Imperialist attacks against the Blue Homeland

Imperialist attacks against the Blue Homeland

“The European Council will soon be showing Turkey the stick.” These are the words of the German Ambassador to Athens Ernst Reichel, and not a football hooligan as you might have at first expected. It is truly pitiful what Atlanticist Germany has come to.

US Senator Menendez said: “Let’s be crystal clear—the only country ‘disputing’ these waters is Turkey. These waters belong to Greece, and the State Department must unequivocally and publicly recognize that Turkey alone is responsible for the tension over them.’’ (July 22, 2020)

Imperialism is showing the stick to the Turkish nation again, a century after doing so the first time. This is a response to Turkey’s defense of its Blue Homeland.

What is the Blue Homeland in the 21st century?

The Blue Homeland is an uprising

The Blue Homeland is the uprising against the borders that the United States and the EU have drawn for Turkey in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. The doctrine is something like a revolutionary manifesto. It is the ideological core of the fight against efforts to landlock Turkey in Anatolia, and of the fight against denial of freedom of navigation in the Aegean and against locked inside the Gulf of Antalya in the Mediterranean. It is the fight of a lion being forced into a tiny cage. Recently, imperialism and its collaborators at home have increased the dosage and the spectra of their attacks against the Blue Homeland. The anti-Turkish and anti-Blue Homeland rhetoric from the government officials at all levels within the EU Commission, the EU Parliament, France and the United States has increased, as has the number of documents from think-tanks, mostly from the United States, arguing against relations with Turkey. They think that these challenges and threats will prevail over the Turkish people and their state, forcing them to accept the Map of Seville, taking away almost a three-quarters of the continental shelf Turkey rightfully has in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Pro-mandate supporters and collaborators at home

The “not enough, but yes” faction at home is teamed up with US/EU imperialism: it is as if they are not Turkish citizens. It is as if they believe the water being stolen from our Blue Homeland does not belong to them, their children or grandchildren. For them, all of this is okay as long as we do not break away from the Euro-Atlantic system and from NATO; even if they spit in our face and mock us, they believe Turkey must stay with the “civilized” western world. We could cede our 150,000 square km wide waters in the Eastern Mediterranean to Greece and to the Greek Cypriots if necessary; let us just give the entire Aegean Sea to the Greeks, while playing syrtaki and shouting yassou. Let us just reject our Turkishness entirely, if necessary. Their hearts do not beat with the love of homeland, it is not a part of their souls or their minds. They feel ashamed to be Turkish. The answer to these mindsets was given by Elcibey (R.I.P.) of Azerbaijan, who said: “Even if you forget that you are Turkish, your enemy will never forget that”.

The Blue Homeland is uniting the Turkish youth

Those sworn to serve Imperialism

These people are fiercely loyal to imperialism, and have been since they were born. This is who they are. They will always take a stand against their own national interests. Their compasses do not have the proper national software installed. There are many examples of such figures in history. Women and men members of the pro-Soros and “not enough but yes” factions, have taken their stances to the treacherous and disgusting level, saying that Turkey has cleaned its intestines during Ergenekon, Sledgehammer and other deviant conspiracy cases of FETO.

Nothing has really changed. In Turkey, imperialism never has trouble finding traitors to fund and bribe, useful instruments with no personality, whose inferiority complexes have destroyed their love of homeland and nation, making them blind fanatics of the West. The Ali Kemals, Ferit Pashas and Said Mullahs of the last century have all bitten the dust, yet they somehow go on with their mission, and their numbers are growing.

The start of the post-Cold War attacks

The Imperialist attacks on the Blue Homeland began after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, and Turkey began facing a new geopolitical reality. The wall between it and approximately 300 million of its relatives within the Eurasian geography, from the Adriatic to the Great Wall of China, was finally torn down, and Turkey understood that it had a common history with the former Warsaw Pact members, despite having been at odds with them for the past 50 years in the Black Sea, and knew they could build a new future together. The sailors were the quickest to adapt to this new geopolitical change process, swiftly imagining things beyond the horizon. They were aware of the hundreds of years of traditions and even more importantly, they were aware of the loss of land, life and honor that would result from having no effective fleet. The sailors knew that Anatolia had suffered in the past from maritime blindness.

