Turkey’s Security and the NATO

Turkey’s Security and the NATO

Turkey’s Vatan Party has published a decision and explanatory statement on the country’s relations with NATO. Decided upon by the Central Committee of the party, the statement was made public on 70th anniversary of Turkey’s entry to the North Atlantic Alliance.

The Vatan Party states that Turkey’s exit from NATO is it’s “strategic target” and calls the Turkish government to declare its veto against a NATO membership of Ukraine and Georgia in the meantime.

Replacing US and NATO-led ideologies with national and patriotic ones in education of security forces, strengthening the national defense industry, a foreign policy that activates the alliance potential with all countries “facing US threats”, full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation organization and the establishment of a West Asian Security Organization are further proposals in the text.

The explanatory statement, also approved by the Central Committee, provides a comprehensive analysis of the threats Turkey is currently facing as well as a history of Turkish-US and Turkish – NATO relations. With reference to NATO’s clandestine organization ‘Gladio’, the Vatan Party holds the Atlantic alliance responsible for several coups, conspiracies, murders that happened in Turkey. The party also states that the country’s economy is drowning in debt because of impositions from the Atlantic System.

As the document provides an in-depth analysis of relations between Turkey and the Atlantic System both in regard to history and contemporary challenges, and an alternative path for Turkey in the emerging multipolar world, United World International publishes the complete decision and explanatory statement of the Vatan Party below.

Central Committee of the Vatan Party

Turkey’s Security and the NATO

Decision and explanatory statement

February 5th, 2022

After 3 months of investigation and preparation, the Central Committee of the Vatan Party has convened on January 29 and February 5, 2022 to decide on “Turkey’s Security and NATO – decision and explanatory statement”. The statement was debated and approved unanimously. We present the decision of the Vatan Party to the Turkish and global public opinion on February 18, 2022, the 70th anniversary of Turkey’s membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


1. Vatan Party’s position and understanding of security

The Vatan Party is not a party of the Atlantic System. It does not take part in the system’s government, neither is it the opposition within the system.

The Vatan Party’s goal is to lead the Production Revolution to success, to eliminate all terror organizations starting with the PKK and the Fethullah Gulen Organization and to establish the independent and people’s-based Turkey. In other words, the Vatan Party aims to complete Turkey’s national democratic revolution.

The Vatan Party’s understanding of security is the security of the Production Revolution and the security of the Patriotic War our country is currently fighting.

This understanding of security determines our view on NATO as well: We don’t defend the security of being tied to the Atlantic System. We defend the security of the struggle for an independent and producing Turkey.

2. Comprehensive and consistent positioning for Turkey’s security

The Vatan Party is the leading force at the center of the true front line of Turkey’s struggles. First of all, we detect the threats targeting Turkey based on the facts and reality and we present them to our nation’s consideration.

Turkey faces US-Israeli connected threats everywhere, from the Aegean to the Mediterranean, from the North of Syria and Iraq to the Caucasus and the Black Sea. The Israeli government and the Director of the MOSSAD have declared themselves that Turkey is the primary threat to their country and they documented this evaluation in their security reports.[i] US security officials also declare openly that Turkey constitutes the main danger for them in West Asia. These facts have a determining character for Turkey’s security strategy.

There is a consistent front line in our region that reaches from the Black Sea over the Mediterranean to the Strait of Hormuz. Developing different strategies for different parts of this front line will cause a heavy price to pay.

In order to ensure our security, the main task is to develop a comprehensive and consistent strategy.

Along this consistent front line, all countries that face US-Israeli threats constitute a pool of allies for Turkey.

Regarding the global confrontation, again those countries that face US-led threats are in the same security camp as Turkey.

Today the whole world detects that the US primarily targets China, Russia, Turkey and Iran.

3. The epicenter of the threat against Turkey: The Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean

The threats against Turkey focus on the Eastern Mediterranean. The Aegean Sea is part of the Eastern Mediterranean. This assessment is based in summary on the following facts:

– The United States establishes military bases and mounts arms on the shores of Greece in Alexandropouli, Kavala, Thessaloniki, Larisa, Stefanovikio and Crete.

– The Greek government makes statements indicating it will enlarge its territorial waters to 12 miles.

– The United States, the European Union and Greece accelerate their efforts to occupy Turkey’s natural resources in the Blue Homeland.

All these facts point out that the waters of the Mediterranean are heating up. A scenario, which needs consideration, is that, in its plans to topple down the Turkish President, the United States takes steps focused on the Eastern Mediterranean. This is due to the fact that the US gains self-confidence and a daring attitude from the balance of power in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The second sources of threat against Turkey are terror organizations like PKK/PYD/YPG and DAESH, located in the north of Syria and Iraq under US military presence and control.

4. Main pillar of security

Our security basically relies on the power resources of the Turkish state and the Turkish nation, starting with the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish police.

Our main task is to advance our state’s and our nation’s consciousness of security and morale capabilities. Therefore, we face a historic responsibility to inform our state and nation’s forces correctly on the realistic potential for alliances.

5. Our amassment for alliances

In response to threats targeting Turkey, all the countries that face US-Israeli menace constitute our country’s pool of alliances.

Beginning with Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, that is, countries of our close neighborhood provide the priority pool of alliances.

The second circle of alliances in Turkey’s security strategy is made up of Uzbekistan and Kirgizstan, members of the Organization of Turkic States, and Turkmenistan and Hungary, observers of the same organization.

Our global potential for alliances includes all the countries that take position against US domination and control. In Asia, this is the People’s Republic of China to begin with, but also Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, the People’s Republic of Korea and Vietnam. In Europe, countries such as the Belarus are potential allies. In Latin America, this potential includes countries such as Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba. And in Africa, countries such as Egypt, Algeria and Mali are within our amassment of alliances.

In order to realize the alliances and set them in motion, Turkey needs to interfere actively in ongoing political processes and develop policies that aim to win over the said countries on the grounds of common interest.

