Iranian Ambassador in Turkey Mohammad Farazmand: They cannot end our friendship

Iranian Ambassador in Turkey Mohammad Farazmand: They cannot end our friendship

Ambassador Farazmand has stated that they resolved the misunderstanding between Turkey and Iran, and added: ‘The States and Israel tries to disrupt our friendship. They could not and will not.’

Mohammad Farazmand, Iran’s Ambassador in Ankara, reported that Turkey and Iran had corrected the misunderstanding that caused a crisis. Stating that the States and Israel is trying to spoil the relation between Turkey and Iran in order to establish hegemony in the region, Mohammad Farazmand stressed that Iran and Turkey have common enemies. “Iran will evaluate the ‘Six-party Platform’ proposal in the Caucasus. We had an identical proposal before the ceasefire,’’ Mohammed Farazmand said, and added that regional problems can be solved with the countries of the region. Reminding that they are pursuing a ‘maximum resistance’ policy against the USA and Israel, Farazmand stated that for the post-Biden period, they did not set an attitude according to who was sitting in the White House, they were looking at the steps to be taken. Emphasizing that countries of the region would not allow the US intervention in Syria, Farazmand pointed to the establishment of new mechanisms for increasing the Iran-Turkey trade.

Iran’s Ambassador to Turkey Mohammed Farazmand explained his view on issues such as “poem crisis” with Turkey, the solution of the problems in the Caucasus and the region, possible relations with the United States in post-Biden period, US operations in Syria, the assassination of Iranian scientist Fakhrizadeh, and increasing Turkey-Iran trade etc. to Ismet Ozcelik from Aydınlık. Farazmand’s answers to Aydınlık’s questions are briefly as follows:


The relations between Iran and Turkey relations are very deep and exceptional. Neither side wants a tension between them. The recent problem has also been resolved through diplomatic channels. Iranian Foreign Minister Dr. Zarif discussed it with his counterpart, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Çavuşoğlu, and the misunderstanding was resolved. Both sides emphasized the good relations between the two countries. The two countries talked about striving for the continuation of their relations. Turkey and Iran are the most powerful country in the region. They are much stronger now than in the past. The imperialist countries also refrain from both Turkey and Iran. Both countries have created a great deterrence against foreign countries. For this reason, the sanction card is being put into effect. The USA and Israel are trying to undermine Turkey-Iran relations to strengthen their hegemony in our region. They have not succeeded so far, and they will not succeed in the forthcoming days.

Ergo, when such misunderstandings occur, the political centers and press of the two countries should leave it to the leaders, rather than fanning the flame. The leadership of the two countries will produce the most appropriate solutions by taking common threats into consideration.


The two countries face common regional problems as well as having historical relations. Our enemies are common. The great powers outside of the region seek to develop a common attitude towards us. They are involved in brutal interventions. For example, they assassinated the Iranian scientist in violation of international law. They also applied other similar methods in Turkey.


One of the main policies of Iran is to solve regional problems together with the countries of the region. Six-party Platform is also within this logic. If this proposal is conveyed to Iran through diplomatic and official channels, Iran will evaluate the issue and convey it to the parties through official channels. Before the ceasefire agreement was signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Iran made a similar proposal and initiative. 5 countries cooperation in the region (Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia and Armenia) had brought a proposal covering. Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister visited 4 capitals last month and shared these suggestions. Mr. Aliyev and Erdogan’s suggestion seems to be in the same direction. Of course, as Iran, we will evaluate the proposal. After the evaluation, Iran will announce its official opinion.


The USA particularly imposes sanctions on independent countries and independent powers. As before, they cannot get the results they want from attempts such as coups and military interventions. They impose sanctions and force other countries to impose sanctions on others.

Iran’s technological advancement, which the US opposed, largely took place during the period when they imposed sanctions on us. This also shows that their sanctions did not hit the aim. Sanctions hurt the people. We had difficulties in reaching medicines and medical devices, especially during the corona period. This is a violation of human rights.

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