Gretacalypse Now: Greta Thunberg as a guardian of capitalism

Gretacalypse Now: Greta Thunberg as a guardian of capitalism

As of late, Fridays for a huge number of young people have not been associated with bars, parties or going to the movies: instead, they have become associated with environmentalist climate strikes. This is predominantly thanks to one 16-year-old Swedish girl named Greta Thunberg, who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, and has become the face of the international climate change movement.

Despite that many had been lucky enough to have never heard of her before, after her angry speech at the UN, everyone present understood that:

1) They were responsible for destroying Greta’s childhood

2) That the world is falling into the abyss while they focus on economic growth

3) That they will never be forgiven, but the world is going to change quite a lot.

Friday’s protests were inescapable on social media, filled with photos of kids skipping school, protesting students and dissatisfied adults, all using the hashtags #ClimateStrike and #FridaysForFuture

Large crowds of people have come together for these marches calling on punishment for polluting capitalists and all those they deem responsible for the production of CO2. 

While ecological concerns are clearly valid, can we say for certain that Greta’s cult is actually even concerned with the issue in the first place? 

UWI is publishing multiple investigations showing how Greta Thunberg’s rise to fame is actually a political project carefully designed and funded by figures like George Soros, large lobbyists and wealthy businessmen. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who are protesting have no idea that they are being used as pawns in the globalist’s game…

‘Random’ PR

Greta’s popularity is not a result of her own actions, but the result of a well-thought-out and expensive PR campaign. Her rise to fame began last year when she was 15 years old, after she sat down in protest at the Swedish Parliament with the poster “Skolstrejk for Klimatet” (School Strike for Climate).

A famous PR manager, Ingmar Rentzhog, passed by (allegedly by accident!) and began to distribute Greta’s photo on social networks, eventually setting up an online platform for eco-activists called “We Don’t Have Time.” 

Since then, Greta has not only gained incredible popularity on the Internet, but, together with Rentzhog, has became one of the directors of the company, which has since attracted at least five hundred investors and over a million euros. 

Rentzhog’s life of luxury

In fact, Rentzhog met Greta Thunberg even before the parliamentary protests, when he worked with the largest financier David Olsson (Svenska Bostadsfonden). 

Both worked were working at the Global Utmaning think tank headed by Kristina Persson, one of the former heads of the central bank of Sweden. Global Utmaning is a rather curious organization given that among its leaders are such major business sharks as Catharina Nystedt Ringborg, an advisor to the International Energy Agency and a member of the innovative Sustainable Energy Angels. 

Then (as if by coincidence!) the campaign began to be promoted by transnational structures, including the George Soros Foundation, the Club of Rome led by Anders Wijkman and the Global Marshall Plan led by former US Vice President Albert Gore. 

It is not about the environment

The story began as little more than a PR campaign: the environmental aspect was little more than a business strategy. The job of these promoters is to convince people to believe in the quality of their products, regardless of what the truth actually is.

Greta’s emotional speech at the UN was written by publicists, and mostly unrelated to the realities of climate science. Experts emphasize that anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions are estimated at 7-16 gigatons per year, while the Pacific Ocean emits 80 gigatons into the atmosphere. At the same time, scientists continue, as a result of the death and decomposition of plants in the average climatic zone of the planet, about 40-60 gigatons of carbon dioxide returns to the atmosphere. 

Despite what the alarmists claim, the ecosystem is flexible enough to cope with extra CO2 emissions, and it is not even human activity which contributes the most critical share of them. Nature is smart. Pollution and landfills are serious matters, but Greta is predominantly concerned with a version of Climate Change that works almost like a magic spell.

Greta’s PR team doesn’t understand (or intentionally ignores) the fact that the main source of climate change is the drifting of the continents, the precession of the Earth’s rotation and the Earth’s rotation ellipse, along with emissions that come naturally from water systems, swamps, volcanoes and thousands of other micro-factors… Global climate change is something that is happening without human involvement, and it is still unclear whether these changes are positive or negative.

But large PR campaign continues…


The lobbyists’ tactics are simple – to intimidate the public and try to appeal to people’s irrational fears through the voice of a child. However, the main goal of those behind the Greta phenomena is profit, and she is little more than a tool they are using to make money.

Green energy lobbyists have established this “children’s crusade” in their own interests, and, in the long run, in order to enhance the power of the technocrats and grow their budgets to fund new projects. In the bigger picture, Greta is being used to facilitate the transition from contemporary capitalism to a form of green corporatism (eco-friendly housing, clean energy, new types of transportation etc).

Another example of this is the scandal around the series “Chernobyl”– a show impeccable in terms of atmospheric and empathic transmission, it comes with it a clear political message: nuclear reactors (especially from the Russian Mordor) are dangerous, not eco-friendly and could result in the destruction of mankind. The implication is that it is necessary to ban nuclear power plants in the West, and instead of this convenient and economically viable energy source, we should force world leaders to buy “ecological” alternatives (let’s remember Austrian Kurz`s protests against Hungarian energy projects). 

Capitalists are not interested in the fact that is is ultimately the consumers who get hit with the brunt of the costs of this transition: the main thing is that we all be “environmentally friendly.”

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