6. Military schools and hospitals have to be reopened and the former have to be but under direction of according armed forces commands

The military schools, which were closed after 2016, have to be reopened. They have to enable the Turkish Armed Forces to act with military personnel more educated and prepared to warfare. The 249-years-old tradition of military schools has to be revived by placing these under the command of the according Turkish Armed Forces headquarters.

Military hospitals and especially the Gülhane Military Medicine Academy, which educate medical experts with specific skill for wartimes, have to be placed under command and in service of the Turkish Armed Forces.

7. Putting an end to paid partial exemption from military service

The concept of the paid and limited conscription to military service contradicts the traditions of the Turkish military, the idea of basic citizen duty and the concept of societal equality. This concept has to be abolished with the exemption of our citizens the work outside Turkey.

8. Turkish Armed Forces, police organization and the Organization of National Intelligence (MIT) should not educate its personnel along the ideology of the US and NATO, but in accordance with the national and patriotic values of our republic

During the past domination of the Atlantic System, it was aimed to move the Turkish military, the police organization and the MIT away from our national values and tradition as well as from our patriotic goals by imposing the ideology of the US and NATO upon them. The results of that attempt are right in front of us: Following the coup attempt of the Fethullah Gulen Organization, this attempt’s main subject, 125.618 civil servants were expelled from the state administration and institutions. But there are also remnants and influences of ideological damage caused by the Atlantic organizations.

All armed forces and the intelligence organization of the Republic of Turkey need be to educated and institutionalized according to our republic’s principles of Republicanism, Nationalism, Populism, Statism, Laicism and Revolutionary thinking.

9. Strengthening our national defense industry

Turkey needs to continue decidedly its efforts to nationalize its security and defense reinforce it with national resources and strengthen its self-confidence and develop its national defense industry in accordance with modern measures. Our national defense industry needs to be equipped with sufficient funds to pursue research and development. Turkey needs to cooperate with countries such as Russia, China, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Pakistan that belong to our amassment of allies.

10. A national Internet network and national satellite systems must be developed

In order to put an end to the Atlantic imperialist’s monopoly on the Internet and for the security of our state, we need to develop our national satellite system and therefore join the construction of the Asia Centered Internet Network. Turkey should take part in Russian and Chinese state’s according initiatives.

11. The law ratifying the UN Twin Covenants must be cancelled and Turkey’s approval of the European Charter of Local Self-Government must be withdrawn

The “Twin Covenants” are the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the UN Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The Turkish Grand National Assembly has approved these Twin Covenants by the laws numbered 4867 and 4868 on June 4, 2003. These laws must be suspended, because the said Twin Covenants lay the ground for ethnic, sectarian, economic and regional divisions, provide the bases for autonomous governments, threaten the unity of state and nation, bear contradictions to our state sovereignty, include rights of intervention to foreign states and attack our Laws of Revolution.

The approval of the Republic of Turkey to the European Charter of Local Self-Government, given on November 21, 1988, must be withdrawn.

12. All laws and regulations contradicting our independence and security must be suspended

In the process of Turkey’s NATO membership and EU accession, regulations have been introduced that contradict our national sovereignty, enabling “civil society organizations” to operate with financial support of and under control of imperialist states. Moreover, a ground has been laid for destructive and spying activities.   

The change in article 90 of our constitution made in 2004, according to which international agreements and conventions have the status of constitutional provisions, must be suspended. All regulations and measures that treat judgments of the European Court of Human Rights as above the judgment of Turkish courts must be suspended.

All legislation and regulations that contradict our independence and security must be suspended and their application stopped. A law that should be introduced on that purpose must stipulate that associations, trade unions, chambers and occupational associations, media and press institutions and persons and platforms associated with these cannot receive any financial support from foreign states, international institutions and true and judicial persons of non-Turkish origin directed to intervene into domestic politics, damaging or violating or independence and security. The according law must foresee that its violation leads to penalty for the committing, the closure of the according institution and confiscation of according financial support.

13. The HDP must be closed down and the headquarters of the PKK must be forced to raise the white flag

Our armed forces’, police’ and village protectors’ successful fight against the US and NATO forces inside Turkey must be advanced to a decisive result, forcing the PKK Headquarter to raise the white flag. In this context, the terror organization must not be permitted in any event to use legal opportunities, the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) must be closed down, and with making sure that no other political substitution party or organization is established on its place. The terror organization cannot be represented in the parliament. Municipalities cannot be left in the hands of those who hijack our children and deliver them to the terror organization, who place mines on the roads and who collect protection money and tribute for the PKK.

14. The Incirlik and Kürecik military bases must be taken completely under command and control of the Turkish Armed Forces

US and NATO forces are using the Incirlik and Kürecik military bases, constituting a threat both for Turkey and for our neighbors. These military bases must be taken under Turkish Armed Forces’ command and control completely. US soldiers and personnel must leave the bases at the shortest term.

The following units must be closed to use by US and NATO forces and taken under Turkish Armed Forces command completely: Şirinyer-Izmir NATO Allied Land Command Headquarters, Çiğli-Izmir US Air Base, Konya NATO AWACS Forward Operating Base, Ankara US Office of Defense Cooperation, Ankara Partnership for Peace Joint Education Center, NATO Centre of Excellence – Defense against terrorism and those parts of the port of Mersin open to use by US and NATO forces.

15. The security of the Blue Homeland in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea

All preparations have to be undertaken in order to apply under any circumstance the Turkish Grand National Assembly’s decision from August 8, 1995, which determines any attempt of Greece to enlarge territorial waters beyond 6 nautical miles as casus belli (justification for war). 

Foreign occupation over 153 islands and islets, which are Turkish territory, must be terminated and our sovereignty practically and concretely established.

Our Exclusive Economic Zone must immediately be declared in order to be able to ensure our security in the Blue Homeland and explore and exploit living and other natural resources.

A Ministry for the Seas must be founded in order to achieve coordination between the defense of the Blue Homeland and the exploitation of natural resources.

The more than 40 laws, 20 statutes and 100 regulations must be united, developed and simplified.

