Meeting in Paris: Macron tries to divert attention

Meeting in Paris: Macron tries to divert attention

November 11th marks Armistice Day, the end of World War 1 in 1918. Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, has announced a commemorative ceremony and a bilateral meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump for the 100thanniversary of the end of the War. More than 10,000 police officers and gendarmes will be in Paris to ensure safety.

France will also be accepting 98 foreign delegations including 72 heads of states for the commemoration of the end of World War I as well as attending the Paris Peace Forum. The foreign delegates, alongside Macron and other French officials, will participate in a commemorative ceremony on November 11th under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The world leaders:

Attending the ceremony include such leaders as U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, is also scheduled to attend the Armistice Day commemoration and the Paris Peace Forum. Armistice Day is on November 11th and marks the end of World War 1 in 1918.

Erdogan is expected to hold bilateral meetings with several heads of state, announcing at a press conference in Ankara that: “An international meeting will be held on November 10-11 in Paris, which Trump will also attend. We will have a chance to meet face to face and discuss various issues. It will be possible to talk to Putin in the same format,” he said.

Inhospitable Macron

One diplomatic incident has already occurred, however. Macron rejected a full-scale meeting between Putin and Trump, claiming it could be agitating and distracting from the focus on the commemorative events. Therefore, Putin and Trump will only have a chance to meet during a scheduled lunch. The American President will hold a private meeting with Emmanuel Macron and will attend memorial ceremonies and a dinner with other heads of state, but will leave before the Paris Peace Forum begins.

Commenting on these events, the French Historian Edouard Husson criticized the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, for his appeals to create a unified European army and that Russia could be a possible enemy of Europe. Some experts believe that Macron, with his rejection of a Trump-Putin meeting, wants to demonstrate his importance on the world stage. According to Professor Husson, if Macron really wants to focus on historical events and the ceremonies then he wouldn’t be concentrated on his idea of new threats and armies.

Hysterics and schizophrenia

According to many political scientists, Emmanuel Macron seeks to make France into a symbol of European unity. The President of the Fifth Republic has spent the whole week attending commemorative events connected with the centenary of World War 1, laying flowers and speaking about the fundamental role of the French army during the War.

Considering his sharp decline in popularity within France (including numerous local protests against liberal economic measures, and a lack of ideological and cultural coherence and presence), Macron attempts to divert attention to large-scale celebrations, events and bold statements (for example, his appeals for a united European army).

In practice, the globalist Macron follows the same logic as the rest of the global elite and attempts to recolor himself like a chameleon to achieve his aims. His statements and actions are becoming more and more contradictory, and his positions becoming weaker. He plans to exploit these events to strengthen his personal image and popularity as well as use his negotiations with Trump to further his personal interests.

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