‘Erdogan is Iran’s greatest friend, don’t make the enemy happy’ – Turkish ruling party Spokesperson

‘Erdogan is Iran’s greatest friend, don’t make the enemy happy’ – Turkish ruling party Spokesperson

Omer Celik, spokesperson of Justice and Development Party (AKP), reacted to the statements of Iranian politicians about President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s post on Twitter.

“These Iranian politicians have lost enough compass to confuse Iran’s enemies with our President, who has always regarded Iran as a friendly and brotherly country,” Celik said, stating that he condemned the language some Iranian politicians used about President Erdogan.

While everyone was silent about the sanctions and impositions faced by Iran, Celik pointed out that only President Erdogan had spoken up, and added the following:

“Our President has always opposed the injustices against brother Iran. Iranian politicians who stepped out of line should be respectful when talking about our President. Those who attack our president, who is Iran’s friend in difficult times, are making the enemies of their own country happy. Do not forget that while the Iranian people were getting a raw deal regarding nuclear studies, it was only our President and Brazilian President who signed the agreement with Iran.”

Stating that those who attacked Erdogan had pleased the enemies of Iran happy, Celik issued the following messages:

‘The day is the day when we are glad that our Azerbaijani brothers rescue their occupied lands, and we stand side by side with those who are happy. Those who are disturbed by this show their own distortions in mentality. Our President is the friend of Iran in difficult times.

Iranian politicians who stepped out of line, should be respectful when talking about our President. Those who attack our President are in a position to attack the greatest friend of their country and make their enemies happy. Our President continues to stand by the righteous and remain silent in the face of injustice. We are siding with Azerbaijan against the Armenian occupation. We will continue to protect the rights of brother Iran against injustices.”

Cavusoglu expresses Turkey’s discomfort

Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, held a telephone conversation with Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Cavusoglu stated that these unfounded and harsh statements made by Iran targeting President Erdogan were unacceptable, submitting as evidence a poem he believed to be about Karabakh and a speech made in which Iran was not even mentioned. Emphasizing that they were with Iran in her most difficult times, Cavusoglu said that the disappointment that was being as a result of these statements was heavy.

A statement emphasizing ‘brotherhood’ was eventually sent from the Iranian Embassy in Turkey, and the misunderstanding was resolved.

“In the telephone conversation held between Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, the recently experienced misunderstanding was resolved and the parties stressed the importance of broadening and strengthening relations between the two countries.”

This message was shared with the hashtag of #Kardeşlik (brotherhood) on the official Twitter account of the Iran Embassy in Turkey.

‘The United States of America is behind these campaigns’ – Vatan Party

Dogu Perincek, chairman of the Vatan Party, also conveyed his opinions on the issue on Twitter.

“In the speech of our President in Baku, there was absolutely no animus against Iran.

They are endeavoring to set Turkey against Iran, since our President and Mr. Aliyev declared a six-party platform with the agreement of Putin.

The Atlantic forces are in a hurry

I have given a commentary on the importance of the six-party platform in terms of Turkey and Iran to the Tehran press. Circles opposed to America and Israel are spreading these statements.

Yet, there seems to be hostility toward Turkey and a campaign against our President especially in the circles who are called ‘reformers’, who have connections with the Atlantic. Israel also supports this campaign.

No Iranian government nor her officials, no Ayatollah Khamenei is behind the campaign against Turkey and our President.

We must stand against this unrest altogether.

The United States of America is behind these campaigns. When Turkey, Russia and Iran take Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia in, they will defeat the US plans in the Caucasus, West Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean.”

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