16. The right strategy and plan of action to achieve the recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)

Cyprus is the forefront to defend our territorial integrity and the Eastern Mediterranean. In order to achieve the TRNC’s international recognition, a strategy and action plan must be applied with those countries around the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf that similar to Turkey face NATO threats.[ii] Our military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean must be strengthened and a naval base must be established on Cyprus.

The Vatan Party has made a joint declaration with Abkhazia for the recognition of the TRNC. For the same purpose, the party is decided to lead the talks on joint security and economic interests, pursued with representatives of Russia, People’s Republic of China, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Mali and Latin American countries, to a successful result.  

17. Immediate cooperation with Syria on all fields

In order to eliminate US-led ethnic separatist terror organizations PKK/PYD/YPG and reactionary organizations such as DAESH, Turkey must enter immediately into a comprehensive cooperation with the Syrian state, including the spheres of politics, military, economy and culture, and Syria’s territorial integrity must be achieved. In that context, the policy of establishing a 40-km-wide and 700-km-long Security Zone in the north of Syria must be abandoned and instead, the policy of eliminating terror organizations in cooperation with Syria must be applied.

A maritime border delimitation agreement for exclusive economic zones must be signed with Syria as soon as possible.

18. The US and our neighbors must be called to abandon military bases that encircle Turkey

The US and our neighbors must be called to abandon the military bases in Greece, Southern Cyprus, Syria, Iraq, Iran – Persian Gulf, Georgia and Ukraine that encircle Turkey.

19. Turkey must leave the NATO

The Vatan Party’s strategic target is to make Turkey leave the NATO.

Leaving NATO is the most effective measure against US conspiracies within Turkey.

When Turkey is freed from the NATO, it will unite and strengthen its domestic front.

Leaving NATO will strengthen our country’s orientation to Asia, deepen our alliances and fortify our position in regard to external threats.

Besides of being a need for our national security, abandoning NATO membership will also provide trust to other countries that face US threats and activate Turkey’s alliance potential. 

Turkey’s steps and measures towards defending its independence and security against NATO will at the same time accelerate the process of dissolution of that organization and contribute to world peace.

20. Turkey must declare its veto regarding the NATO membership of Ukraine and Georgia

The US forced NATO enlargement to the east constitutes a serious threat for Turkey as well and will harm our alliance potentials and our relations.

With leaving the NATO entirely being the main solution, the government of the Republic of Turkey must, as long as the membership continues, declare its veto against the membership of Ukraine and Georgia right away. This will activate our alliance potential not only in the Black Sea but also in the Eastern Mediterranean and strengthen our defense.

21. Security models that have proven successful

In the recent history, there are 3 incidents of success concerning Turkey’s security. These successes have established 2 models in the context of West Asia and Asia as a whole.

The first success was the foiling the US and Israeli plans to declare an “independent Kurdistan” in the north of Iraq in September 2017. With Vatan Party’s decisive efforts, Turkey acted in that process together with Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia and prevented the initiative to establish “Independent Kurdistan”, which actually is nothing but a Second Israel.

The second success is cooperation between Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan during the armed liberation of Karabakh.

The third success is the repression of the US-organized coup in Kazakhstan in January 2022 by joint action of Kazakhstan, Russia, China and the Turkic states.

The first two successes have proven the potential of a Turkish-Russian led regional cooperation to eliminate US-Israeli threats. Astana Process of Iran, Russia and Turkey with the goal of maintaining Syria’s territorial integrity and the Sochi Memorandum both contributed to this success.

The success in Kazakhstan is fruit of an Asian unity along the Turkic states-Russia-China axis.

Both models have proven themselves as successful and it should be insisted on their further development.

22. West Asia Security Organization (WASO)

The most realistic path to secure Turkey’s independence and territorial integrity, to succeed with the Production Revolution and to achieve security for our country and the region is the foundation of a West Asia Security Organization (WASO).

For that purpose, the Vatan Party will continue its efforts with representatives of Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, the TRNC and other countries.

23. Turkey must become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

For peace and security in our region and the world, Turkey must strengthen cooperation and solidarity with Eurasian countries starting from Russia, People’s Republic of China, Central Asian Republics, India and Pakistan. And Turkey must take its own place within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. These steps will also create the conditions for normalization of relations and their development on the grounds of mutual benefit between Turkey on the one side and the United States and the European Union on the other.

Explanatory statement

1. NATO’s foundation and function

NATO was founded in the context after the Second World War.

The United States had after the Bretton Woods conference established its Dollar Empire.

During those times, half of the global economy was being produced by the United States.

The US had thrown atomic bombs on Japan, thus established a threat against the whole humanity and especially its competitor, the Soviet Union. But under Stalin’s leadership, the Soviet Union also achieved to build a nuclear bomb and balanced the US threat.

The US had also taken European countries under its control and domination and even had occupied parts of Germany.

NATO was founded in the year of 1949, when the US economic and military superiority was at its highest point.

The letters NATO are the abbreviation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. But a look at the reality of NATO clearly reveals that relations between the US and the other members are less of a kind of “mutual treaty”. Rather than that, NATO is the conglomeration of different countries under US dictate. As the French President De Gaulle emphasized already back in the 1960s, NATO is an organization for the US to control over its “allies”. This control is achieved above all via the Gladio.

NATO’s foundation was justified with the argument to protect its members against a Soviet invasion. But since then, no war has taken place between the two blocks, and NATO has lost its raison d’etre after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In spite of that, NATO kept on existing due to US insistence, because, yesterday and today, its main function is not defending its member countries but to keep them under US dominance.

2. The clandestine NATO: Gladio

The mechanism, which the US uses to control and direct NATO countries, is called SuperNATO. This is a “deep state” such dimensions that it is organized within all NATO member countries, from Norway and Germany to Greece and Turkey, according to secret agreements.

SuperNATO is a parallel center of government placed into all member countries. Generally, the SuperNATO organization is given national and patriotic names and titles from the history of the according country, thus giving the US “deep state a “national” or “local” appearance. The so-called “nationalism” in service of US imperialism’s interest is for instance in Italy named ‘Gladio’ – Latin for sword – and thus becomes Italianized.

