Elections in Germany, Split in the Italian Government, US-China Trade War

Elections in Germany, Split in the Italian Government, US-China Trade War

Elections in Germany

Angela Merkel’s the Christian Democratic Union came out victorious in the elections which took place in Brandenburg and Saxony. However, the party was followed closely by the far-right party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD). According to preliminary data, in Saxony, the right-wing formation received 27.5% of the vote, while the CDU received 32.1%. In Brandenburg, the Social Democrats won 26.2% of the vote, while AfD pulled in just behind at 23.5%.

Despite the fact that the traditional centrist parties, the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party of Germany, managed to win by a slight margin, they will now be faced with the difficult task of forming a government in these areas. The task is complicated by the fact that both parties have already rejected the idea of forming a coalition with AfD.


Italian President Sergio Mattarella agreed to give Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte a mandate to form a new government. Earlier, a political agreement on the formation of a new cabinet of ministers led by Conte was concluded by the Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party.

If the country is unable to form a new government, early elections will be held.

Trade war

Starting September 1, the United States and China introduced additional trade duties on imported goods as part of their ongoing trade war. The American side raised duties to 15 percent on Chinese goods (totaling $ 125 billion). Among the products are shoes, headphones and speakers. Some of the goods already shipped to the United States will be sent back.

Beginning December 15, the States are going to impose duties on Chinese goods worth another $175 billion. Experts note that if the restrictions are introduced in full, they will affect almost all Chinese imports to the United States.

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