They placed national interests above everything else, opposing imperialism’s motto ‘‘NATO and the US first’’. On July 20th 1974,120 hours after the EOKA B coup, the Navy held the beachhead in Kyrenia-Cyprus with 38 landing crafts built from their own limited resources, bringing tank and armored divisions to the island. As a result, the geopolitical map of Cyprus has changed. In 1967, the national defense industry put its first escort destroyer in commission and sparked the movement of the national shipbuilding industry. During the Cold War, they became the leading force in resisting the system of unconditional obedience to the Euro-Atlantic system. They did not conduct any NATO exercises in the Black Sea for example, despite pressure.

The unavoidable rise of the Navy

The rise of the Republic Navy with the end of the Cold War was so great in the 21st century, that a Turkish Naval Power arose capable of preventing the Black,Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean seas to be reshaped against their will, which could deploy warships in the Indian Ocean constantly, design and produce its own warships, sensors and weapon systems. This incredible sea power was brought into existence by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Turkish national power. Moreover, the Republic Navy had become the locomotive of maritimization of Turkey. It was able to carry on the mission it took from the Ottoman Empire with unprecedented success. The Republic Navy has taken on the vital responsibility of moving Anatolia, the “earthen ship” that extends out to the Mediterranean like a horse’s head closer to the “Blue Homeland”, and connecting them.

Reflections of the Blue Homeland in Idlib

The Atlanticists hate for the Turkish Navy

This success triggered attacks by the Euro-Atlantic imperialism against Turkey. It was not likely that a NATO member state would be punished militarily. If this had been happening in the 19th century, the navy would probably be burned in a surprise raid. Given the contemporary conditions, something else had to be done. The command structure had to be paralyzed, and the Navy subjugated by psychological pressure. The Navy’s ties with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had to be severed. Who could accomplish this? FETO (the Fethullah Gulen Terrorist Organization), of course.

And with the support from who?: from the government, the opposition, the parliament and every other faction that turned its back on the many Alfred Dreyfuse’s of Turkey. Thus, in 2007 the process of conspiracy trials, which constitutes the darkest, the most shameful and unethical period in the Turkish history began.

FETO’s Remnants

Those who supported this process are still among us, and have no shame whatsoever. They sometimes come as the Group of Elders, and sometimes as the Women’s Call for Peace in Turkey and Greece. And since the vast majority of that Group of Elders are already the cheerleaders of FETO plots, basically making up FETO’s media branch, I have nothing to say to them. As for these women; where were they during the FETO conspiracy? Where were they, when the hero women from ‘We Have the Shift Now-Vardiya Bizde’ and ‘Silent Scream’ were trying to do something and make their voices be heard every weekend for 4 whole years, under rain and snow, for their spouses rotting in Silivri dungeons with fake evidences of the digital terrorism, while some even committed suicide or died from cancer? Where were they when these families were torn apart?

Did they stand among these noble women? Or were they too busy cheering for the networks of the traitors and the enemies of the state and the nation at the Meetings of Abant or in media outlets such as Taraf, Bugun, Zaman, Sizinti, Aksiyon or Chronicle funded by the CIA? These groups are showing up again, despite the July 15 FETO coup attempt. They are showing up again with the directives from their masters in Washington DC, Berlin, London or Paris.

They still have no shame, and no hesitation. These types are destroying Turkey from the inside. These carcinogenic parasites funded by Soros and foreign intelligence agencies and pseudo-Kemalists who seem friendly but are pledged to imperialism, some of whom cannot even stand hearing the name of Ataturk, continue to attack Turkey and the Blue Homeland. At a time when the government is constantly increasing polarization by criticizing Ataturk, the Treaty of Lausanne, Inonu, the independence movement and the founding of the republic, instead of keeping the internal front reinforced, FETO remnants find courage and continue to attack. They are attacking us to push us away from the sea, and to open a flank for imperialism to slip in. They are almost praying for our navy to weaken and to lose its deterrent capability.

It is my duty to warn the Turkish nation and the Turkish state, once again. When I presented my first manifesto during at the Sledgehammer Trials on April 29th 2011, where I was brought to the Silivri Courtroom (what was in reality a glorified circus tent), as a prisoner in the midst of the darkest days when Turkey surrendered to the United States and the EU, I made a long speech about Turkey’s maritime geopolitics and the situation we were facing with in those days. (Those who would like to see the speech can look up for the 10th Criminal Court records through UYAP records.) There, I foresaw everything we faced over the last nine years. The last paragraph of my speech consisted of:

“10th Criminal Court Committee, in short the Republic Navy, has taken lessons from history, and not repeated the mistakes of the past and only gifted success and victory to the Great Turkish Nation, over the last 88 years. Of course, these events disturb those who try to destroy the rights of the Great Turkish Nation, and eliminate those who are an obstacle in front of them by asymmetric psychological and judicial warfare, and by collaborating with the evil. It should be kept in mind that today’s naval warfare is not directly about sinking the enemy ship, but rather about neutralizing the personnel commanding fleets and the ships even during peacetime by various means.