Fransesco Cossiga, former President of Italy, has provided the most open and useful information concerning the function of Gladio in NATO member countries. As Cossiga told Nur Batur, with the secret network called Stay Behind Nets (SBN), NATO even organizes the presidents of member countries and places them on top of their governments as watchdogs for US interests. The Italian President confesses that, along with him, the Presidents Giscard d’Estaing (France), Margaret Thatcher (Britain) and Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Kohl (both Germany) were educated in the United States and literally assigned to the leaderships of their respective countries. It is taken care of that heads of government of the according member country lead the Gladio organization. They command the military. The units for Special Warfare constitute the core of Gladio in the military sphere.[iii]

3. Turkey’s NATO experience

3.1. Two options after the Second World War

The entire process of how Turkey became a member of NATO bears important lessons for our times. In the context leading to the Second World War and its aftermath, Turkey had to choose between two options.

The first option was the path of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in other words, the path of “continuous revolutions”, the option of progressing the Kemalist Revolution.

The second option was to get tied to the Atlantic System and give up on the Kemalist Revolution.

To detect these two different options is very important, because Turkey’s annexation to the Atlantic System was not a simple foreign policy decision. By placing itself under Atlantic control, Turkey has given up the Kemalist Revolution.

Our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has foreseen the dangers ahead of Turkey very clearly on the eve of the Second World War. In 1937, he gathered Prime Minister Celal Bayar, Foreign Minister Tevfik Rüştü Aras, his friend Kılıç Ali and described them the threat of the coming world war. Atatürk said: “I have just one testament, one final advice for you”. His last advice was never to give up the friendship of the Soviet Union.[iv] When he invited them to a farewell meeting to the Dolmabahçe Palace, Ataturk expressed the same advice to Ismet Inönü and Ali Fuat Cebesoy as well.[v]

The Great Leader, who had announced on the 1935 National Congress of the People’s Republican Party (CHP) the slogan of ‘Continuous Revolutions’, has recognized on the eve of the Second World War that friendship with the Soviet Union was the insurance of continuing the Kemalist Revolution. The events that unfolded after 1945 have proven him right. Turkey had to insist on the friendship with the Soviet Union in order to resist falling under the Atlantic imperialism’s domination.

3.2. Turkey was included into NATO by methods of conspiracy

Turkey’s annexation to the Atlantic System after World War II is the most important event to explain our recent history until the year 2014.

Revolution’s leading party CHP has accepted the control of the contemporary rising imperialist state, the United States over Turkey just seven years after the passing away of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Atatürk’s last advice, his testament was buried with his body.

After the war, propaganda on the “Soviet threat” was invented, which eliminated completely the last and most important advice of Atatürk. Sailing on the winds of the Atlantic, the public opinion was flooded with the invented news that the Soviet Union was demanding from Turkey the control of the straits and certain territories. The covered truth was the following: The Soviet Union had after the World War presented to Turkey an official, diplomatic note, calling to defend the straits together. But there was no official diplomatic text confirming or including any territorial demand. A demand for territory appeared in some news and articles in Georgian or Armenian media and in the texts of some historians. These news and articles were hyperbolized to create public opinion.[vi]

Those whom Atatürk had given his last and most important advice on the friendship with the Soviet Union became the leaders of the process to become “Little America” after 1945: The governing leadership of the CHP and later on, the leadership of the Democrat Party that had emerged from within the CHP to take over the power.

3.3. The Gladio’s conspiracy of September 6-7, 1955

During the history of NATO, the Gladio organization has shown its greatest examples of ingenuity in Turkey. Retired general Sabri Yirmibeşoğlu has evaluated the terror and plundering actions in Istanbul and Izmir against minorities on September 6-7, 1955 as “an extraordinarily successful special warfare operation”.[vii]

3.4. The coups of March 12, 1971 and September 12, 1980

Before the military coup of March 12, 1971, ferries were sunk, the Atatürk Culture Center was burned down, acts of violence were provoked, and further incidents initiated that prepared the ground for the Sunay-Tağmaç coup. These incidents as well as all the interventions and measures that followed the coup were all together part of Gladio’s destabilizations and the “Tranquility Operation”.

The destabilization of Turkey in the years 1977-1980 and the following coup of September 12, 1980 were also a Gladio arrangement. On the morning of September 12, 1980, CIA station chief Paul Henze was reporting to Washington about the Gladio operation with the words “our boys did it”. With that coup, Turkey was pushed into the program of “integration into the global economy”. What started in 1945 with Turkey’s integration into the Atlantic System under the label of becoming “Little America” was completed with the counterrevolution of September 12, 1980. 

3.5. NATO: the killer of the political “unsolved murders”

Within the US target to destroy our nation-state, NATO’s Gladio started using from 1973 on the Armenian terror organizations ASALA and JCAG, murdering 58 Turkish citizens, of whom 31 one were diplomats. After 1975, they founded the PKK, known then as “Apo’s followers”, and used it to eliminate leftist organizations in Eastern Anatolia.

In the preparations for the coups 1971 and 1980, and later after 1990, it was again the Gladio organization that provoked ethnic and sectarian separatism and massacres. It incited hatred among the young population and their organizations and fueled violence among them. Gladio organized the massacres of May 1, 1977 on Taksim Square, of Kahramanmaraş, Erzincan, Çorum, Sivas Madımak and Kemaliye Başbağlar. The clandestine organization has committed different acts of sabotage and killed dozens of Turkish civilians, intellectuals and soldiers, among them the general Eşref Bitlis and the writer Uğur Mumcu.

NATO is the killer in all the so-called political “unsolved murders” in the last 70 years.

3.6. The Fethullah Gülen Gladio’s conspiracy of Ergenekon and Balyoz

In the years following 2000, the United States staged the attempt to establish a Second Israel under the label of ‘Kurdistan’. The main role in that play belonged to the Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization’s (FETO) Gladio. NATO has staged some of its history’s most effective conspiracies and arrangements during that time, including the Van, Şemdinli, Atabeyler complots, the attack on the Council of State, the assassinations of Hrant Dink and Zirve Publishing House, and in the aftermath, the judicial complots of the cases Ergenekon, admirals assassination, Cage, Sledgehammer, prostitution and military espionage.

