will be led by a representative of the military and the following 18 months by one of the civilians. The formation of a council of ministers has also been proposed. The premiere will be elected by civilians, and the prime minister himself will appoint the ministers.

Hong Kong protests

In Hong Kong on Sunday, August 18, the latest round of protests took place over the authorities’ plans to allow extradition to China, despite the fact that the government has already canceled the controversial law. According to media reports, several hundred thousand people took part in the rally in Victoria Park and on the streets adjacent to it. The organizers say about 1.7 million people participated in the rally.

Police allowed the demonstrators to hold their rally in the park but tried in vain to forbid further marches through the streets.

China VS US

US President Donald Trump invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet in person over Twitter. In his proposal, Trump mentioned the ongoing protesters in Hong Kong. Beijing, in turn, continues to accuse Washington of interfering in China’s internal affairs.

The US and China are still locked in the trade war, which has now been going on for several months. The US has been raising tariffs on a number of goods from China, which has resulted in multi-billion dollar losses. China has answered with its own economic actions against the US.

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