Unfortunately, what I have just tried to explain to you is true of many retired and active strategists and practicians from the navy who were the heroes of these successful actions, and who are in this courtroom or in other courtrooms enduring these fraudulent trials. I have tried to explain the main reasons for the external dynamics of the digitized terror against the navy in order to put it on the records of our naval history.

Our Great Nation has the right to know these things, the Committee should be aware of this, and our officials who love their country must stop this digital terrorism and smear campaigns, and instead protect the dedicated children of this nation. Otherwise, it will be inevitable that a demoralized naval force whose national reflexes are numbed will experience something like the tragic ambushes of Chesme, Navarino, Sinop and Golden Horn. As you know, we lost the control of Crimea and the total control over the Straits after Chesme, we lost Greece after Navarino, our crucial economic interests after Sinop, we lost Cyprus, the Balkans, the Aegean islands, the Dodecanese islands, Crete and Libya due to lack of a capable navy after the Golden Horn imprisonment of the Navy by Abdulhamid II. And most importantly, we were unable to stop the British armada that invaded our homeland Anatolia in Çanakkale due to lack of a navy, and then we lost one hundred thousand sons of this homeland. Anatolian geography does not tolerate the lack of a capable navy or a navy with its claws clipped off and lost its reflex of national defense.

If this digitized terrorist attack succeeds, if the navy somehow loses its lifeblood, if the purge of elite admirals and officers succeeds, and if its consequences somehow are reflected over our national interests in our surrounding seas in the future, not only those who plotted this trial against the navy, but also those who also act as an instrumental in this conspiracy and those remain silent will also carry the burden in our history and for the future generations. The final judgement belongs to our Great Nation.”

After this speech, a member of the jury, A.E. Peksak, (who is still in prison for involvement in FETO) asked me this question:

“You made it clear many times during your speech. In many documents which are allegedly fabricated as smearing or disinformation, or alleged to have been found, it is claimed that you were the last user to edit or record, or the last user found on digital tracks. What do you think is the reason for your victimization in these allegations?”

And I said in response:

“I can speak about this for many hours, but I will tell you this one thing. The reason is the protection of our seas, as I have already said, which we call the “Blue Homeland”, and to prepare myself as an officer, an Admiral, strategist, and maritime historian who created the strategy and concepts of the Turkish Navy, which I worked on with four different commanders of the Turkish Naval Forces, at this point in history and in these times where history and the fate have led me to be.”

Let us stand against imperialism

Today I make the same warning for the Great Turkish Nation. Let us stand up, let us stop imperialism. Let us say “that is enough!” to the traitors among us who are unable to feel ashamed, and to the Atlanticists in love with their executioners. Let us tell the government and the opposition to unite. Let us remind them that Turkey’s geopolitical interests are the future of our grandchildren. Let us tell our business owners, workers, farmers, civil servants, workshop owners, artists, businessmen, teachers, children, students, women, men, youth and elderly people how important the Blue Homeland and maritimization is to our future, our defense, security, prosperity and happiness. This is because the imperialist attacks will keep coming. They tried it a century ago, and they are now trying again. It is now the time to unite in the light shed by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The strength we will need, as he says, is present in the noble blood in our veins. And our history will be our compass.

Cem Gürdeniz
Admiral Cem Gürdeniz graduated from Turkish Naval Academy in 1979. As a deck officer, he served in different in destroyers and frigates. He assumed the Command of guided missile frigate TCG Gaziantep and the Third Destroyer Division. He completed his education in Turkish Naval War College and Armed Forces College. He holds two masters degrees from US Naval Postgraduate School and Université Libre Brussels (ULB) in personnel management and international politics respectively. He was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral (lower half) in 2004 and upper half in 2008. He served as the Chief, Strategy and Agreements Department and then the Head of Plans and Policy Division in Turkish Naval Forces Headquarters. As his combat duties, he has served as the commander of Amphibious Ships Group and Mine Fleet. He retired in 2012 as a result of the Sledgehammer Bogus Case. He is the founder and Director of the Istanbul Koc University Maritime Forum. In addition to his native Turkish, he is fluent in English and French. Admiral GUrdeniz is the writer of numerous publications in multiple languages languages including ‘Bluehomeland Writings.’ He is a columnist at Aydınlık Daily and Yacht Magazine.

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