The FETO was placed into the center of the Gladio organization after the coup of September 12, during the governments of Özal and Çiller, and advanced its presence within the state apparatus further in the 2000s. Having gained a foothold in the state, this organization was targeting the commanders and thousands of officers of the Turkish Armed Forces, the leaders of the Vatan Party, and leading personalities of patriotic forces. And it was getting the necessary support for that endeavor doubtlessly from the United States.

Turkey has learned to true face of NATO during in the process of the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer cases.

3.7. The FETO Gladio’s coup attempt on July 15 and 16, 2016

The United States and NATO have tried to occupy Ankara literally with the July 15-16, 2016 coup attempt. NATO’s clandestine organization as a historic fact has become visible and obvious in all its details with that coup. Turkey has led an armed fight in Ankara and Istanbul against the forces of the United States. The Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish nation have crushed the FETO Gladio down.

The complot of September 6-7, 1955, the coup of March 12, 1971, the coup of September 12, 1980, the 2007-2014 Ergenekon and Sledgehammer conspiracies and the FETO cup attempt of July 15-16, 2016 will have taught Turkey clearly what NATO’s function is.

4. Turkey’s balance of NATO

What did Turkey gain from NATO? Let aside gaining something, we have lost an entire revolution due to NATO membership. In the process after 1945, our Kemalist Revolution was undermined step by step. For the sake of NATO membership, we have sent our soldiers to fight in Korea. The governments of the Republic of Turkey have supported imperialist occupiers against the oppressed people of the world, starting with the case of Algeria.

After the NATO coup of 1980, the process of the eliminating our nation-state and dividing our nation into ethnic groups, sects, religious grouping has started. The reign of the Mafia-Gladio-Sects has emerged. NATO has occupied the territories of our neighbors Iraq and Syria in order to found the so-called ‘Kurdistan’, which is in truth a Second Israel, and it has pushed terror organizations upon Turkey and Iran. Terror attacks are continuing almost for 40 years against our country.

The economic balance of the period of our annexation to the Atlantic System and NATO can be summarized with the word bankruptcy. We are drowning in 450 billion dollars of foreign debt, 33,8 billion dollars of internal debt in foreign currencies (as of May 2021) and 1 trillion 500 billion 644 million Turkish Lira of domestic debt (as of December 24, 2021). 250 billion TL will be added to that balance due to the budget deficit. The pillars of our national economy, the state-owned-enterprises have been privatized. Customs have been lowered down, causing our industry and agriculture to face ruin. Support to our peasants has been abolished and our agriculture has been devastated. The reign of the US dollar has been established in our country, while the Turkish Lira was exiled away from our markets.

Upon pressure from the Atlantic, Turkey’s economy liberalized capital movements in 1989. Since then, our country has gone through five different crises in the years 1994, 1998-1999, 2001, 2008-2009 and since 2018, ending up in the difficulties of today. With the energy crisis adding up, we are witnessing the duty to fight strong challenges and difficulties. Turkey’s drowning in debt and problems in production are result of the US imposed program. NATO is that program’s watchdog.

Turkey’s national defense industry suffered a huge blow following our country’s NATO membership. The United States provided weapons as donations or to very low prices, which constituted a perfidious initiative to suffocate our own and national industry. Specifically, when Turkey attempted to produce certain weapons, materials and spare parts on its own, the US sent these as donations to prevent our national production.

Those grants in the US government budget, which were dedicated for Turkey, did not even arrive in our country, as they were spent immediately in North America for the purchase of new arms. Meanwhile, the US also donated outdated weapons to Turkey. But the spare parts and other complementary elements to these weapons were sold to Turkey over their true prices, while our country was forced to purchase them. In that context, the idea was diffused that we have not other choice as we are tied to NATO standards.

During its NATO membership, Turkey has become an unmatched market for US arms. In the NATO intelligence sharing mechanism, false enemies with overstated arms were invented, forcing Turkey to arm itself far beyond its national security and strategy needs. In this atmosphere, our country was pushed for further armament using the image of “NATO’s second biggest force”.  

While countries like France, Netherlands and Belgium were sending only symbolic staff to NATO Joint Mission Forces, Turkey provided always the biggest contingent of soldiers.

George Soros held a speech in the Sabancı University in 2002. He said, “Given Turkey’s strategic location, its best export product is its army”. He thus displayed us the Atlantic System’s view on Turkey.  

When Turkey’s own security needs were at stake, the US and NATO have positioned themselves against us. After Cyprus, the most recent example is the US and NATO support to the PKK and the FETO.

5. Contemporary NATO threat

Concerning the armed threats that Turkey faces today: The US President and the US Deep State declare in their Rand Corporation report published in January 2020 and in their articles in Foreign Affairs clearly the intention to topple down the Erdoğan-led government of the Republic of Turkey.

The Atlantic System’s media, such as Time, Atlantic, Der Spiegel and Economist present the Turkish president side by side with the Russian and Chinese presidents as a ‘dictator’, announcing that any attempt to his overthrow is legitimate.

The NATO-led threat is not limited to words. Presently, military preparations and mounting of arms are on the way. The US has established military bases on Greece’s shores. The British Agratur and Dikelya military bases in Southern Cyprus belong to NATO. The US military bases in the north of Iraq and Syria are pointing their guns towards Turkey as well, while they protect the PKK.

The United States and Israel undertake military exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean, named Noble Dina and Nemesis, jointly with Greek and South Cypriot navies. By these exercises, they intensify their threats against our country. They do not hide that their guns point towards Turkey.

6. Atlanticist and patriotic approaches on security

It should fool nobody that those, who are tied to the Atlantic System, talk of “Turkey’s security”. The collaborators of the US and those who defend Turkey’s independence stand on opposing sides. The followers of the US and those who think with the margins of the Atlantic System actually express the insurance of keeping Turkey within that system, when they talk about “Turkey’s security”. US bases in the Aegean Sea for instance do not worry them, quite the contrary; these serve to keep Turkey within the Atlantic System in their eyes.

