A Rock-Solid Ship: Republic of Turkey Turns 96 Years of Age 

A Rock-Solid Ship: Republic of Turkey Turns 96 Years of Age 

Every year, on the bright day of October 29, we traditionally mark the declaration of founding of a great state that rose to its feet on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire and the Caliphate. 

Our memory turns to the glorious chapters of history where the heroic Turkish Army under the command of the great father of the nation, Mustafa Kemal Pasha Ataturk, as well as Ismet Inonu and other exemplary military leaders won a decisive and resolute victory over the armies of interventionists, who had buried the statehoods and independence of many peoples across the world at the stroke of a pen. 

Quite emblematically, the posterity of the latter forces are ready to act as global doctors who are self-assured enough to administer bloodletting to anyone they think needs it. Also, they claim the right to diagnose others for being democratic or undemocratic. 

So, victory in the war brought the republic into existence. 

Certain forces – the ones that generated international terrorism and migration crisis and then pretended they had nothing to do with it — are striving to lecture Turkey and other nations of the free world.   

Yet the United World editorial board finds it important to warn that Turkey and the Turkish people have changed. We are prepared once again to go through any trial tests and to achieve victory, like we did in 1923. 


October 29 is the day of victory over fear, helplessness and treachery. It symbolizes the triumph of immortality of the best qualities of human will. 

We remember perfectly well that Republic Day is not a gift, which descended on us from heavens. Independence of the homeland and nation is something you should fight for. 

Turkey has turned into a rock-solid ship of spirit in the Middle East and in genuine Europe. It is not accidental that the suffering and suppressed ones pin their hopes on this country. “If Turkey copes with it, we’ll cope with it, too!” they say with a good reason. 

Let us hail the 96th anniversary since the birth of the Republic of Turkey.

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