US Should Be Blamed On Russian Aircraft Loss

US Should Be Blamed On Russian Aircraft Loss

While Russia blamed Israel for the tragic loss of a Russian military aircraft with 15 personnel onboard, off the Syrian coast, Israel blamed Syria and US blamed Iran while nobody noted on that if it wasn’t for the American blind support of Israel’s violation to the international laws this incident would have never happened.

Syria is an independent country and a member of the UN and by attacking targets inside Syria, for any cause or reason, Israel is considered to be breaking the International law.

If it wasn’t for the US blind support of Israel’s violent acts against the sovereignty of a neighboring country Israel wouldn’t dare to be proud that it broke the International law more than 200 times in less than a year and attacked targets in Syrian soil.

Considering that most of those airstrikes were made while Syrian army and its allies were fighting terrorists on Syrian soil, we could conclude that the reason Israel attacked Syrian Army and its allies was to support terrorists in Syria and not even to defend itself because there were no treats against Israel at all.

Moreover American war planes have lunched hundreds of air strikes to support Terrorists in Syrian and many reports prove that American military aircrafts have delivered tons of logistics and weapons to the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

Syrian army and allies found huge storages of Israeli and American weapons after freeing every part of their country and even mass destruction weapons such as chemical and biological weapons were found in hands of terrorists.

It was obvious that Americans and their allies have made many plans and scenarios on Idlib province and the war which they were predicting to start, and the chemical attack propaganda they made in advance proved that they were planning for a chemical attack on civilians in this region by their allies to open the path for their interference in Idlib and/or attack Syrian targets.

The unexpected Sochi agreement signed by Presidents Putin and Erdogan, to announce a ceasefire and a 15 km buffer zone between Syrian Army and opposition, destroyed the plans Americans had prepared and therefor they were searching for a way to reshuffle the cards in Syrian.

It was obvious that Israeli war planes knew that if they hide behind the Russian aircraft the Syrian missiles would hit the aircraft and some military analysis insist that this act was intended.

They thought that this way they can disturb the relations between Russia and Syrian Army.

Probably this was a very naïve Idea since Russians were smart enough to announce that Israel was to be blamed and not Syrian Army for this incident at the first moment the incident happened although it was a Syrian missile which hit the aircraft.

The point which many didn’t note on was that who gave the permission to Israel to attack Syrian soil?

Russian and Iranian forces are fighting in Syria due to official demand of the legitimate Syrian government recognized by the international community and the UN.

If it wasn’t for the American blind support of Israel, the Israeli airplanes wouldn’t dare to attack Syrian soil or other countries in the region.

There are certain laws all the countries in the world have agreed to abide by since the end of World War II, because they found out that if they don’t abide by these laws world may face a new world war.

For the sorrow Israel has broken these laws hundreds of times during the past six or seven decades and this have caused for a reaction from countries in the region.

And when leaders of regional countries fail to face Israeli outlaw acts people there get angry and move to take revenge on their own, and extremist groups get created.

So we can conclude that the reason Middle East is facing the current situation is because Israel does not abide by any international law and US is blindly supporting Israel’s acts.

Nowadays Israel’s behavior is not affecting only the Middle East but the extremism is moving from the Middle East to the world and this behavior in endangering the entire world.

After president Trump reached office in Washington nowadays US itself is not abiding by the International laws and commitments it had made to the world and even its allies and the continuation of this behavior is encouraging Israel to break more international laws.

So we could say that if there is someone to blame for what happened on the Syrian coast and what is happening the Middle East and the rest of the world, it is the US which should be blamed because it is breaking the international laws and agreements along with its allies.

Emad Abshenass
Journalist, writer and Political Science professor (Iran)


May 2020
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