The opposing side defends Turkey’s independence and territorial integrity, in that sense, the security of Turkey’s Patriotic War (or its second War of Liberation). Those patriotic forces that are consequent are struggling against the US imperialism and NATO since 1945. All efforts and initiatives, all conspiracies and pressures that threaten our independence won with the Kemalist Revolution, our territorial integrity, our steps towards modernity, our nation economy, our national culture came and are coming always from the US camp.

The United States is threatening the Turkish Revolution’s and the Turkish nation’s goals, institutions, bulwarks and hopes.

Since the end of the Second World War, the US and NATO are threatening Turkey’s future.

From a strategic perspective, the US and the Atlantic System are threatening the Turkish Revolution, as Atatürk had foreseen already in 1937.

In summary, there is no territorial integrity and no peace for us within the Atlantic System. The “security” within the Atlantic System is nothing else but hunting Turkey while our country is in a deep sleep.

The tranquilizers prescribed to us with the concept of security within the Atlantic System are the following:

– “Our weapons and equipment are tied to the Atlantic System. If we leave the system, we cannot adopt to another standard with the given arms and equipment.”

– “If we leave the Atlantic System we have nowhere else to buy weapons, we have no choice.”

– “If we leave the Atlantic System, we have no trumps left to use against the US, and we will be helpless if the US supports Greece.”

– “If we loose the protective shield and nuclear deterrence of NATO, who will protect us then?”

A close look at these justifications reveals the following:

– There is talk about the weapons standards, but there is mentioning of the standard to defend Turkey against the US.

– There is the concern to get weapons, but no answer to the question, against whom these will be used.

– The United States that mounts up weapons on Greece’s shores, that pursues military exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean together with Israel and Greece, and that supports the PKK is not a protective shield for Turkey but the armed threat itself.

The Atlanticist security approach pretends to ensure our safety by surrendering to the sword above our neck. This perspective finds security by surrendering to the very threat. When cornered with questions about the source of threat, they provide answers from the world of fables. By saying the threat was “originating from Russia, China and Iran”, they seek to encase the Turkish nation and its Armed Forces into blindness. The Atlanticist approach was succeeding in blinding, until the Gulf Wars of 1991 and 2003, the disclosure of relations between the US and the PKK and the FETO coup attempt of 2016. But after these experiences that Turkey has gone through, and under conditions that the US is threatening our country directly in Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean, no one has the chance to convince the public that the US is a partner in security.

Most importantly, the solutions within the Atlantic System have gone bankrupt, as the majority of our producers recognize. There is no security within that system. There is only division concerning the fatherland’s unity, and suffocation concerning the economy. Security within the system means a bullet heading to our soldiers, means mines on the soils of our lands, means drowning the economy.

In order to keep standing, Turkey is today forced to eliminate the terror organizations under US guidance and realize its Production Revolution. From now on, Turkey’s security is the security of the Patriotic War and the security of the Production Revolution.

Therefore, only resisting pressures, interventions and threats from the US-NATO can achieve Turkey’s security. There is no other NATO than the one within the imperialist plans of the US. Those who do not want to see this are either collaborators of the US, its spies or those who find tranquility in getting caught while sleeping deeply. NATO is not an organization independent from US imperialism.

7. The veto right as a protection from NATO

NATO is pointing the gun at Turkey’s head, but its apologists are repeatedly singing the song that “we have a veto right in the NATO”.

The armory of our armed forces and our police is full of vetoes, but it does not occur at all to our NATO lovers to make use of these vetoes!

They should have shouted ‘veto!’ when the US delivered arms to the PKK, so that the tires of those trucks carrying the weapons burst!

When NATO’s FETO Gladio hands were at the throat of the Turkish Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff during the coup of July 15, 2016, they should have used that veto right, thus calling the NATO bandits immediately to order!

When the NATO Gladio placed into the armed forces set the tanks in motion on the streets, they should have used their walkie-talkies, announced the ‘veto’, and the tanks would have stopped rolling immediately!

They should have sent the FETO pilots a veto message, so that these would not down the Russian jet, thus avoiding Turkey’s apology later on!

And they should shout a veto right now towards the NATO navies that point with their guns towards Turkey, and thus force the NATO warships and submarines back to order!

Why did they not think of the veto, when the German destroyer illegally approached our commercial vessel in the Eastern Mediterranean? Maybe the captain of our vessel should have shouted ‘veto’, instead of raising hands up, and we would not have suffered that humiliation.

They should shout out a veto, so that these nuclear missile carrying NATO submarines retreat from the Persian Gulf!

Is there no official to shout a ‘veto’ against the bullets flying towards our soldiers? Stopping the bullets tight there in the air, so that we see finally something good in the NATO!

Why don’t they write a ‘veto letter’ to their NATO, making all the threats and dangers around Turkey disappear!

Let us thank and praise the veto right in the NATO, because it protects us from the evils of NATO!

Dear Turkish nation, you may well go to bed and sleep well, because we have a veto right in the NATO that protects us from NATO.

Throw away all the umbrellas and shields; we have a NATO umbrella that protects us from everything.

We are asking all the daydreamers who set all hopes on NATO:

In NATO exercises, the pictures of Ataturk and Erdoğan are placed representing the enemy. Ataturk and Erdoğan are the presidents of which country?

The Millennium Challenge 2002 was the biggest military exercise in the history of the United States. The country that was occupied in that exercise within 96 hours – is that Australia?

In a NATO exercise in Italy, the map of a divided country was hanging on the wall. Was that country Mongolia, or Zimbabwe?

Is Ain El Arab, where the US is mounting up arms since May 10, 2020, located at the Mexican border?

Which veto right are they talking about; are they making fun of the Turkish nation?

What they call ‘veto right’ is the right to swindle the Turkish nation!

8. Turkey is banished from NATO

Let us open our eyes: Turkey has been banished from NATO.

Turkey is not under NATO ‘umbrella’ or protection; it is heading the list of countries that NATO is operating against.

NATO has placed the daggers of PKK and FETO against our hearts, but some are awaiting rescue and defense from NATO.

