Top 5 coronavirus conspiracy theories

Top 5 coronavirus conspiracy theories

China blames the US for creating the coronavirus

Chinese authorities recently declared that the creator of the new worldwide epidemic is likely the US. Chinese officials stated that the disease could have been brought to Wuhan in October 2019 by American soldiers while the 7th Military World Games took place in Wuhan.

The virus could have been created by the US as part of a new stage of warfare with China aimed at destabilizing Chinese society and breaking the Chinese economic system. Just last year, the US played a key-role in supporting the Hong-Kong protests, especially in the mainstream media.

In this version of events, the coronavirus is both a biological weapon and weapon in the ongoing optics war.

Former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao, and US Senator Tom Cotton have all argued that the US may have created the virus. In an open letter to the UN secretary-general, Ahmadinejad wrote that it was clear that the virus was “produced in laboratories … by the warfare stock houses of biological war belonging to world hegemonic powers.”

The epidemic was created by the globalist lobby and deep state in order to destroy Trump

Pandemic scenarios have already been discussed in publications related to the Rockefeller Foundation, namely in a document entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” which was published 10 years ago. The very first script is called “LOCK STEP: A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.” This section describes how states organize total control over the population through an artificial pandemic. Under the guise of “good deed” the populations of countries will be deprived of many of their freedoms voluntarily.

In the US, pro-Trump journalists and channels (such as the cable news network OAN) have suggested that the COVID-19 was created in a North Carolina laboratory. The American journalist Greg Rubini stated that the COVID  “was GENETICALLY ENGINEERED as a Bio-Weapon at the Univ. of North Carolina BSL-3 Lab.” He added that the main aim of the new virus was the destruction of Trump’s economy.

The coronavirus is being used to justify authoritarian rule

Some conspiracy theories suggest that the new virus is an effort to allow governments around the world to take authoritarian measures and increase their power over the public. Quarantine regimes allow governments total power and legitimacy. The French example is perfect – growing dissatisfaction with Macron’s policies led to the yellow vest movement and massive demonstrations, and now there is an official reason to ban the protests.. The state of emergency gives the president full power. Macron has taken measures such as the cancelation of taxes for the quarantine along with rent payments for small companies, all of which will garner support for Macron in society.

“Who decides the state of emergency is sovereign,” wrote Carl Shmitt, the german geopolitician. Today, we might say “who declares the state of quarantine is sovereign.”

In the current situation, the existence of supra-national organizations with free borders seems to suicidаl. Europe, which has for some time fought actively against sovereign states and borders, is now forced to reinstall them. The ideology of “open borders” has proven completely untenable. The pandemic has turned world history back to the era of political modernity, where the nation is more important than the international unions. We have gone from “Europeans first” to French or German first. The reintroduction of national borders signals the emergence of a new, old Europe. COVID-19, according to this conspiracy theory, has led to the return of the national state and played a role in the destruction of Soros-styled globalism.

Pharmaceutical companies looking to profit from a vaccine

On February 2, one of the columnists of the Saudi Arabia’s newspaper Al-Watan wrote that the Western pharmaceutical companies might be interested in the spread of the coronavirus, pointing out that the vaccines which might soon be available on the pharma-market could be extremely profitable.

The US blames China

US right-wing politicians (such as Republican Senator Tom Cotton) have made the argument that COVID-19 could have been a part of the Chinese state’s biological weapons program. While the virus hit China the hardest, this could have been the result of an accidental outbreak.

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