There is talk of a coup in Turkey. The CIA’s Rand Corporation reports are discussed widely. But at the same time, some are promising allegiance to NATO.

A sustainable and definitive reaction against the coup of July 15-16, 2016 is possible by taking a clear stance against the US and NATO.

Do we want to keep the memory of that coup alive? Then we have to take the Incirlik and Kurecik military bases under the control of the Turkish Armed Forces and send the US and NATO personnel back to their homes. This is the way to defend our country.

9. A more and more difficult allegiance

Allegiance to the United States has become difficult in Turkey.

It is not easy anymore to lull the nation with fables of ‘what would we do without NATO protection’!

The nation is seeing clearly: The guns targeting Turkey fly NATO banners!

The Turkish nation today detects clearly that safety and security will be achieved in and with Asia. The polls clearly show that the majority of the Turkish people trust in foreign policy to the friendship of Russia, China and Iran. The preference for alliance with the US and the EU is diminishing rapidly.

PKK receives its weapons from the US – NATO’s leader!

In the Eastern Mediterranean, it is the NATO navy that undertakes the naval exercises Noble Dina and Nemesis, together with the navies of Israel, Greece and Southern Cyprus!

On the night of July 15-16, it was the clandestine organization of NATO that occupied by arms the Chief of Staff and the Headquarters of the Gendarmerie in Ankara.

It was the NATO’s Gladio organization FETO that bombed in that night the parliament and police headquarters!

The planes that departed from Incirlik Airbase to conquer Ankara were NATO planes!

It was NATO’s armed organization among us that occupied the Police Rapid Response Force Headquarters and that fired upon citizens on the Bosporus Bridge!

Those who still defend the NATO have no chance to convince the Turkish nation.

10. It is not difficult to resist the US, it is difficult to be their pawn

Today, it is not difficult to resist the US. What is difficult is to be the US’ pawn. It is easy to resist the US. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and most recently Kazakhstan have proven and demonstrated this. Turkey’s Patriotic War, which started in 2015, has shown that the struggle against NATO is easier than the surrender to NATO. Those who developed strategies based upon fear from the US have been proven wrong.

11. Turkey is breaking the chains of US and NATO

Turkey is the member state that rises up against NATO dominance and control.

Back in 1964, the Turkish people have staged protest actions against the arrogant letter of Johnson.

During the incidents around Cyprus, Turkey has resisted against US pressures and embargoes.

The youth has risen up in 1968 against the US and NATO and has foundered the soldiers of the 6th Fleet into the sea.

After the US’ occupation of Iraq and approach to Turkey’s borders, the Turkish nation gathers in waves under the leadership of the Vatan Party and struggles in every day greater masses against US imperialism. As a result of that, the Turkish parliament has rejected to send soldiers to Iraq in support of the US on March 1, 2003.

In the spring of 2014, we have torn down the walls of the Silivri Prison of the US and liberated the Turkish Armed Forces.

The government of the Republic of Turkey has started the ‘Second War of Liberation’ on July 24, 2015. The Turkish Armed Forces, our police and village protectors have buried the PKK in to the trenches that the latter had dug.   

NATO suffered the biggest defeat in history in Turkey. The US-led FETO Gladio has attempted a coup on July 15, 2016, which was repressed by the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish nation. The generals of the Gladio were either killed or imprisoned. Some fled the country to save their lives. 24 thousand officers and petty officers were expelled from the Turkish Armed Forces due to their connection to FETO. NATO’s force in Turkey today is resting in the country’s prisons. In summary, NATO’s armed force in Turkey has been eliminated. In the struggle against the FETO coup, millions of our citizens escaped US dominance. The Turkish nation’s consciousness has made a leap that will shape history.

Turkey has achieved what countries such as France, Germany or Italy, considered strong members of NATO could not. Representing the oppressed nations in the NATO, Turkey has achieved a decisive victory in the process of breaking the chains of NATO. Being NATO’s Asian member, Turkey has risen up against the Atlantic center of the alliance and dealt it a huge blow.[viii] In this historic conflict, the political parties of the system displayed a stance of surrendering to NATO, while the Vatan Party, which defends leaving NATO, has took a decided position and played an important role in the victory.

With the crushing down of the FETO Gladio, the Turkish Armed Forces have been liberated and broke through the US-Israeli corridor in the north of Syria, pursuing the operation Euphrates Shield on August 24, 2016. Afterwards, the Turkish Armed Forces pursued the operations ‘Olive Branch’ on January 20, 2018 and ‘Peace Spring’ on October 9, 2019, dealing a huge blow to the terror organizations of PKK/PYD/YPG and Daesh, which are the “ground forces” of the US in the north of Iraq and Syria. In the process that started with the Vatan Party crushing down the walls of the Silivri Prison in March 2014 and the Turkish government’s declaration of the Second War of Liberation in July 24, 2015, Turkey has entered the path of breaking the chains of NATO and the Atlantic System.

The United States has left Turkey only option within the NATO: Having its state dismantled and its economy drowned in debt. But on the other side, in Eurasia, a different reality is awaiting Turkey: Independence, completing its Kemalist Revolution, economic development and living freely. Therefore, it is inevitable that Turkey liberates itself from Atlantic dominance and assumes its independent and leading position within Eurasia, hence leaving NATO. This is the most realistic step to foil the US’ conspiracies and plans. Such a step will not only present a decided stance against NATO’s threats against our country, it will also open the path to alliances we have to built with the other countries that are facing US threats.

12. Turkey’s position in the dissolving NATO

NATO is in a dead end.

The United States used NATO to keep its allies under control – even more so after the dissolution of the USSR. But today, Germany and France do not assent this anymore. These important members of NATO are worried concerning the alliance’s plans to include Ukraine and Georgia, and they are disturbed by the strategy that targets Russia. The French President Macron has announced to the whole world “we are currently experiencing the brain death of NATO.”

Hungary has already announced it would veto if NATO were going to take such a decision, adding that it needed no NATO forces on its soil. Lastly, the Croatian President declared that in case of a clash with Russia over Ukraine, his country would pull back its soldiers within the NATO. 

The US’ aspirations and claims of a unipolar world have been crushed down completely. The United States has not been able to and will not be able to establish a global empire. Washington is now a ‘toothless monster’ and has lost its control over the NATO member countries. The US defeats set also internal conflicts within the NATO on the agenda. The more NATO tries to expand towards the East, the more it approaches its own abyss. The NATO that heads towards the East is the NATO that heads toward division and dissolution.

Turkey plays an effective role in deepening the internal conflicts of NATO and in the dissolution process of the alliance, our country, which already has been banished, will leave membership officially too. Turkey’s quitting of NATO will accelerate the alliance’s dissolution even further.

13. The US imposes violence on Turkey ahead of the 2023 elections

TV shows and debates in Turkey diffuse the fable that the 2023 election campaign will be made using songs, balloons and flowers. The truth is quite the contrary: The United States has already announced it will impose violence on Turkey in the times ahead. Domestic and foreign sources of Atlantic-led misinformation already diffuse the propaganda that “Erdoğan would not accept the election results”, thus preparing the ground for US-led violence. More importantly, they create a psychological atmosphere where the blame for violence will be laid on our president. Turkey’s intelligence agencies have already detected that methods such as cyber attacks will be used for that purpose. With this propaganda and these provocations, the US reveals its plans for using violence both inside Turkey and from its outside.

These facts indicate that NATO will stage bloody scenarios against Turkey in the near future.

14. The Biden Followers’ plans of “creative destruction” and chaos

In connection with the US imposition of violence during the electoral process, the Biden Followers also reveal its role in this scenario.

The leadership of the CHP has accelerated its provocations against Tayyip Erdoğan within this US strategy. In connection to the fact that the CHP since 2017 has declared the constitution, the government and the latter’s measures in accordance with the former as ‘illegitimate’, now its leadership is targeting the President increasingly with naming him “a caricature of a dictator”, “Palace Regime” and “a left-behind of medieval times”. Criticism is replaced with insult and affronts. This discourse is being used in parallel to calls to the streets, carrying tactics that US intelligence services call ‘creative destruction’ on the agenda openly.

The CHP leadership has taken the position of destroying the nation-state on a programmatic and strategic level, far beyond tactics. In connection to the US deep state’s Rand Corporation reports, the CHP leadership has announced the strategy of “gaining the power by relying on the victims”. They openly state that the “victims” are the members of the PKK and FETO.

Liberating separatist terrorists, starting with the imprisoned PKK-leader Selahattin Demirtaş, and convicted FETO members who took part in the coup from prison has become the focus of the party’s political activity. Their Chairman himself has, right at the beginning of his “March for Justice” announced they would reinstate the 104 thousand people expelled from state service due to connection to terror organizations. Their Deputy Chairman has stated that these persons would be taken back into civil service “even if they had been convicted to imprisonment”. Thus, additionally to the executive and the legislative, the CHP has declared the justice also as ‘illegitimate’.

They are wildly guessing about what to do to prevent the prohibition of the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party), the political arm of the PKK in the parliament.

By opposing fiercely the Turkish Armed Forces’ exterritorial operations, they fulfill the function of protecting the existence of the PKK outside Turkey.

In summary, the CHP, with the Good Party and the HDP/PKK and the FETO on their side, do not follow a plan of achieving government but creating chaos. Because no force in Turkey is capable to reinstate the 125.678 PKK- and FETO-connected people, who were expelled from the Armed Forces, the police, the gendarmerie, and other state institutions back to civil service. To make clear that this is a chaos program, we present below the numbers of people expelled from state service due to their FETO and PKK connection, according to the institution they were expelled from and as of end 2021:

Expelled from the Turkish Armed Forces:                                                 24.256

Expelled from Police forces:                                                                         30.615

Expelled from the Gendarmerie:                                                                5.501

Put on passive duty in the Gendarmerie:                                                  2.945

Expelled judges and attorneys:                                                                   3.932

Other expelled judiciary personnel:                                                           6.084

Expelled from the Ministry of Education and connected institutions:   33.716

Total number of persons expelled from service in state institutions:  125.678

(From those who were expelled from the police forces, 10.663 returned to their duties, from those expelled from the gendarmerie, 943 returned to their duties.)

The CHP, the Good Party and the HDP have no chance to achieve power with this program. The only chance they have is, supported by US efforts, to create chaos. On Turkey’s path to elections in 2023, the CHP and the Good Party promise chaos to the Turkey’s population.

15. The security of the elections and NATO

NATO was Turkey’s problem yesterday is Turkey’s problem today and will be Turkey’s problem tomorrow.

The United States introduces violence from within and outside on Turkey’s path to elections in 2023, clearly presenting the NATO problem again to our country. The guns that point to Turkey from the Aegean and the Mediterranean, from the North of Syria and Iraq and even the Black Sea are guns flying American, Israeli and NATO flags. Our commercial vessels are assaulted in the Mediterranean upon orders from NATO headquarters in Napoli.

The CHP, Good Party, the HDP/PKK and the FETO call to protests on the streets, showing again that we are facing an electoral operation of the United States.

Under these conditions, the need to hold the 2023 elections in democratic and peaceful circumstances carries the question of security against US and NATO threats on the agenda.

NATO has proven and demonstrated that it constitutes a threat to Turkish democracy by the coups it has staged. Moreover, NATO even has interfered into the process of coming to and establishing government, thus impeding democracy, when it supported governments that were repressing the people. With its measures against our national independence, NATO has also impeded the Turkish people’s will from developing independently and freely. On the path to the 2023 elections, NATO is sabotaging democratic processes with its chaos plans.

Under these conditions, if we want democracy we have to get rid of NATO control.

Democracy needs the elimination of NATO control over Turkey.

[i] The Israeli security officials have prepared a report that has the following exact title: “Turkey as a Major Challenge for Israel (and its neighbors) in the 21st century”, published by the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy & Security. Similarly, in an article of Roger Boyes in The Times of August 18, 2020, the Director of the MOSSAD, Yosi Cohen is quoted, saying that Turkey is even a bigger threat than Iran for Israel.

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